Seeingflowers out of season in a dream means depression. The Complete Dream Book, To see or eat cauliflower in your dream indicates honor, integrity, and the search for excellence. The woman’s vagina was like a flower—1 don’t mean to look at, but in physical sensation. To dream about a healthy flower represents healthy vitality, and to dream about a wilted flower represents a low energy or life force. The giver may be someone who you already know who holds you in high regard, but if it is someone you don’t know so well, your unconscious may be alerting you to their secret admiration. Marigold There may be business difficulties. Something special that is worth risking everything to keep for yourself. To see a sparse, weed-infested garden suggests that you have neglected your spiritual needs. It is also synonymous with gentleness, fragility and delicate beauty. On the other hand, flowers in a vase suggest a showcasing of your inner beauty or something that facilitates your personal development. According to Freud, flowers are a female symbol, because of their cup-shaped blossoms and because a bee enters them in order to fertilize them. To dream of flowers blooming in barren soil means that your energy and cheerful nature will help you get through hard times. For a young woman to receive a bouquet of mixed flowers, foretells that she will have many admirers. In helping you discern their particular meaning, the color and condition of the flowers in your dream may be as significant as the flowers themselves. If one finds within such a garden a group of associates or colleagues, the garden then represents a marketplace. The Element Encyclopedia, If, in your dream, the flowers were particularly colorful, this signifies kindness, compassion, gentleness, pleasure, beauty, and gain. As such, flowers in dreams can also be symbols of hope and optimism, as well as of the cycle of birth and death. Victorians used flowers to communicate messages and for a special petaled divination system in which each blossom meant something different. This dream can also reflect maturity in your ability to delay gratification. In dreams, cauliflower could denote someone who displays little intelligence, as suggested by the phrase ’having cauliflower between your ears’. Something that feels good or makes you happy is close to happening. Depth Psychology: Dreams about flowers point to something positive within you. When flowers are in bloom their beauty is vibrant and colorful but also fleeting and fragile, because as soon as a flower bursts from its bud into full bloom it is in the process of dying to make way for the next generation of flowers. Dreaming of a tropical garden implies that you are seeking warmth and comfort. To dream that someone gives you hibiscus indicates that you need to take advantage of some opportunity. The Element Encyclopedia, Copyright © - 2020 The Element Encyclopedia. In general, cultivated flowers symbolize how we can influence and control our development, whilst wild flowers and weeds symbolize spontaneity and how nature’s abundance comes in all shapes and varieties. For a young woman to see this vegetable in a garden, denotes that she will marry to please her parents and not herself. The color of the flower was extremely significant; to cite a few examples, red usually meant love, yellow indicated friendship, lavender suggested enchantment, and orange fascination. If one sees himself entering an unknown garden with its trees unattended and its pasture unkempt in a dream, it means distress and worries. Dreams of a sunflower represent that you are -expressing the sunshine of your spirit. In this case, if the garden is interpreted to represent a woman, then its trees and fruits represent her tribe, family and children. In his practice, Carl Jung observed that the dreams his patients reported consistently contained geometric shapes, such as circles, squares and triangles. The future looks bright for you. To dream of seeing flowers blooming in gardens, signifies pleasure and gain, if bright-hued and fresh; white denotes sadness. It is also synonymous with gentleness, fragility and delicate beauty. If one sees himself crowned with a garland of flowers in the dream, it means that he will get married, enjoy his marital life excessively and take pleasure in experiencing his success in this wor ld. Giving flowers: giving love and tenderness. Withered flowers, disappointments, regrets. Lime/Linden This suggests feminine grace. Respect and admiration (bouquet). In waking life he has defused a serious fight between other people and was trying to get them to forgive each other and co-operate for the long-term. At the very least, we appreciate their beauty and see their value. A garden in a dream also represents a woman. If a specific type of flower appears in your dream, the first step on your road to interpreting it is to find out whether it awakens a personal association.


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