I don't use Earnie ball anymore, after breaking two sets every week, I was done. The dunlops last longer and sound better. What could be the closest D'Addario/Dunlop string gauges to Ernie Ball 9-48. Fender has cheap nickles too, But they were fairly dull IME Between EB's and D'addario's, id … I played them at a 3 hour rehearsal and a little more than that (on my own) and this morning they were pretty dead. They are older and more poayed and there is no comparison. In the 2010s I switched over to Dunlop DEN0942. A little stiff at the start, softening up after break in. And I'm yet to break one, I'd break slinkys regularly and it's the same gauge 10-46. my local store had a buy 1 free 1 sale last december & all that was left were signature series dunlop strings..... Just & only because of the good deal I bought 2 packs of Zakk Wylde & Kerry King each. Inconsistency, short life, terrible B strings. That 2225 set was so screechy that I actually thought something was wrong with my guitar. If you play super-extra-ultra-whatever-light 8 gauge like I do and want a really, really bright string to get more note definition from a muddy humbucker, then sure, the 2225 is exactly what you want. 11's wont make you sound more like Metallica! Standard medium gauge electric bass guitar set? Perhaps it is my acidity (we are all different) but for me, I will never use D'addario phosphor bronze strings again after this. I like the ernie ballz's For some reason the D'Darrio's don't feel all that great to me. P.S. Big fan of the DR Pure Blue's 10-50's on my LP. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. they do not have that new zing (that I don't really like anymore) and break in fast..I mean fast. Gear review Dunlop Victor vs D'Addario Both use the same clamp type but the D'Addario doesn't do as well on thin necks. They are truly different than any other string out there because they are wound on a round core...more expensive but worth it to me. When you have strings with too much treble response on the Jazz or the Jag, what's best described as a screeching sound happens. Then they stay there for a good while. The strings have to be installed, tuned to pitch and settle in before they start acting correct. GHS sound good to me and since I started using them I've noticed they still sound good after a few weeks, compared to the Ernie ball slinkys which by that time weren't sounding so good! Squier Paranormal Offset Telecaster - is it worth it. Rotosound has a pretty cheap nickle set, but I can't say much about them. This ended up with an interesting conclusion. For those that have used both D'Addario and Dunlop gauge 11's, are they fairly comparable, feel and quality-wise? I'm the type of guitar player that will periodically revisit a brand of string - even if I hated it before - just to see if it stills feels and/or sounds as good or bad as it was the last time I used them. Haven't tried Dunlop nickels, but I had problems with their steels. Ernie Ball vs. D'Addario guitar strings This ended up with an interesting conclusion. I definately think that the dunlop meds have less tension..they advertize it and I am absolutely a believer. The D'Addario works by having a spring pushed by a screw, while the Victor is a worm drive. Great customer service. From literally inventing Phosphor Bronze, to perfecting 80/20, D'Addario Acoustic Strings are second to none. Standard light gauge electric guitar set? Remember there are far more brands than there are makers. By incorporating a high-carbon steel core with nickel-plating, the NYXLs can withstand all manner of abuse from whammy bars. I wonder who makes Dunlop's strings. Its all about preference. Back when I was playing a Strat, Dean Markley handled my playing style very easily. 49 Minutes of Revitalizing Technical Exercises. I've been playing thirty years and I've pretty much tried every brand of string. After playing for over 30 years using all the regular brands, these Pyramids are now my string of choice. But when I switched to the Jazzmaster, they really didn't work that well. I stocked up on Lifespan SPs on a fire sale at one point and have been using them since early 2012 on my D-18. D'addario is what my dad's been using for 20 years and he and I both think they're the best for the price. “Great strings for jazz guitar!” says a customer of D’Addario’s Chrome Flatwound strings. On the Cargo it will clamp the strings fine but you can't put the back in the pocket you have to put it on the up turn at the end. learn more I like the D'Addario EXL130, but they have an annoying problem. ), Thoughts on Chase Bliss selling a limited pedal and now considering to sell more. Severely microphonic even after replacing pickup. yes humid. Usually a few days. I tried out a set of erine balls and I broke them in a half an hour. Because as far as I'm aware, no make of guitar string keeps the exact same formula for the life of the brand. The D'Addario NYXL range is designed with strength in mind. Almost too easily. Being a Marcus fan might have had something to do with it, I must admit. Since 1974, D'Addario Acoustic Strings have been the standard against which all others are measured. Standard medium gauge acoustic guitar set? I would say try a set. Value, consistency, long life, all strings die at same rate, sound great old... list goes on. The method of the action is different. All brands of strings have a different vibe. When they wear out, but the next type, then repeat. GHS Boomer 11s on electric, EB Earthwoods (or Silk & Steel, depending on mood) in 13s. Once they do, they're wonderful and last a good long while. I swear beside D'addario strings . Freddy G. V.I.P. “Perfect!” reports a satisfied customer