We’ve covered George I’s accession in more detail here, while we’ll return to Caroline’s British career at a later date. George was automatically Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay and Earl of Carrick. Caroline was also considered one of the greatest promoters of the composer George Frideric Handel, who had come to England with King George I. Handel dedicated his famous Water Music to her. 4 Wikipedia: Caroline von Brandenburg-Ansbach. Daughter of Johann Friedrich, margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach. Anne refused permission for any of the Hanoverians to visit Britain in her lifetime. 133–135; Van der Kiste, p. 83. The event followed less than two months after that of the Dowager Electress, who had come so close to realizing her long-time goal of being proclaimed sovereign of Great Britain. George Augustus came to believe that Walpole had tricked him into the reconciliation as part of a scheme to gain power. [5] Eleonore remained in Saxony for another two years, until her death in 1696. What could have been a happy and boisterous upbringing ended up going quite the other way. Preserves users states across page requests. He died when Caroline was just 3 years old, and following this, her mother took her to her native place, Eisenach. (2185 mm x 1276 mm), Purchased, 1873, Primary Collection, NPG 369 © National Portrait Gallery, London. He was a focus for the opposition, like his father before him, and Caroline's relationship with him was strained. (viii) Prince Frederick Caroline was an attractive and intelligent young woman and George is said to have immediately took a liking to her "good character", he was so impressed by Caroline that he "would not think of anybody else after her". They had eight children, seven of whom grew to adulthood: Frederick Lewis, William Augustus (1721-1765), Anne, Amelia, Caroline, Mary and Louisa. Born on March 11, 1683, at the Residenz Ansbach in Ansbach, Margraviate of Brandenburg-Ansbach, now in Bavaria, Germany, Caroline was the eldest of the three children of Johann Friedrich, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach and his second wife Princess Eleonore Erdmuthe of Saxe-Eisenach. Caroline acted as a mediator, and in cooperation with Prime Minister Robert Walpole, she finally reconciled King George I and his son. She married George, electorate of Hanover, in September of 1705. Records the time of the last page load. Orphaned at an early age, Caroline grew up an intelligent, cultured and attractive woman, and was much sought-after as a bride. London. The doctors still did not quite understand what was going on: they thought that Caroline’s stomach contained an abscess that would grow unless removed. Caroline's father in law, the Elector of Hanover, succeeded his second cousin Anne to the British throne as George I. George Augustus left for England in September 1714 and was followed by Caroline and two of her daughters in October of the same year. The NID cookie contains a unique ID Google uses to remember your preferences and other information, such as your preferred language (e.g. Indeed, he left Eleanore alone in their official residence, choosing to instead live elsewhere with Magdalena. ( Amazon | Eurobuch | WorldCat), Arkell, Ruby Lillian (1939): Caroline of Ansbach, George the Second's queen. Caroline of Ansbach, destined to become the Queen Consort of George II, was born on 1st March 1683 in the small German state of Ansbach, she was the daughter of John Frederick, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach, and his second wife, Princess Eleonore Erdmuthe of Saxe-Eisenach. Von den Tudors zu den Windsors. Their young son, Prince Frederick, remained in Hanover for the rest of George I's reign, as a figurehead to represent the Hanoverian family there, he was brought up by private tutors. • Literature & Sources. Her father, John Frederick, was the ruler of a small state in Germany. Her father, Margrave John Frederick of Brandenburg-Ansbach, belonged to a branch of the House of Hohenzollern and was the ruler of a small German state, the Principality of Ansbach. Died 1 December 1937 in London, Queen Consort of England, wife of George II, Biography Caroline was orphaned at a young age and moved to the enlightened court of her guardians, King Frederick I and Queen Sophia Charlotte of Prussia. On June 11, 1827, King George I died in Hanover, was buried there, and his son succeeded him as King George II. "[46], Caroline became queen consort on the death of her father-in-law in 1727, and she was crowned alongside her husband at Westminster Abbey on 11 October that year. Magdalena gave birth to a daughter, Wilhelmina Maria, in June 1793, but mercifully for Eleanore – and perhaps for the infant – both parents died of smallpox in April 1794. and sometime Queen-Regent a study of her life and time,. The Royal Parks, Department of Culture, Media, and Sport (no longer available, 2017-11-16). At the baptism in November 1717, George Augustus quarreled with his father the king over the choice of godparents, the King had appointed the Duke of Newcastle, the Lord Chamberlain, the Prince, who had not been consulted and heartily disliked Newcastle proceeded to insult him at the christening, thereby angering his father, which led to the Prince and Princess of Wales being placed under house arrest at St. James's Palace.


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