These memorable marketing campaigns take different forms — sometimes it just takes a really well-done trailer and a memorable use of a song, as seen and heard in the trailer for Jordan Peele’s Us, which retools Luniz’s “I’ve Got 5 on It” in a deliciously creepy way. 20 years after the Columbine High School shooting, active shooter drills have become standard at schools, and shootings are unfortunately still happening at schools around the US. Why you remember it: Because you thought it was real. The latest ad campaign from David Miami for Coca-Cola is a masterstroke of creative artwork and copywriting. Borat wasn’t a new creation, as Cohen’s character had been on the Da Ali G Show for years, but he wasn’t widely known. The heroes of DC Comics save the day in fictional cities, like Metropolis. They were sent out to influencers and people who had recently been through difficult times. Based on these examples of the best marketing campaigns in 2020 so far, we can conclude that there are certain common denominators to these campaigns. In the spot, Reynolds plays a demanding actor intent on spinning his Samsung ad to promote his own Netflix show and gin brand. Did it work? Why it makes the list: Netflix’s marketing campaign shows how to sell an old-fashioned concept in new-fangled ways. Our action was simply to simultaneously generate accident reports on Waze’s platform and, due to the atypical number of these reports, call users’ attention”. The conversation that exploded around BTS, with fans fighting for them to win the award, got their brand name spread across the internet. Also, admit it — you thought, for a second, that it was a documentary. The film made $170.8 million against a budget of $25 million, and spawned a whole franchise/”universe” of sci-fi films united mostly by viral marketing, though none were as successful as the original. We want this to be an introduction to the customer who might never find us because they’re looking for an inexpensive bed and that’s not really what our brand is.”. Back in May, Adult Swim released the following announcement that got fans hyped for the upcoming season. Why you remember it: Because of Sacha Baron Cohen’s in-character interviews as Borat. So if you want to grow your audience and increase revenue you know what to do. By informing you that “It won’t get any bigger than this”, the company comes across as honest while also provoking FOMO to speed up the visit to its online store. Funny, easy to understand and relatable, they make for the perfect way to communicate with out saying much. There are a number of blogs that have analysed the content marketing ahead of Disney’s first Star Wars in 2015. As July draws to a close here’s our round-up of some the best creative PR activations and marketing … Research has found that one sniff activates the same reward centres in our brains that drugs do – only babies are way more legal.’, #18 Carlsberg announce they’re probably not the best beer in the world. That’s why Spotify decided to make them the star of their new global ad campaign “Everywhere”. Joining forces with Parley for the Oceans, the company celebrated the Week of World Oceans Day. #WWDC19 From the Marlboro Man and the Nike’s “Just do it” slogan to the “Got Milk” and the Old Spice’s “Man your man could smell like”, marketing campaigns have the power to reach innumerable audiences, create trends and needs and define the market. Because of all the marketing, The Blair Witch Project wasn’t just a low-budget indie horror flick — it was a real, ongoing mystery. Here we bring you the 20 most viewed ads from The Drum's Creative Works in 2019. When it senses humans being nearby, MIA starts asking questions on various topics and offers multiple choice answers. a series of celebrity reveal videos on Twitter. The company has also created a 1 minute video to promote the concept. Even with a low budget. The names for England’s Lionesses World Cup team were released today one by one through a series of celebrity reveal videos on Twitter. We’re told that people are now distrustful of advertising, and that branded content is being shunned. The video drives people to which has tips on how to spot actual fake news and what journalists are doing to ensure they report the truth. Whether or not you think the campaign was a good idea, you can’t say the … Cats are curious. We were running out of ways to show the catalog to people online, so we sought out something different.”. Two years after Deadpool was released, Reynolds and the Fox marketing team went even harder with the promotion of Deadpool 2, taking over the DVD covers of other popular movies at Walmart and handling Stephen Colbert’s late-night monologue duties, before going further yet for in its meta promotion of Once Upon a Deadpool. Both the “choral cover of pop song” and “poster with words on a face” would go on to be often-imitated promotional tropes, but they were just the Google Plus to The Social Network’s Facebook. Well, you know. A Lost movie? Free Movies Online: 200 Fresh Movies to Watch Online For Free, Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm First Reviews: Predictably Offensive and Hilarious, but Also Surprisingly Sentimental, Indie Fresh List: Kindred, Ammonite, The Dark and the Wicked, and More, Everything We Know About WandaVision, Disney+’s Scarlet Witch/Vision MCU Series, “Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong” About… Ace Ventura: Pet Detective/When Nature Calls. Friends or people with similar consumer behavior and needs. This new KLM initiative is a good example of how we combine strong insights with innovation to show that KLM is number one in customer service.” says Ed van Bennekom, Creative Director of DDB Unlimited. To get people excited about an unknown quantity, the studio banked on Christopher Nolan’s post-Dark Knight appeal and made an online viral game involving the spinning top that diehard fans tried to solve. There are almost no marketing campaigns without video today. The campaign also features 3 short film clips that pair songs with everyday moments. What it’s about: It took director Terry Gilliam more than 20 years to finally bring the movie to completion. A lot. Did it work? In the real world, missing posters went up around colleges and at film festivals. Just in time for game six of the NBA Finals, Bhatia partnered with Tim Hortons to share his story of passion, inclusivity, and Canadian spirit. It’s not hard to generate excitement when you’ve got a show as popular as Rick & Morty. The login page will open in a new tab. RT to vote! In light of the Me Too scandals, the brand launched a US campaign called ‘we believe: the best men can be'. Video marketing can be used just about anywhere. Borat made $262 million at the box office, much to Kazakhstan’s chagrin. Why you remember it: Because you had to demand it. In addition to launching the new campaign and debuting a new manifesto, all United States stores closed for an hour on the 5th of June for a day of diversity training.


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