I'm now sending it back and getting a refund and am about to setup my new Google Wi-Fi. All wired and 2.4Ghz connected devices are unaffected. Do not use Genie,  use a web browser and log directly into the router. Qualcomm and Snapdragon are trademarks of Qualcomm Incorporated, registered in the United States and other countries. Netgear folks are you able to share any progress on providing a fix for this very important issue that is impacting work and people's livelihood or should I just resign to that this product is not worth the time and go buy something else? then it should at least come with either v.64 or v.88 out of the box. No one however really wants to talk about or try to explain why some of us aren't having any problems with the new firmware because well, there's nothing to talk about I guess. Hard to believe they can't get simple 5gz working with their firmware. The connection for my 5Ghz network definitely died now by the way. This is in the top left corner (Navigation Pane). I already had a router and access point in my cart if the issue still persists, hopefully it will continue working. It gets 3x faster access than similar 802.11n. Get the User Manual. IT'S 5G WIFI MADE EASY Due to COVID-19 we are still experiencing unusually high call volume. If so, it might be worth rolling back to your original firmware. I would definitely try using the latest firmware first, then if it fails, use the old firmware if possible. How do I turn off 5G on my AC1900 r7000 router? I almost gave up until I went to the forums and was skeptical about reverting to an older version, and it saved me from scrapping this almost $200 router. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. So whilst other users appear more than happy to 'advise' others to rollback to a particular firmware just because 'it works' or is accepted as 'the most stable version', does that 'advice' open up the end user to security issues? The 5GHz band is another non-licenced band available for consumer use. It may be that rolling back to an old firmware version will have negligible effect when it comes to security. I tried first. We’ll notify you shortly. Whenever I see a bigger number, I always assume it's better, faster, etc., but in this case I see no benefit. Why have two bands? For myself, I have to be honest, my own R7000 router is proving to be a good purchase for me. In any respect, it's simply unacceptable that there are R7000 users out there who are consistently suffering with the same issues. It could also mean you're potentially leaving your router exposed to security problems. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Was the router behaving itself prior to updating? And you can always trust your personal network. I don't doubt there is a problem somewhere, but it clearly isn't affecting every single R7000 AC1900 owner, so how Netgear are going to resolve an issue that doesn't affect everyone, is going to be interesting. Time will undoubtedly tell. The 5GHz band is another non-licenced band available for consumer use. The problem here is, that even if anyone from Netgear bothered to sit down and read through this Community forum and discovered that there are seemingly lots of R7000 AC1900 router owners who are consistently reporting issues with 5ghz WiFi dropouts, then there's owners like me, on the newest latest firmware that have not had any issues whatsoever. I personally utilise all three, two of which I pay for, i.e. I bought mine in Dec 2019 and have been having this issue since 2 weeks ago. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. With any wireless router (including NETGEAR Nighthawk routers for example), the 5GHz Wi-Fi connection has both benefits and drawbacks. 5G Stopped appearing on my devices as an available network. The duration of the drops were much shorter though. The more folks who do what you have done, then Netgear might perk up and take notice and do something......you'd think. 5g Light on router is lit. It allows for multiple channels and unlike the 2.4GHz band these channels do not overlap. In order to find out that information, you have to raise a support ticket and ask and this is best done in the first 90 days of purchase whilst the support is complimentary. This is fine if your router came out of the factory with that firmware, but if your router never had that firmware because it pre-dated your own router, then you might want to think very carefully about rolling back to an older firmware the router never had in the first place. The reset has resolved the wireless issue if both networks are now broadcasting. I did and they told me without any problem. For reference, my iMac is positioned roughly 10 ft away in a room. Environmental issues? What is it supposed to do that the 2.4G does not? Based on all the advice, I downgraded to the .42 firmware and I've been rock solid for about 36 hours. Start by logging into the routers admin portal > Basic tab and use the reboot option to gracefully restart the router. As you have only just purchased the router, have you registered it with Netgear for the complimentary 90 day support? Visit http://netgear.com/support , put in yourmodel number, and look for Documentation. @rpzky8  @stelthlion68 Clearly I'm pleased for you both that rolling back to v.42 appears to have fixed your 5ghz WiFi stability issues. Had a few other issues with things like Readyshare, QOS stuff, etc. I realise that a 2 year old router isn't exactly that old, but some of us aren't having any issues whatsoever and I'm on the latest firmware and my router is just a year old having left the factory on v.64. From gaming to streaming to IoT devices, demands on your home WiFi network are multiplying. I've had other Netgear routers for years that have been stable but this is just unacceptable. No one can answer that question. Read. Sounds like you're almost there. I also setup another PC (sleep settings is turned off) to not connect automatically on the 5Ghz network, and if I leave it connected to 5Ghz overnight, the PC is disconnected in the morning. One thing I'm sure about though, is that before I attempted to do a reset and installing the latest firmware, the device shows that it's already IN the latest firmware which is the V1.0.11.100_10.2.100. I can't say that personally I have seen anyone stating that a recently manufactured R7000 AC1900, is dropping WiFi frequently after a firmware upgrade. There is nothing to register. It makes zero sense whatsoever, to rollback to a 2 year old firmware for a router that might be just a few months old out of the factory, though of course if that is the only firmware that is working properly for all of those complaining, there seems little choice but to rollback for those users. I unplugge the router from behind the unit, left unplugged for approx. No one seems able to offer an explanation for that. I have no idea personally. The 2.4 band is always max bars, while the 5G signal strength is always 1 or 2 bars out of four. [...]. Typo, my mistake. @rpzky8  Well this isn't really going to help you any, but welcome to the club of all of those R7000 AC1900 users who also state that they are suffering exactly the same issue you are experiencing. What firmware do you have right now? Re: What is 5G for? I had the latest firmware but had all the issues described in this community. I got my R7000 two days ago, shipped with and I did have the 5Gz drops every few hours. *7Gbps is the modem’s maximum data transfer rate per the 3GPP Release 15 Standard. You will read lots of users heavily advocating firmware v.42. If it indeed was a hardware issue, it will be the youngest router I have ever owned to be trashed out. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. You are already on the list. It does make sense that version 42 is the answer - afterall, that is the answer to life, the universe and everything. NETGEAR Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi 6 Router (RAX120) - AX6000 Wireless Speed (up to 6Gbps) | Up to 3500 sq ft Coverage & 30+ Devices | 4 x 1G, 1 x 2.5/5G Ethernet Ports | 2 x 3.0 USB (Renewed) … So because seemingly so many R7000 AC1900 users are experiencing functionality issues after updating to the latest firmware, the only resolution it appears, is to downgrade again or do what others have claimed, buy a different brand of router. I'm begining to wonder if this is a hardware issue within older routers that pre-date v.64. and I did have the 5Gz drops every few hours. I noticed this within the last few days, but before that everything worked. Opened a case with Netgear, tried a number of things including reboot, reset, channel change, etc. To rule out problems with a single device, try looking for the broadcast from more than one computer or mobile device to ensure its not a problem with the device you want to connect instead of the router. I am only about 20 hours in, but after a full day of video converencing, no hiccups (which was not the case with the 88 firmware). The latest WiFi 6 technology delivers the fastest 5G speeds to all your connected devices of today and tomorrow, with up to 4X more capacity than AC WiFi. - Reset my router using a paper clip at the back of it - Setup the router, afterwards, used the firmware update that I downloaded in Netgear's site (the router is already on the same firmware but did it anyway) - After doing the firmware update, reset the router again - Setup router using a new SSID for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz


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