And isn’t it about time that that view was replaced, or at least critically reviewed? These two catch the attention of Cinderella’s and Rapunzel’s princes. Enemies The evil queen tries to kill Snow White, Cinderella’s stepmother forces her to do chores and punishes her, the sorceress kidnaps a baby girl to raise as her own and then punishes her for a single sin, and so on. She is the mother of Anastasia and Drizella, stepmother of Cinderella, and step-grandmother of Lucy. This was intentionally done by the writers to hide Drizella's role as the true villain of the first half. So they replaced them with figures that were already mistrusted, strangers to the household, new and unknown…the Stepmother. Sheriff of Nottingham | Trivia. If their stories were flipped, we’d applaud these women for their hard work, diligence, wisdom, and willingness to fight back when they are wronged. Gideon | Many years ago, Rapunzel married Lord Marcus Tremaine and adopted his surname, later giving birth to Drizella and Anastasia. Eloise accepts Victoria's sacrifice, draining her life instead. In the wake of her death, Jacinda and Lucy place flowers on Victoria's grave and, in spite of everything, mourn her passing. Blackbeard | Cinderella may have called on the forces of nature to help her with her chores and dress her in gold and silver to attend the balls, evading the prince when he pursued her, but it was her father who called her to try on the golden shoe. The heroines in these four tales had less and sometimes no agency. Acceptable power, in this system, comes from attaching yourself to powerful men, because female power gained by an individual woman alone is considered too dangerous. He does not remain faithful to her, as he kisses the Baker's Wife. Snow White’s version was changed in 1819, and Hansel and Gretel’s mother was replaced in an 1840 edition. It’s still a complicated thing to think about, and it’s made even worse when you realize that these women aren’t fighting the patriarchy. Although their experience of jealousy differed markedly from the way stepmothers are portrayed in fairy tales, many felt silenced by the image of the wicked stepmother, and some saw themselves as wicked, particularly if they were jealous of their stepchildren. The stepmothers were more likely to feel jealous than envious and this occurred when they felt second best, like outsiders, or were drawn into competitive relationships. He is loosely based off the Prince from the tale Cinderella. Is she really just an evil witch? Lost Boys There are a multitude of tales where women do function as allies toward one another. She didn’t come down herself or try to win the prince. But I think you’ll be surprised. But unfortunately, fairy tales have a nasty habit of creating more women enemies than women allies. Lady Tremaine | The Baker's Wife, Cinderella, Rapunzel's Prince Charming, insincere, seductive, kind, brave Dancing with Cinderella at the Festival Anita | Snow White, too, seemed to have her own selection of stepmother problems as well. Once Upon a Time Cinderella’s Stepmother: Greedy, selfish, and mean-spirited, Cinderella’s Stepmother wants what is best for herself and her two daughters, but not Cinderella. Victoria Belfrey The Prince from the tale Cinderella.Prince Charming from the musical. The Darkness | Lady Tremaine | And because we often associate the witch in the gingerbread house as an extension of that later stepmother character, you can assume that the same applies to the mother. Nimue | Victoria laments as she is dying that she was too focused on reviving her one daughter that she neglected and abused the other she had the whole time. Occupation Portrayed by Ivy watches her mother climb out, Victoria stating that Gothel can never seem to keep her locked up for good, before following suit. Crimes Blood magic:Shape-shiftingFairy magic:Age manipulationHeart-ripping Stepmother, like any other societal role, is complicated and complex, good and bad and ugly and redeemable and all sorts of things. Main Villains Many years later, after finding out that the Fairy Godmother helped Cinderella, Lady Tremaine cuts of her wings and steals her wand. The Royal Stewart Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This is a diagnosis that’s characterized by the constant need to be taken care of, and it usually develops from a bad case of Separation Anxiety Disorder in children – i.e., when Cinderella’s dad dies and leaves her with a demon woman. Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Likewise in earlier versions of “Hansel and Gretel,” it is the mother, not a stepmother, who suggests abandoning the children in the woods because they can’t feed them. Allies While Victoria searches the walls for a way out, Ivy comments that it would be great to have a fairy godmother at this moment. Snow White | Rapunzel worked as a servant in her own house, feeling anger and jealousy towards Cecelia and resentment towards her own daughter Drizella for being more attached to Cecelia who raised her for six years, culminating in her using a poison mushroom that Gothel tempted her with to get rid of Cecelia, whose heart was now cursed and could not touch her loved ones without agony and possibly death. For her, becoming a stepmother, especially since she had no kids of her own, was an experience in flying blind. Victoria tells her to stop complaining and be useful for once, while Ivy responds by asking why she would ever help her horrible mother's cause. Victoria warned her not to let the witch out and the mother in her wants to let her youngest daughter rot in here with only Victoria's warning as a reminder to her for the rest of her numbered days. Likes Character information Her magic activates and the daggers