They want to have the opportunity to lead, and why shouldn’t they have that opportunity to find meaning and significance in their work? Leadership Qualities of Bill Gates. Growing and learning – After landing billionaire lists several times, it would be easy for Gates to become prideful or think he knows it all. Bill, thanks again for talking to us. Where do I fit? You have to be the genuine person and you have to recognize that ‘I’m a unique person and so I’m not trying to be like you. They’re going into a period of wisdom and generativity — so they want to continue to keep giving back. Vigor fueled by intense personal commitment and the capacity to tackle heavy workloads to meet tight deadlines. And boards looked more for charisma than character. Below are some leadership qualities of Bill Gates. Or start focusing on what it means to have certain people in charge of others, controlling resources, and being responsible for other people’s welfare and wellbeing. The takers are in it for themselves. Knowledge@Wharton: One of the things I have found very interesting about your book is that you went out and talked to people who are leaders at different ages. Here are three examples. Every leader needs a group of trusted allies from different disciplines whom they can turn to for honest, caring feedback. He played sports three hours a day and he said that he learned a lot more about leadership on the athletic field and working in a corner grocery store where he also worked three hours a day, than he ever did at Stanford Business School. Get Your Custom Essay on, By clicking “Write my paper”, you agree to our,, Get your custom The idea of authentic leadership has been around for a long time, even if it was known by different names until Bill George’s book ‘Authentic Leadership’ popularised the term out in 2003. Will you give me money to fund it for the next six months, just to get it going?” You know maybe you’re out working with your customers and you have an insight about that or how to develop that customer base. Leaders, especially executives, sometimes don’t receive honest feedback—but rather what their team thinks they want to hear. It’s very hard not to be like your father, but thinking that I wanted to be CEO of a really big company. And she says, you know, this company means so much– I’ve worked here the last 25 years– I may not know a lot about finance or numbers, but I know how to restore this to a great company. George: This is a book on leadership development that results from the largest study ever done on how leaders develop. I think far too often we’ve had the idea of people in organizations taking direction or following the leader’s guidance. I really wrote the book in response to the question I got from my first book: how can I become an authentic leader? He had lost his job, he lost his health care, lost his suspension. Near the end of the book you say,, “The hardest person to lead is yourself.” And then you also add a piece of advice which is, “Don’t wait to be asked to lead.” So, could you expand on both of those statements? So, I have a real concern that boards often still don’t do their job of internal succession and they wind up being forced to go outside. George: And you have to test your values under pressure. This was her passion. Don’t expect them to stay in their lane as individual contributors and step into their leadership roles. At first it seemed like mush. But to what end? BILL GEORGE: I think leaders definitely are made. After going through the huge amount of information and watching the biography, I realize that Bill Gates has strong autocratic and delegate styles of leader ship. From transactional to transformational leadership: Learning to share the vision.Organizational Dynamics, (Winter): 19-31, (Electronically accessed on 01 AUG 2009), http://www. That’s pretty easy. We actually want to talk to you about, have you thought about building up a savings account for your kids so that they can go to college?” He feels that they are doing them a favor by helping them build a secure financial future. JIM AISNER: There was a lot of talk in the decade of the last century about charismatic leadership. Unfortunately, many boards of directors were looking for a charismatic leader can who could come in from the outside and save the company. But they want to feel like, “Hey my time was well spent. As you listened to the 125 people tell their story and talk about those formative moments, is there a common pattern to what really seemed to stand out? He didn’t live on it. I remember going to Honeywell, a great global company and being on course to be CEO and taking on a series of turnarounds. Periodically, as I meet individuals whose point of view I value, I add them to my board. Useem: So if a young person working for you says, “I hear what you are saying. This is how great leaders courageously shine with heroic displays of empathy and compassion when other human beings are down. JIM AISNER: Bill, what exactly do you mean by authentic leadership? There doesn’t seem to be a correlation between CEO compensation and performance. In fact, he almost destroyed the place. And so, learn to fail early rather than fail at the top. One element without the other isn’t enough. They will let you know when you are not being true to your values. It took a little while for this to sink in., (Electronically accessed on 01 AUG 2009 ). The rest may look busy, but they’re probably just spinning their wheels. A quick glance at the current state of affairs in leadership should make it pretty clear to anyone that authenticity comes at a high price, paid not only by leaders but also, and especially, their followers. Immelt and Mulcahy, these people are givers. Retrieved from, This is just a sample. Importantly, it requires leaders to get to terms with the fundamental fact that the authentic and unfiltered version of themselves is someone who perhaps 4 or 5 people have learned to love, or at least tolerate. We all know that “power corrupts”, but we rarely spend time trying to understand the specific psychological mechanisms underpinning this process, and they mostly have to do with a decrease in leaders’ motivation to keep harnessing a positive reputation, to remain as focused on “faking good” as they were when they were less powerful, and motivated to get to the top. Knowledge@Wharton: They say that at Wharton, too. Not everyone is a born leader, but a new book by Wharton’s Michael Platt says that neuroscience can provide the tools to become one.


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