Perhaps a lack of significant change, as you suggest. It is an interesting question. Graham will try to help date your Royal Enfield whether it's a British made Interceptor, an Indian Tomahawk built by Royal Enfield for sale in the United States, or an early Royal Enfield Bullet made in India. Both engine and frame have same number. can decode make, model, model year, body, trim, engine, transmission and other car parts in Europe, US as well as on other markets. FOR SALE on eBay in Henderson, Nev. 1,889 miles. $4,500. The post The Vintagent Classics: The Hard Ride first appeared on The $8,750. It says 17 09 99. FOR SALE on CraigsList in San Pedro, Calif. 3,240 miles. FOR SALE on CraigsList in Temecula, Calif. $7,000. Hi David, I posted a picture in your Twitter timeline (as @enfielder) since I couldn't figure out how the do that here. Lookup vehicle identification number is the first thing you should do before you buy a used car. years. I have both original seats (passenger and rider). My bike engine number is B104914-1K EI66914. $14,980. FOR SALE on CraigsList in Temecula, Calif. $7,000. 1,500 miles. g22601 is frame and engine number can you tell me the year please, Hi David, Good morning. Canyou shed soem light? 477 miles. )D = YEAR OF MANUFACTURE (-9=2009, A=2010, B=2011, C=2012 D = 2013) C = MONTH OF MANUFACTURE (A=JAN, B=FEB, C=MAR...L=OCT, N=DEC) (XXXXXX)= PRODUCTION SERIAL NUMBER. Here's How to Tell the Age of Your Royal Enfield. $5,000. Something must have made an exception of that year. FOR SALE on CraigsList in Cheyenne, Wyo. FOR SALE on CraigsList in Bozeman, Mont. Hi every one I wanted to know which year is my royal Enfield its engine number is G2 62248..kindly help. If it has a yellow horn button it was made after June, 1999. Good photos of what you have will help Graham date the bike. $5,000. CLICK HERE to see still more ads for Royal Enfields and Indians for sale in the United States. 35 miles. FOR SALE on eBay in Henderson, Nev. 1,889 miles. ?please help...i'm very intrested in knowing it...!!! $3,000. use as ... FOR SALE on eBay in Phoenixville, Pa. 8,426 miles. I'm stumped. All the info I can find does not include 2007 model years. It has a plate on the rear fender but hard to make out the writing. Replies. The frame number should be on the left side (facing forward) of the headstock. I am hoping to buy a RE trails bike from a recently deceased classic trials member in the sought east. Randy, Hello Friends! $3,300. Hitchcocks muffler and header, Royal Enfield side pannier carriers and top rack, Royal Enfield army bags, aftermarket seat. I just checked and my 1999 Bullet has no such marking under the tappet cover. $6,000. FOR SALE on CraigsList in Brookline, Mass. years. FOR SALE on CraigsList in Terrebonne, Ore. 660 miles. FOR SALE on CraigsList in San Pedro, Calif. 3,240 miles. 477 miles. You can also tell the model year of manufacture from the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). FOR SALE on CraigsList in Rohnert Park, Calif. $7,500. Any help from someone will be appreciated. $5,500. Join our community of car fans and get advanced features such as information from stolen databases, VIN API, search history and even more. The numbers engraved on the chassis and the engine took us for a ride as the design of the engine cover has a similar design of a G2 engine, but the format of the numbers are quite different from that found on the G2 Engine. I don't have a title for it yet any information would be much appreciated thank you..Bopper Minton.. Still the address is valid? 1,500 miles. Your help would be HUGELY appreciated, especially as the funds for the bike will go to his nominated charity. Reply. Here's a big Duggie. Unknown December 21, 2019 at 6:21 AM.


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