[42] Santragachi has a large railway station as well as the Santragachhi Jheel, a large lake that attracts migratory birds during winter. 172-Shibpur. One can have a glimpse of a large part of Kolkata standing in the middle of the bridge. Alang wi five assembly constituencies frae Hooghly destrict, Jagatballavpur an Domjur constituencies will form the Sreerampur (Lok Sabha constituency). The old Howrah Bridge, a floating pontoon Bridge, was opened in October 1874 and made over to Port Commissioners who managed and maintained it.

The new Howrah Bridge was designed by M/s. Bally–Jagacha CD block consists o landwart aurie wi 8 gram panchayats an sax census touns: Bally (different frae Bally municipality). 1, K. S. Roy Road, 3rd Floor, Kolkata - 700001, [35] The Howrah plant of Shalimar Paints (established in 1902) was the first large-scale paint manufacturing plant to be set up not only in India but in entire South East Asia. Page rendered in 0.1100 seconds. Gadiara is 8 kms from Shyampur and 33 kms from Bagnan. 26-Uluberia P.C. Bally, Howrah North, Howrah Central, Howrah South, Shibpur, Domjur an Sankrail constituencies form the Howrah (Lok Sabha constituency). Ramrajatala hosts a famous Rama Temple. [18], Dependent on definitions and geographical boundaries Howrah is measured as either the 2nd or 3rd largest city in West Bengal (behind Kolkata, and perhaps Asansol). The destrict is boondit bi the Hooghly River an the North 24 Parganas an Sooth 24 Parganas destricts on the east, on the north bi the Hooghly destrict (Arambagh an Shrirampur sub-diveesions), an on the sooth bi Midnapore East destrict (Tamluk sub-diveesion). Ferry services are available from many Ganges ghats of Kolkata to Belur Math. The Howrah destrict lees atween 22°48′ N an 22°12′ N latitudes an atween 88°23′ E an 87°50′ E langitudes. [citation needed] The emigrant labour force from the rest of the state's rural areas and neighbouring states take refuge in the cheaper quarters in Howrah, bringing the already poor infrastructure to the brink of collapse. [10] The destrict haes a population densitie o 3,300 inhabitants per square kilometre (8,500/sq mi) .

As of August 2020 these stations are under construction. [20][21] This rapid growth was due to abundance of job opportunities, which resulted in a 100% increase in male population during this period, whereas the female population grew only by 60%. 57.91% o the population live in Howrah Sadar subdiveesion an rest 42.09% live in Uluberia subdiveesion.

Uluberia East, Uluberia North, Uluberia South, Shyampur, Bagnan, Amta an Udaynarayanpur constituencies will form the Uluberia (Lok Sabha constituency). [citation needed] The word itself was rather used in eastern part of Bengal (now Bangladesh), as compared to the western part (now West Bengal). By Train: The nearest railway station to Belur math is Howrah junction. Annual normal rainfaw is 1461 milimeter per year. 23 talking about this. It was established in 1854 when a railway line was constructed connecting the city to the coalfields of Bardhaman.

By Air: The destrict is dividit intae 16 assembly constituencies:[8]. We have also a second large Banyan tree. The undulating irrigation canal connecting the two rivers adds to the beauty of the spot. Howrah district (/ ˈ h aʊ r ə /) is a district of the West Bengal state in eastern India. [15] By 1728, most of the present-day Howrah district was part of either of the two zamindaris: Burdwan or Muhammand Aminpur. [4], Template:Howrah Destrict Hina Khan, Mouni Roy, Mrunal Thakur; Stars galore at Ekta Kapoor's Diwali 2020 bash | PHOTOS, Instagram stalking: Masaba Gupta, Tiger Shroff to Kajal Aggarwal, what celebs post today, 5 shows, movies that cleverly disguised actor's growing baby bumps, including Kareena Kapoor, Kajol, 5 Times Sara Ali Khan proved her obsession with white kurta, Debina Bonnerjee looks like an angel as she poses in a white gown. 11,000 on Android, iOS? [41] The jetties on Howrah side are at Howrah Station, Ramkrishnapur, Shibpur, Shalimar, Bandhaghat, Belur Math, Bally and Nazirganj. The name came from the word Haor—Bengali word for a fluvial swampy lake, which is sedimentologically a depression where water, mud and organic debris accumulate. Vidyasagar Setu - otherwise known as the Second Hooghly Bridge opened to the traffic in 1992 is the finest product of modern architecture and technology. The first two digit of pin code denotes 71, which is listed in West-Bengal. Tol Free No: 1800 2121 655 Use of plastic materials has been banned in the Garden Campus. His two-storied dwelling house is situated at Panitras or Samtaber village on the bank of the river Rupnarayan in a perfect lonely village atmosphere of Bengal. There are a number of domestic airlines that connect Kolkata with other major cities of India. Howrah Bridge The most novel feature was the removable section which when floated out gave 200 feet clear openings, with a head room of 22 feet, were also provided for smaller crafts. It is erected on only four pillars and hanged on 121 number of iron ropes. 175-Panchla. Mayachar, a sprawling sandbank on the Rupnarayan River, is an interesting spot to idle on the secluded beach. It is intricately connected with the cities of Kolkata and Howrah by a series of over-bridges and situated at a distance of 1.5 km southwards of Rabindra Setu. Paytm Diwali Tambola: How to win up to Rs. [20], Howrah has a Tropical wet-and-dry climate (Köppen climate classification Aw). 2. The maist important veelage is Bar-Mongrajpur unner Hatgacha-1 G.P. Howrah is located on the western bank of the Hooghly River. Alang wi five assembly constituencies frae Hooghly destrict, Jagatballavpur an Panchla constituencies form the Serampore (Lok Sabha constituency).

[citation needed], Burn Standard Company, a major company in heavy engineering industry, has its oldest manufacturing unit located in Howrah.

Khalisani in Uluberia - II block an Chak Srikrishna in Sankrail block wur notit as urban ootgrowthes in census 2001. Though the spot is yet to take a place in the tourist map, it can be developed as a major tourist spot with adequate publicity, proper maintenance of the deer park and beautification of the embankment. The office of the Chief Minister of state had been traditionally posted at the Writers' Building, however owing to renovation of the building, the administration has been occupying the Nabanna building.

It is however known as and reputed as a cantilever Bridge and is the third largest bridge of its kind in the World having an over-all length of 2150 feet with a single span of 1500 feet. Howrah Sadar consists o Bally municipality an Howrah municipal corporation an five commonty development blocks (CD blocks): Bally–Jagacha, Domjur, Panchla, Sankrail an Jagatballavpur. The first three digits of the PIN represent a specific geographical region called a sorting district that is headquartered at the main post office of the largest city and is known as the sorting office. Howrah Uttar Election and Results 2018 - Know about Howrah Uttar Vidhan Sabha constituency election 2018 updates, results, candidates name. Howrah and Kolkata are separated by the Hooghly River/Ganges and connected by four bridges across the river. [1] In 1823, Bishop Reginald Heber described Howrah as the place "chiefly inhabited by shipbuilders".


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