If you are moderately active on LinkedIn, you’ve probably been down the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” rabbit hole and seen people you don’t know looking at your profile. Want your products in this year’s holiday gift guides? Up to 35% of recipients will only open your message if the subject line resonates with them. Utilisez vos statistiques de visibilité Linkedin pour déclencher une prise de contact. Instead, use the first sentence to grab their attention. Want some more media pitching tips? Odds are that they will decline your request, and your LinkedIn account could be put in jeopardy because of this (it’s not permissible to try to link to people you don’t know). Unless you’re going to be specific with your flattery and reference particular things that a candidate has done I would recommend leaving it out altogether. Note also that as of the beginning of 2015, LinkedIn charges you for InMail that don’t receive a response back. Teresa Dankowski wrote a great piece for Cision describing what she considers a successful pitch. There are plenty of other perspectives on this, but the point is that LinkedIn is a medium and shouldn’t cause your message to substantially change. Apart from following a journalist on LinkedIn, there isn’t a need to continue to revisit their profile until you’re ready to pitch (especially if you have access to the Cision database). There is nothing more frustrating than a poorly moderated LinkedIn group. LinkedIn makes it so easy to find candidates that it’s pretty tempted to go for broke with your messages and cast a pretty wide net. L’intermédiaire peut ainsi agir comme un garant de votre démarche. Here’s the double-edged sword of LinkedIn: Although I don’t know for certain, I would guess that most journalists don’t accept unsolicited LinkedIn invitations from PR practitioners. In this training session, we first start with some “Do’s and Don’ts” for messaging prospects. Ce qui est pratique sur LinkedIn c’est que vous pouvez voir quelles sont vos relations partagées avec le profil cible. This is a way to gain some context about a journalist, especially if you’re pitching them on LinkedIn. He typically writes about the future of work and talent transformation. When sending a pitch via LinkedIn, it is still a pitch. InMail vs. Téléchargez notre Guide Ultime Linkedin, 30 messages testés pour contacter vos prospects + un tableau de +400 décisionnaires à contacter directement sur Linkedin. Get the latest updates on PR, communications and marketing best practices. Je reste, bien entendu, à votre disposition pour échanger. There are a few ways you can make sure you don't get to end up writing each candidate an essay: It’s unnecessary to waste words with a personal introduction. Think about it from a journalist’s perspective: you are offering nothing exclusive and nothing particularly unique to what they write about. The One Pitch - Helps you Pitch, Email, Message or DM | 67 followers on LinkedIn | Jared & Karina share how to invent, manufacture, package, sell, license & pitch your business or idea to anyone you want | The One Pitch is a FREE Entrepreneur platform that is unlike any other! There are two types of messages that you can send through LinkedIn: If you’re a PR practitioner on a budget, you might try to connect to a bunch of journalists that you don’t know prior to pitching them. Ideally you should try and mention the recipient’s first name, their company or a particular project they were involved in. What are the tactics you need to start using to get candidates to stop ignoring your messages? Ironically, sometimes these messages are so totally untargeted that recruiters end up sending them to other recruiters! J’ai pu constater que nous avons fréquenté le même établissement [contexte]. Fall into this mindset, and you may feel pushy following up. Je peux donc écrire : 7) Le groupe. AND you’re adding nothing to the group discussion. Vous bâtir une offre claire et unique. This is probably a bad idea. We've compiled our best resources. LinkedIn data suggests that if you do this, they’re 2x more likely to accept an In-Mail. Au-delà des formules de politesse, cette première prise de contact cache pourtant de nombreuses opportunités. Candidates can also click on your LinkedIn profile to see more information on you if they want. En insistant sur l’expertise de votre prospect, votre “démarche commerciale” est fortement atténuée. You also have the added bonus that if you limit the number of messages you send, you will have more time to make the content of each message personalised and engaging. If you were unsuccessful ¾ of the time in any other business function would your boss be happy? You really don’t have a relationship that gives you permission to do much more than that. Utilisez vos contacts de 1er niveau