OK, i understand the group of 3 antennas is the 5Ghz/2.4GHz N/A only radio, and the group of 2 antennas is the BG radio. here are French translation URL of both procedure. Go beyond with a JobFit Report. I could follow you and say this is not : @ Mico: Why did they put three? You can just solder one connector, use the firmware option (DD-WRT etc) to select left or right antenna to use, to lock the radio to the ext ant port. ANT24501B-NETGEAR Outdoor Dual Band Omni Antenna Bundle Kit Model: ANT24501B. Again difficult concept, I know. I guess you missed a lot. I have searched for diagrams and schematics, nothing found. - N I cannot tell by looking at it. UF.l is a standard connector. Other brand names mentioned herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective holder(s). I have two WNDR3300 routers in a WDS wireless bridge configuration. I suggest to be carefull with 10 dbi antenna found on e-bay comming from China and so on. The 5GHz radios connect at this distance, but with a very low signal level. The router uses 2.4ghz, and its 2.4ghz only. Those antenna are 10 dbi Sectorial RP-SMA With something like 2 meters low loss wire. Oron J is right, some model router does not support an external antenna. It seems to me that it is WNR3500L Board, that it use UF.l and that i connected UF.l/RP-SMA pigtails on it....?!?! Add to compare. Then all three connection points are the same? I haven't tried it myself, but it looks pretty awesome. other NETGEAR N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender - Wall Plug Version I only want to add an antenna for the band that I use. Sure if you put 3x22dbi pannel antenna on it, the price will be expensive...But it only depend on what kind of Area you planed to cover with your device. That way they'll take the place of the antennas rather than the test port, need to wait for some parts and time to do it though. If not another option would be to get another router and run it in bridge mode, or a wifi extender. WNR3500L is handwome to modify, its box is squared, easy to drill without damaging (it is more difficult with E2000 box), and U.Fl connectors could be find easily. We add a U.fl/RP-Sma pigtail to the WNR3500L then we plugged an External Antenna. If you find Antenna with UF.l connectors out of box, there is a chance that the Gain never goes up to 2dbi(because there isn't high gain antenna with such a connectors)... No I just wasn't talking about aerials, the wnr3500 boards do NOT use u.fl connections and u.fl connectors will not connect properly with the board making those antennas expensive scenery. The wnr3500 does not use the u.fl connections, all though they will clip on and connect to ground the antenna wire does not connect. Trouble : I only want to add an antenna for the band that I use. I thought antenna was antenna. You are imagining any improvement because those connector are not making signal contact with the board. - RP-SMA ANT2409-9 DBI Antenna Model: ANT2409. But how can I tell what band each connection is for? Am I correct in understanding this board does NOT use the standard Hirose U.FL connectors? Has anybody here tried this, or a similar hack? If you're not very near or in the same physical room with this WNDR3300 router, you should not expect to achieve reliable 5 GHz connections. I noticed the WNDR3300 is a dual band router, therefore, it can run 2 frequencies.


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