of D’Addario’s electric guitar strings. I'm the type of guitar player that will periodically revisit a brand of string - even if I hated it before - just to see if it stills feels and/or sounds as good or bad as it was the last time I used them. did it again...this time I played with EJ 17's...same thing. JavaScript is disabled. Big single-coil pickups mated to a ridiculously bright 1 meg volume pot on the lead circuit. Martin Authentic Acoustic Treated Phosphor Bronze. Dunlop Super Bright steel and nickel bass strings comparison video. The dunlops last longer and sound better. The machines that make the strings wear out and get replaced, the sourced steel changes depending on supply, the winding process on wound strings changes with advances in technology, sometimes coating is added to give guitar strings longer shelf life, and so on. TalkBass utilizes technology from Skimlinks that may give us a small affiliate commission on purchases made via links on our site. The Ernie Ball 2225 added in way too much treble, so I had to ditch them and go back to the D'Addario EXL130. For Sale: Bass Guitar Strings and Accessories, The TB Bazaar: Gear For Sale from our Sponsors, For Sale: Double Bass Amps, Strings & Accessories, Wanted: Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories, Wanted: Double Basses, Amps & Accessories, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Funny thing though, the lights seem the same as other phosph lights. Back in my Strat playing days, in my teens I would snap Ernie Ball strings very easily. And when I switched to 8-38, I found that Dunlop just doesn't make a good 8-38 set and it was garbage... ...so after many years, I switched back to D'Addario. Seeing from a few websites they they do use Ernie ball 11-48 but I've also been seeing that D'Addarios/Dunlops are better. I still find that the monels last longer than any other uncoated string. But the phosphor bronze contest is over for me...and that includes the JP's. They are older and more poayed and there is no comparison. The current string I use is D'Addario EXL130. I felt the tension difference right away with the dunlops. Ernie Ball does make an 8-38 set, the 2225. From what I've heard, there are only three or four factories that actually manufacture strings. Once those 3 switches are done, buy which one you think is best. Steinberger Double Ball Bass Guitar Strings, D'Addario/Planet Waves O-Port Black Large (fits 3.875" - 4"), PW-OPBKL, D'Addario/Planet Waves O-Port Black Small (fits 3.375" - 3.5"), PW-OPBKS, D'Addario/Planet Waves O-Port White Large (fits 3.875" - 4"), PW-OPWHL, D'Addario/Planet Waves O-Port White Small (fits 3.375" - 3.5"), PW-OPWHS, D'Addario/Planet Waves Screeching Halt, PW-SH-01, Strings and Accessories Listed by Manufacturer, Dean Markley Seven (7) String Guitar Strings, DR Strings Seven (7) String Guitar Strings, Elixir Seven (7) and Eight (8) String Guitar Strings, La Bella 7, 8 and 9 String Guitar Strings, Newtone Seven (7) and Eight (8) String Guitar Strings, Pyramid Seven (7) and Eight (8) String Guitar Sets, RotoSound Seven (7) and Eight (8) String Guitar Strings, S I T Strings 7 and 8 String Guitar Strings, Black Diamond Twelve (12) String Guitar Strings, C.F. Also a quick chat and back story on some strings. I just think these strings are hiding underneath the bush. You're better off with D'Addario EXL130, Fender 250XS, Fender Super Bullets 3150SL, DR Strings Tite-Fit, GHS Nickel Rockers or any other number of 8-38 sets out there. A quick comparison between Dunlops new Super bright string to old REGULAR Dunlop strings and new D'Addrio strings. Member. Posting here so you folks can give them a try. All their strings are made in the U.S.A. Six series of electric guitar strings are offered by D’Addario – their most popular XL Nickel Round Wound, Chrome Flatwounds, EXP Coated, Pure Nickel, Half Rounds and ProSteel. Even something as insignificant as the weight of the ball end changing by a tiny amount matters. Buy one type, whichever you want, and play them. A few months ago I switched from my trusted DR Hi beams over to Dunlop Superbrights. D'Addario and GHS make many other brands. I am going to try the JP pure nickel's and then D'addario nickels (J22) and see how they do. As one of the biggest names in strings, you can expect good things from D'Addario. “They sound great every time, feel great on your fingers and will not tarnish as quickly as others … I love the consistency of these strings (EXL110).” This praise reflects D’Addario’s ability to deliver consistent, high quality strings to their customers. I don't know why they last longer ...maybe just me. For break-in and feel, the 2225 set is actually really, really good... ...but they sound so bad that it makes the Jazzmaster almost unplayable. A number of the most popular strings are available in 3, 10 and 25 packs at discounted prices, and D’Addario has an extensive single string collection. I prefer D'Addario ProSteels over virtually ever string on the market. I started playing guitar with Super Slinkys over 30 years ago, then Dean Markley's throughout the 80s, but I've settled on D'Addarios for the past decade. Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky - Actually tied for favorite. All proper Jazzmasters are like that. Nothing slinks like a Slinky, Electric - Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky (9-46). The Dean Markley strings didn't do that. And for other set sizes like 9-42, 10-46 or greater, the same applies. These are the ones I had in mind: Y'know, a guitar string is a guitar string. I've put a couple different sets on for short times here and there.


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