It is not necessary that you should taste your desserts only after eating a lot of dishes. Tired of all the freak shakes and decked out doughnuts you see online nowadays? For one of the best traditional desserts around the world, head to Mokka in Athens, get the coffee and the Portokalopita. From shakes that ooze chococlate down the sides to whimsical cotton candy-topped options, there’s nothing here that’s not truly impressive. If you’re not too distracted by the cheerful, eccentric interior of Mr. Funk, then go ahead and order one of their famous unicorn shakes. This dessert is well-crafted with care and enthusiasm by locals who love slinging chocolate-filled treats to guests. 5 spot. Hot Chocolate at Rim Cafe – Philadelphia, USA, 32nd. It’s aeshtetically pleasing and out of this world delicious. Just make sure you get a picture of this fantastically creative treat first before diving in. She came to New Zealand and Australia with a tour in the 1920s. The buns at Yum Cha in Hong Kong are expertly crafted into adorable little characters, such as their famous pigs and orange googly eyes. At this small dessert shop in Dallas, Texas, however, they’re the shining star. Imagine a deep-fried doughnut in bitesize form, soaked in a sweet syrup. Character Custard Buns at Yum Cha – Hong Kong, 47th. Shaka Boom at Kokoro Cafe – Honolulu, USA, 46th. InstaShakes at Hudson’s – Cape Town, South Africa, 16th. Wanna throw some shakas around while you’re in Hawaii? Puffle at Hvala Waffle Bar – Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 45th. All Rights Reserved. This three-deckers tart doesn’t demand baking: the lower decker is from the waffle bits, and then there is a decker of the stodgy creamy icing, and all this is glazed with melted chocolate. Deliciously sweet, cool soft-serve sits atop a cone that’s shaped in the form of a surfer shaka. The unicoron foodie phase is here to stay, at least that’s what is seems, as the Unicorn Waffles at the famous Unicorn Cafe easily took the No. Who’d have thought that a cannoli could tell a story? Fluffy pancakes serve as the canvas for a chocolate-covered, toppings-filled art piece. Their drinks serve as the base, which come in both lemonade and iced tea flavours. Japanese Souflee Pancakes at It took its name thanks to its layout. Get the recipe: The Best Sticky Date Pudding. If you can’t seem to find the right kind of dessert that fits your Instagram aesthetic, then why not go somewhere where you can create your own dessert exactly as you want it? It’s hard to describe how Instagrammable the hot chocolate at Rim Cafe is without showing you a video. We took a 4-hour flight on the new Delta Airbus jet that Boeing tried to keep out of the US. Ice Cream-Filled Chimney Cakes at Eva’s Original Chimneys – Toronto, Canada, 22nd. More, more, more waffles of course! The delicacy which looks like a cocoon is made from malt syrup with peanuts, sesame, and coconut. This classic Belgian dessert has taken the world by storm and believe me when I say there is nothing better than a warm, nutella covered waffle in the Belgian winter. It’s that Insta cafe feel, combined with the nature of their desserts, that seem to be what people love so much. Don’t go anywhere else in the world aside from Creamberry, as theirs are the best, most authentic, and most photogenic. Best served warm and with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon, I think these might be my all-time favourite sweet snack. Nitrogen Ice Cream Shake at Papacream – Mumbai, India, 39th. Any dessert with its own built-in hashtag is guaranteed to be good for the ‘gram. The Hotter Chocolates here are so over the top that they’re almost too beautiful to be true. Follow Business Insider Australia on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You don’t even have to order a dessert to snap a quality photo, but the Unicorn Waffles are truly a delightful sight to see and taste. The most Instagrammable dessert in the world? Depending on the colour profile you’re looking for, they’ll also top them with the cake of your choosing. Sunnies Cafe is well-known for having one of the best brunches in Manila, which is perhaps what draws so many Instagrammers in for a look. Gourmet Birthday Cake Milkshake at Peace Treats – Toronto, Canada, 31st. I’ve gotta say, I support that claim entirely. Head to Hudson’s Burger Joint. Cookie Dough Desserts at The Dough Dough – Dallas, USA, 41st. Personally, my favourite flavours are caramel (no surprises there), snickers, and dulce de leche (caramel with a thick caramel sauce swirled through). Despite the simple nature of this cheery funfetti treat, more than a few followers mentioned just how Insta-worthy it is. Here are the 50 most Instagrammable desserts in the world right now. Volcano Bingsoo at U:Dessert Story – San Francisco, USA, 48th. To learn more about Hotel Sacher, click here >. Charcoal Ice Cream with Edible Gold at Scoopi Cafe – Dubai, UAE, 40th. Something so tempting that you’ll need to get the photo fast before you dive in. The Cookie Monster comes with Bailey’s spiked chocolate chip cookies and is served with a few side shots of Nesquik strawberry milk. That’s exactly what the giant stuffed cannolis at Gelso and Grand do. What’s not Instagrammable about a Milky Bun from the famous Afters Ice Cream? Their Roti Hotcakes, which they top with green ice cream and douse in pink candy floss. The often gravity-defying candy floss ice cream at Milk Train in London. It’s so Instagrammable that you’re likely to inspire more than a few visits to this place. I’m a long-time fan of cream cheese as a cake frosting, especially when it comes in the form of a Hummingbird Cake. They’ve combined creatively coloured and eccentric macarons with confetti covered ice cream. Dough Dough sells cookie dough by the scoops, but you can get other Insta-worthy dough desserts here too, all vibrant and cheery as the next. Remember a few years back when those perfectly round and fluffy Japanese pancakes were all the rage? A dessert so delicious that it’s going to be hard not to devour it before you get your picture. Pakhlava melts in a mouth and makes you feel all the wonders of Eastern exotic. It was invented in 17th century by Francois Massialot, a chef of a kitchen of a Duke of Orlean. If you’ve ever thought that what a nice cup of hot chocolate needed was an entire ice cream sundae on top, then BomboBar has got you covered. Aşure or Noah's pudding is often said to be one of the oldest desserts in the world. Moreover, to make any occasion a special one, you can serve the dessert items that you can nicely prepare. 6 most Instagrammable dessert in the world, it’s made up of multiple ice cream scoops placed side-by-side on a flattened cloud of vibrantly coloured cotton candy. Case in point? Best served chilled, this creamy dessert is a delicious treat after a typical Italian dinner (full o’ carbs, late in the evening, and with plenty of wine!). This delicacy is an embodiment of the heavenly taste in direct meaning of this phrase. This is the perfect dessert for Instagrammers who have more neutral, modern feeds. Very. Make Your Own Dessert at DYCE – London, UK, 15th. “Hit Me” Chocolate Cake at Catch NYC – New York City, USA, 14th. Rainbow Pancakes at Estrella Athens – Athens, Greece, 43rd.


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