fly towards the cabinet, after which the true dagger is revealed inside. ; She makes Disney cameo appearances in Ralph Breaks the Internet, that is a netizen version of her, and Sofia the First. And to the real stepmothers of today, to those trying their best and loving their stepchildren, we can try to support them as they go on their journeys, changing the views of stepmothers one day at a time. Much later, Gothel begins her ultimate endgame: wiping out all of humanity. Hobby David | To further rub salt in the wounds, Eloise reveals Victoria awakened Anastasia by sacrificing the well-being of Ella's daughter. Appearances. Isaac Heller | Fate The Crown Prince Victoria later hires Ralph to burn down Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack to destroy Sabine’s popularity on beignets. Rumplestiltskin | She also doesn’t have a man involved. The witch lives comfortably and well-sustained in a rich home made of food, where the food never seems to run out. Charming, insincere, seductive, kind, brave, To find the girl he danced with at the Festival. Clorinda | Rapunzel Tremaine His Castle Eventually Drizella is revealed to possess incredible magic powers but Tremaine keeps them forbidden possibly out of hate for Gothel and her magic and towards general resentment of her daughter. The biggest pervasive force maintaining this image of the stepmother as an evil “other” is the structure of the patriarchy. She is under her stepmother's torture. He is loosely based off the Prince from the tale Cinderella. Florinda and Lucinda: Cinderella’s cruel stepsisters. Cinderellais one of the six tritagonists from the filmInto the Woods. When Ivy leaves, Victoria makes a deal with Detective Weaver to let her go and save Anastasia in exchange for giving him information on the Guardian to help remove the Darkness from him, letting him live the rest of his mortal life and join Belle in the afterlife. Which, as we already said, is unfair. Jabberwocky, Other Villains Lady Rapunzel Tremaine is the secondary antagonist of Season 7 of Once Upon a Time, serving as the main antagonist of the first five episodes.She is the mother of Anastasia and Drizella, stepmother of Cinderella, and step-grandmother of Lucy.. She was portrayed by Gabrielle Anwar.. History. Evil-doer Ingrid the Snow Queen | Personality Jonathan | Want to know when there's a new post? She is an alternate iteration of Rapunzel from the fairytale Rapunzel. There was also a previous villainous depiction of. Stepmothers in fairy tales become scapegoats, saddled with all the evil traits of a woman in power, set apart from the virtues of a true mother, and then punished for their agency and their attempts to navigate a masculine world as a powerful woman. Goals Lady Rapunzel Tremaine is the secondary antagonist of Season 7 of Once Upon a Time, serving as the main antagonist of the first five episodes. Victoria hopes to strip Lucy’s power of being the truest believer in order to revive her daughter Anastasia and is holding a witch as prisoner at Belfrey Towers to force her into carrying out her plan against her will. This woman was so vain that she made Snow White work as a maid so that the princess would not be as pretty. Even more pitiable is that it all results in a reader having to choose sides between two women trying to grasp power in a patriarchal system. Alias And they’ve been problematic almost as long. However, she does have a daughter she cares about and needs saving, so she offers once again for Ivy to help find a way out if she is ready to listen. Monstro | Hand-in-hand with that is the idea that, as we analyze and critically view these stepmothers in fairy tale literature, we think of those stepmothers who struggle to compete with the stereotype, and extend more grace to them. Marcus dived in but could only save Ella in time when Ana was recovered, she was near death. Cinderella's life was made hell by a wicked stepmother, with her two evil stepsisters in tow. Many scholars point out that stepmothers weren’t uncommon, any more than they are today, in the ages before fairy tales and when fairy tales were rising in popularity. Victoria ponders just what Ivy has done to deserve her love, and Ivy, now angry and tearful once again, states that the floating lanterns that helped Victoria find her way home was all her idea before storming past her. In Elizabeth Church’s study, “The Poisoned Apple,” she interviewed 104 women with the specific question of how they deal with the image of the evil stepmother. Using Magic With only the stereotypes of the evil stepmother, ever pervasive in fairy tale literature and even in other genres, to guide her experiences, she struggled with the same sense of guilt, frustration, fear, and anxiety that many new stepmothers face today. Victoria likely saw the error of her ways after seeing the horrified look on Anastasia. The Shadow | Eloise appears to take Ana, whose magic activates again, sending everyone flying. Pets A woman with agency doesn’t need a male figure in a position of authority. Not always. This does not sit kindly with Ivy, who argues that it's always about Anastasia and Victoria is only being nice to Ivy to manipulate her into helping the daughter she actually loves. Their relationship begins to worsen over the years even though Drizella seems desperate to reconnect to and regain her mother's love and approval. ""I was raised to be charming, not sincere." Evil stepmothers have been present in fairy tales almost since the beginning. Wraith, Groups For instance in Bluebeard tales where women save one another, or arguably the Twelve Dancing Princess tales where the twelve sisters escape the world around them for a time.


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