dates, water, caramel sauce, date paste, almond butter, walnuts and 7 more. What would life be like without the sweetness of dairy-free chocolate, cupcake frosting or ice cream? Then I strained the milk out and poured it into a jug, voila Coconut milk!!!! I had two fresh young coconuts I needed to use up and this was a perfect choice, Thanks! A while back I did the Sugar Detox from Diane Sanfilippo of , I tried her recipe for coconut muffins which called for coconut flour, and as I was feeling adventurous I decided to try and make some instead of buying it. Also, since it's grain-free, it's suitable for a number of healing diets that eliminate the use of grains. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. to help give you the best experience we can. A revolution for your weekly staple, this DIY coconut yogurt is made with just two ingredient and it doesn't involve any cooking or a special machine. Bukayo. Grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and yeast-free. This post may contain affiliate links. I simply use a cleaver to whack around the middle until a “lid” is created, then open that lid using the cleaver as leverage. Get everything you need for a delicious week in your inbox! You helped me to figure out what to do with my first coconut! The real Bucayo - Very sticky and very chewy - that comes round in ball form, or flat and cut in rectangles. Scoop the coconut meat out of the skin by running a knife along the skin. The CNE program was an amazing learning  experience  for me. My mother-in-law from Thailand visited over the summer and bought a young coconut. And have you ever tried coconut butter? Shredded or desiccated coconut comes from coconut meat that has been grated or shredded and then dried. Coconut water is typically derived from young coconuts, as they contain higher amounts of water compared to mature coconuts. Mango Chicken Coconut Curry ~ A little bit spicy and creamy, and a whole lotta delicious, this Thai-inspired curry is loaded with chicken and mango. I followed the recipes as suggested and used 1 Tbs raw agave nectar for the sweetner instead of honey. Scoop the coconut meat out of the skin by running a knife along the skin. Coconut flour is a concentrated source of fibre, almost double the amount over wheat bran. Yesterday I made your cauliflower pizza crust and it was great. My only change was using only a tsp of honey. Looks fantastic! I’m not sure how you’d get a grainy texture, otherwise. ), 13 Healthy Halloween Treats (No food dye! Coconut milk is made by grating coconut meat and soaking it in water, then squeezing it through a cheesecloth or strainer to make the milk. Just tried this but coconut isnt smooth. With all this delicious coconut meat to use up, I decided that pudding was in order. I’ve only seen the young coconuts in an Asian market. Raw Coconut Meat Recipes 868,829 Recipes. Coconut is a tropical fruit that is rich in protein. Drink post-exercise to replace electrolytes, Use it for dairy-free smoothies and elixirs, Blend up a batch of coconut whipped cream or, Blend into to smoothies and smoothie bowls, Cut into chunks and add to stir-fries and stews, Make shredded coconut (see instructions below), Use as a breading for tofu, tempeh, meat or fish, Use in breakfast porridge, chia pudding and overnight oats, Baked goods (cookies, cakes, muffins, breads, etc.) Then I strained the milk out and poured it into a jug, voila Coconut milk!!!! For best results, use a high-powered blender like the Vitamix or Blendtec. 4 cups mature coconut, coarsely shredded. Creamy, dairy-free pudding that’s naturally sweetened and ready in minutes! Look up Mark bitman’s recipe. The young coconut is very different than a mature coconut. Its high fibre content means you'll have to use more liquid, as the coconut flour just soaks up liquid like crazy. Tried it. More details below! Also, coconut oil is amazing for homemade beauty care products. Recipe to Try: Lemon Lime Coconut Quench by Meghan Telpner (*ACN Founder + Director). I got tired of trying to chew all that coconut so I end up not using it. I cracked open the coconut open by holding it in my hand and whacking it with a hammer a few times (please be careful that none of your fingers are in the way). Pierce the three eyes of the coconut. Last updated Nov 07, 2020. A mature coconut should also feel heavy and contain liquid. A lot. Using the knife I always have pieces of the shell. I’m so gonna make the pudding recipes. I am dying to try this but don;t want to waste my precious bag of coconut shavings if it will fall flat. It’s the best pudding I’ve ever had. This delectable vegan curry recipe is made for Instant Pot or stove. The tangy taste and creamy texture makes a perfect addition to your morning granola bowls or layered puddings. Thanks for your quick reply!!! I tried using a high quality food processor because that’s what we have and the best I could get it was grainy almond meal consistancy after almost 20 min of blending. 2 cups coconut meat, cut into bite-size pieces; 1 tablespoons vegan fish sauce (optional) 2 cups cherry tomatoes, quartered; 3/4 cup red onion, minced; 3/4 cucumber, chopped It's also possible to buy prepared coconut meat where all of the hammering and chiseling are already done for you. An option is to process your own coconut, which is quite a challenge. Check the entire coconut for mold, cracks or sogginesss. 3 Coat the coconut meat with the sugar and cook for 1-2 minutes only. though there are frozen choices from Asian market, but they are not in That’s not the same as the Thai or young coconut. We hope you feel inspired to grab a hammer, crack a whole coconut and start using it in your cooking! Then you can use it in a variety of ways, including: Depending on how you are using your milk and your personal tolerance for texture, you can strain the coconut milk and remove the pulp or keep the pulp in. Tool-Free Method . Last week I made coconut macaroons which I froze and now break up for a topping on yogurt…so good! I hesitate to share recipes calling for them too often, since I know they can be intimidating to open or hard to find, but they really do make for some darn good creamy treats!


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