pour une mise en relation avec un prospect de 2nd ou 3ème niveau. Try and engage candidates on social media before you message them. Dive straight in and tell the recipient exactly why you’re getting in touch, and give them a brief overview of your opportunity to get the best result. Top developers get hundreds of messages every week. This way your behavior leading up to a pitch isn’t left open to interpretation or blocking. LinkedIn is essentially encouraging this mentality with the metrics that it highlights: The LinkedIn sales department will tell you that you’re hitting it out the park if you get a 25% In-Mail acceptance rate. This reduces the mental energy that candidates need to expend answering your message, and makes it far more likely that they’ll respond. If you’d like to arrange a call, provide a few times that work and ask the candidate to select one. Here’s a great follow up timeline that you can borrow: LinkedIn messages are a powerful recruitment tool. Here’s why: pitching to a LinkedIn group = spamming a LinkedIn group. Trouver et convertir vos clients grâce à un système automatisé. Ask your shared connection for a direct introduction to the candidate. If you do, try mentioning your mutual acquaintance in the subject line to get the candidate to sit up and take notice. The average reader spends between 15 and 20 seconds scanning your message. This makes it hard to avoid reducing candidate outreach to a numbers game. One survey indicates that LinkedIn is the best alternative. There are a few ways you can make sure you don't get to end up writing each candidate an essay: **i Get rid of your personal introduction** It’s unnecessary to waste words with a personal introduction. NOTE: Many Linkedin messages come across as generic so always include even a small detail that leaves a prospect under no doubt that your message was meant for them and that you value them enough to take a few moments to research their profile. This is spam. Deciding to pitch on LinkedIn is probably done based upon how frequently the journalist uses LinkedIn and how open they are to a LinkedIn pitch. Pourrions-nous échanger à ce propos ? The profiles you’ve visited, the groups you are a part of, and the people you follow are all easily accessible to a journalist that you’re pitching. This webinar helps you with prospecting on LinkedIn and you can watch a recording of this webinar here and also download the slides. We need to use more advanced messaging techniques, and take the time to craft templates that at least seem personalised. En 300 caractères maximum : Je suis en train d’agrandir mon réseau pour trouver de nouveaux professionnels. Be specific with your next step. Votre parcours scolaire et professionnel, vous offre à cet effet un excellent point d’accroche. Any recruiter can bulk buy LinkedIn In-Mails and send messages to anyone they want. Go to their profile -> recent updates -> and press the yellow “Follow” button in the upper right hand corner. Auriez-vous un créneau de 15 minutes à m’accorder cette semaine pour un échange téléphonique ? According to research by psychologist Robert Sutton, people are more responsive and willing to help if they’ve been given clear directions. Linkedin connection request message templates for all occasions It was pointed out that sending templates is the least effective way to coax the recipient into accepting your invite. For starters, they’re busy. You start to wonder what these people want, if you should remember some sort of connection to them, or if they’re part of a vast government conspiracy (kidding about that one). Don’t assume that they’ll will remember you from your name alone. One of the unique aspects of LinkedIn is that your activity is publicly available. Imagine how it looks to an already skeptical journalist to receive a LinkedIn request from a PR practitioner that they don’t know. Following someone on LinkedIn is pretty straightforward. N’oubliez pas de souligner le temps à consacrer au téléphone. La prise de contact se personnalise dans l’onglet dédié. Don’t do it. 2. Top candidates have a pretty full LinkedIn inbox, your message may well have gone unnoticed. This is why it’s essential you tackle the important stuff right at the start of your message. If your attempts at following up are unsuccessful, it’s not uncommon to suffer feelings of rejection. Replying to your message probably isn’t their top priority, particularly if they already have a job! It sounds obvious, but if you stick to this policy you’ll create a relationship with candidates. Journalists don’t have any more time, interest or patience for you on LinkedIn than they do on email or on the phone. Your name will appear in the header of the message, so the candidate can see exactly who you are.


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