However, it is a bummer that stickers continue to infiltrate the product. Variation: Roger Staubach, Base: Running in rain Cards 72. When combined with the fact that most of the best rookies appear to be short-printed, the chips are stacked against collectors, especially those that bust by the box. Stay up to date on all the latest sports card and memorabilia news, articles, and products by subscribing to our newsletter below: Hello, I’m in the military and I bounce around a lot. The randomness, such as with Bowman/Chrome/Draft Products in Baseball, is what drives people to the product. All you are going to get are more steam piles. Tre Mason camo refractor /499 Very difficult to see the card as superfractor, just noticed the 1/1 on it then had to analyze then noticed it barely. The rarity of the Mariota/Gurley/Cooper/Winston Base RC Autos make them extremely valuable if hit. Should be no more than $40-45 a hobby box. I am ashamed of how much I wasted on this product last year…. For a product with just one auto is it really that hard to number the autos. Even though there is an abundance of stars and rookies in this set, there is just too much going on as far as variations. 4) Tom Brady pulsar refractor, 1 super bowl die cut (Terrell Davis), 89 Amari Cooper, 2- T60 Calvin Johnson and Emmet Smith 1 Prism Refractor……………… numbered to /260 2 Plain base Refractors…….not numbered To me, that is a great amount that is neither too much nor too little. Basic Refractors are inserted 1:3 hobby packs. 2 Green Refractor…………..not numbered Outside of Marcus Mariota, who has a new image, all the base cards featured below include the same images as the flagship release. It's split evenly between rookies and veterans. 2015 Topps Chrome - 1976 Football - Refractor Autographs [Autographed] #76-JW Jameis Winston [BGS 9 MINT] #/35. I spent $70 on a hobby box of this steam-pile garbage and knew it was a mistake as soon as they bagged it. Also had such unnumbered autograph “hits” like Austin Hill, Josh Harper, Mike Davis, Justin Hardy, Tre Mcbride and Vince Mayle. Variation: Brett Favre, Base: Arm extended toward defender, ball against chest Brandin Cooks black refractor /299 Variation 1: Manning - Orange Jersey Guess when you start with the same setup as last years steam pile. That doesn't change, but there's a decent amount of content surrounding it as well. 2015 Topps Chrome Football EXCLUSIVE Factory Sealed Blaster Box-Bonus REFRACTORS. I think the box prices will stay relatively the same or go higher at least until the season is over. Very nice set from a design standpoint. Free shipping. Rating: 6.8 (10 votes) 1976 Topps Football Autographs Superfractors, 1989 Topps Super Rookie Autographs Superfractors, 2015 Topps Chrome Football Checklist | Sorted by Team |, PC - The University of Alabama - Football. Maybe someone here can help me with this… Opened a hobby box pulled a Nelson Agholor auto 8/50 Randy Gregory base /99 Jordan Matthews base /399 super rookie Winston 2/99 and last pack had Jesse James rookie auto BCA pink /75 ? Every other product has 3-6 autos for the same price with more numbered cards for the same price, but Topps just needs to squeeze more money out of Chrome fans till there are none. Variation: Hurdling with ball, Base: Ball in left arm, running The full list of veterans can be seen below and the rookies are available using the tab above. Variation: Bo Jackson, Base: Peyton Manning - white jersey Variation: Jersey number fully visible, Base: Throwing For most collectors, 2015 Topps Chrome Football is about its cornerstone Refractors and the promise of one Rookie Autograph per hobby box. One of them was a case hit Steve Young card that I cannot sell for five bucks, and the Blue Refractors, rare though they might be, are not numbered, and I cannot sell the lot of them either. Base: Aaron Rodgers (Camo/STS) Release Date: 11-20-2015. Any product you can buy at Walmart just needs to bleed to death already and leave the hobby. All Rights Reserved, 200 Jameis Winston - Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Rookie Autograph Variations Set Checklist, Veteran Autograph Variations Set Checklist, 60th Anniversary Autographs Set Checklist, 1976 Topps Football Autographs Set Checklist, 1989 Topps Super Rookie Autographs Set Checklist, All-Time 1,000-Yard Club Autographs Set Checklist, All-Time 4,000-Yard Club Autographs Set Checklist, 2015 Topps Chrome Football Variations Guide. The rookie signature theme continues in the numbered Dual and Triple Rookie Autograph inserts. Parallels are sometimes substituted, but the images are the same. Variation: Mike Singletary, Base: Ben Roethlisberger (BCA/Pink) Panini takes control of the full NFL/NFLPA license in 2016. It does, unfortunately, seem to continue a trend from Topps in many 2015 releases. Bad design. 3 box break let down for me. Both have Pulsar Refractors (#/50) and Superfractors (1/1). The 2015 Topps Chrome Football base set has 200 cards. 2015 Topps Chrome. The box used for this review was provided by Topps. 