Because of the way an evaporative cooler works, it’s recommended to only be used in dry, hot climates, like in the Southwestern part of the United States. They remove moisture from the air, which makes it less humid and cool spaces quickly. Also, those who suffer from asthma may find that evaporative coolers help them to feel better too. Now, let’s talk about the main benefits of evaporative coolers. (AC Unit Price & Monthly Expense), How to Make Window AC Colder (8 Tricks to Try on Your Window Air Conditioner), How Much Electricity (Watts) Does a Window AC Use? If you suffer from allergies then you should definitely consider an evaporative cooler versus air conditioning, as the process used in evaporative cooling may promote fewer allergy symptoms. Which is Better? Portable Air Conditioner Venting Options (With and Without a Window), How to Maintain a Portable Air Conditioner, Common Portable Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions, Portable Air Conditioner vs Window Unit (Which Should You Buy and Why). ), What is HVAC System? Hopefully, this detailed guide has helped you to understand why you may want to pick one type of product over the other. As you can see, this is quite a list of benefits. Those who don’t live in this type of environment will do well to consider an air conditioning unit instead. Also, evaporative coolers won’t dry out the air. With evaporative cooling, doors and windows don’t need to be sealed when they are running and air inside the room is not recirculated, so it’s fresher. It works to cool your home, office, or immediate area through the process of evaporation. Another advantage of an evaporative cooling machine is that they are not very noisy since they do not use refrigerants or a compressor. Evaporative systems typically require less maintenance than air conditioners, which can produce a considerable savings over the course of a year. Unfortunately, we don’t all live in dry, hot climates. Window AC vs Central AC: Which is Better for You? These units also operate more quietly, so you’ll create less noise pollution. Also, they don’t emit much CO2. The key to understanding the differences between each form of cooling is looking at the features of both systems. Air coolers which are evaporative are often the best substitute for air conditioning units. (Everything Explained). By choosing evaporative cooling, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint. In terms of what’s best, air conditioning versus evaporative cooling, it will vary based on how you want to use it. If you were to compare evaporative cooling vs air conditioning without taking living location into consideration, evaporative coolers offer better air quality. They are suitable for both homes and commercial spaces. Moisture levels of Evaporative Coolers vs. Air Conditioners Evaporative coolers add moisture to the air in your surrounding environment. If you want eco-friendly cooling, you’ll find that evaporative coolers work without emitting as much CO2 as air conditioners. The fact is that it consumes up to 35 percent of the energy required by an AC, if you compare two coolers of the same size. They put moisture into the air and this means that they won’t dehydrate your skin and eyes. The way in which an evaporative cooler reduces heat is through water evaporation, which adds moisture back into the air. How Does Humidity Affect Air Conditioning? Besides, the evaporative cooler does not need costly chemicals to work, while the air conditioner does. It does this by sucking in hot, moisture-rich air from the room and recirculating it with dry, cold air. While AC units do cost more to operate and use more energy, their major advantage is that they work in practically every type of climate. The only potential drawback of this type of air cooler is that you must keep a window or door open while they are being used. His main role is to write content that helps people get the most value out of their air purifiers, air conditioners, and heating units. What Does HVAC Stand for? (How to Get the Right Size Window Air Conditioner), What to Look for in a Window Air Conditioner (Available Features), How Much Does a Window Air Conditioner Cost? We’ll talk about which system is most appropriate for certain purposes while we discuss the features of each system. Evaporative coolers are a smart buy and you’ll love the fact that they don’t cost as much to run as a traditional air conditioner. (Air Conditioner Monthly Cost Guide), Window Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide: Problems and Solutions. (See Full Bio), By clicking "Close" or continuing to use this website, you agree to the, How a Portable Air Conditioner Can Save You Money. In addition, you’ll find that it emits higher levels of Carbon Dioxide, CO2. However, there are several perks to using this type of cooling machine. The benefit of a central air conditioning unit is that it can efficiently cool a larger area than an evaporative cooler. With evaporative cooling, doors and windows don’t need to be sealed when they are running and air inside the room is not recirculated, so it’s fresher. David is an Air Quality & Comfort Technician. How Does a Ventless (Evaporative) Air Cooler Work? Once you’ve read this article, you’ll be able to make a wise and informed decision about which system is right for you. What Size Window AC Unit Do I Need? How to Choose an Air Conditioner (Step-By-Step Guide on Picking the Right AC Unit), 6 Types of Home Air Conditioning Systems and How They Work. By understanding how they function, you’ll see how they differ from each other. While evaporative coolers do use water to cool naturally, they do not produce any mist, fog or spray water. Not humid areas, like in the Eastern United States. However, it’s not always an appropriate solution depending on the climate you live in. Air conditioning systems do often dry out skin and eyes since they remove moisture from the air. In this post, we’re going to share a lot of important facts about air conditioning and evaporative cooling. Ductless Mini Split vs Central Air: Which is Right for You? Top Alternatives to Window Air Conditioners, How to Install a Through the Wall Air Conditioner, What is Central Cooling? Are Portable Air Conditioners Worth It or Any Good? Educating the Public on Indoor Air Quality & Comfort Since 2015. Other popular names for these types of devices include swamp cooler, desert cooler, and wet air cooler. These devices are cheap to run, good on energy, perfect for dry and hot climates, provide air that is clean and fresh, are easy to install and low on maintenance. This prevents an excess of moisture build up. So, take a look at our other free guides on: Evaporative cooling is one of the oldest methods for climate control and is still one of the most popular systems for reducing heat inside homes. Ductless Mini Split vs Window AC Unit: Which Should You Choose? If you were to compare evaporative cooling vs air conditioning without taking living location into consideration, evaporative coolers offer better air quality. A lot of people don’t realize just how beneficial air conditioning and evaporative cooling systems are. Evaporative coolers use some sort of water-soaked medium that air is pulled through by a fan. He has expert knowledge on the technology and design of air purification, air conditioning, and heating systems. Air Conditioning versus Evaporative Cooling. Compare to evaporative cooling, some of the disadvantages of using this type of air cooling systems include a higher cost to operate, more energy use, routine cleaning, and maintenance. It is safe to say that swamp cooler is more energy efficient. The way these systems work is by removing moisture from the air. (What Does Central Cooling Mean? In terms of advantages, you’ll find that air conditioning systems work in practically every type of climate and are very useful in enclosed spaces.


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