2015 Topps Chrome - Autographs - BCA Pink Refractor #110 Rookies - Todd Gurley #/75. Busted one box and did not get anything of value. Yee Haw! I dont see you list #101-200 Orange Refractors. I received my two Hobby boxes of this set and not overly impressed with it. Mail (will not be published) (required), © Copyright 2008-2020 The Cardboard Connection. For most collectors, 2015 Topps Chrome Football is about its cornerstone Refractors and the promise of one Rookie Autograph per hobby box. Please email us or leave a comment if you see anything we don't have. 1989 Topps Football spotlights first-year players with the 1989 Topps Super Rookie design. I may have gotten $200 worth of cards. The 2015 Topps Chrome Football base set has 200 cards. And pulled a Gurley base refractor and the Brett Favre SP!! 2 Rookie Refractors…………… numbered, 60 Rookie Checklist…………… All numbered to 600 or less, no SSP or SP. Numbered Refractors include STS Camo, BCA Pink, Black, Blue, Gold, Sepia, Red and Superfractor (1/1). Autographs are also available for both insert sets. Decent amount of refractors but the auto hits were did nothing for me. 1 Blue Wave…………………not numbered I bought one hobby box and pulled a Drew Brees auto 1/10! These high-profile autographs will be featured on chrome refractor technology. Variation: Preparing to catch ball, Base: Running (green) Good: Good mix of Refractors, on-card autographs, moderate price tag. All Rights Reserved, 2015 Topps Chrome Football Variations Short Print Guide, 40 Barry Sanders / Matthew Stafford - Detroit Lions, 100 Peyton Manning / John Elway - Denver Broncos, 106 Dorial Green-Beckham - Tennessee Titans, 200 Jameis Winston - Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Hall of Fame Randy! this is the last year so and i have loved the technology of chrome so needless to say i have had my fix. I’m cracking hockey. He only has a base rookie autograph and corresponding parallels and is listed in that portion of the checklist. My case was a total disaster. There are also Rookie Autograph Patches that come hard-signed and with a multi-colored swatch. Ameer Abdullah /499. Guy is not even in the NFL. A familiar concept in the hobby, the 2015 Topps Chrome Football variations offer a more limited image swap for a group of key veterans and rookies. While all the big names are found in the autograph checklist, including limited autographs for all-time greats, the rookie checklist is filled with a lot of weak subjects. It also gave me the standard Chrome design that I was missing. Topps blew an opportunity to provide value per box and failed in my opinion. Variation: Celebrating, Base: Horizontal, running What do you expect to happen. Because it seems the Topps business trend being adding more unwanted rookies to the checklist, limiting star players, decreasing numbered cards, and hiding the print runs of autos so people don’t know that Mike Davis has five thousand autos in just one product. When case hits are not really case hits if you can easily find them in retail and you have unnumbered parallels that do nothing. I have good news and I have bad news! 1 Veteran Refractor…………numbered Only players from the Rookie Premiere have autographed patch cards here. Yes, I bought two 2015 hobby boxes for $70 each and the second box was a Todd Gurley auto refractor /150. John � You are correct. Correct me if im wrong but I believe this is the last year Topps is doing Football.Thats what I heard last year,that PANINI is getting there rights in 2016 like they did Basketball.I need to research though.If thats true we are really doomed.If you have heard the same or know otherwise let me know. Shop for 2015 Topps Chrome Football variations on eBay. Scott: Updates to checklists are not uncommon and we do out best to add missing elements as soon as we are aware of them. $3,250.00. Parallels include Refractors (#/99), Pulsar Refractors (#/50) and Superfractors (1/1). $290.50. I appreciate that Chrome makes them much tougher to pull but I still feel like things have gone too far with variations and no more than twenty is needed in any one set. or Best Offer. Product Configuration: 24 packs per box, 4 cards per pack $49.95. All I know is I’m not preordering again after getting burned. I am a fan of Chrome Football and I am disappointed this is likely the last release for a while. Variation: Right hand out to catch ball, Base: Both hands on ball Variation: Dan Marino, Base: Tre Mason Estimated Release Date: 11/20/15 While die-cuts have been done ad nauseum, I will admit that the design has a certain regal quality, and, while the actual die-cut design is unnecessary, it does make the cards stand out. Any news on the autos /100? I just got into collecting and I bought a bunch of 2015 NFL chrome and got the variant Matt Ryan w/o the autograph, what do I do? Variations return for both rookies and veterans using different photos. 1 Rookie Refractor…………..numbered, 73 Rookies Checklist……..SSP and SP of top rookies, and thousand of unnumbered unknown rookies, So really only getting two numbered cards and an auto of undrafted TE, 2013 Topps Chrome Football rated 4.3 / 5.0, 8 Reflectors equals: It's split evenly between rookies and veterans. The real appeal of Chrome has been the on-card autographs for top rookies and that continues to be the focus. I know retail is not the best way to go but it’s definitely something topps can improve on for chrome especially considering you only get like 15 cards total for 10 bucks. Autograph Variation: Throwing, Base: Hands apart to catch ball Expand Set Name Card Nbr Card Description Total Qty Low Price; 2015 Topps Chrome: 1: Marshawn Lynch 122: $0.18


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