Such a white trash vibe to this one. Everybody's favorite bald, muscular clean-freak returns to TV commercials today with a revamped jingle from Leo Burnett Canada that's so kitschy-catchy, no amount of scrubbing will wash it out of your brain. Took a classic jingle and completely crapped it up! "We wanted to renew the jingle for today's millennial households," says Heather Chambers, creative director at Burnett Canada, making certain to show the product "helping to make the cleaning process easier with people from all walks of life.". Also,the jingle became the property of the company that paid for it. Clean' would know MUCH better than to slam something this corny on those of us that believe in 'clean' and 'hygiene', thus insulting and alienating us. Not realizing it existed in the first place! Here's an early Mr. Clean commercial for comparison: Back in '58, Mom was expected to clean house, while Dad was presumably off boosting the GDP over a three-martini lunch. Mr. Clean was played by actor House Peters Jr. In a nod to the big guy’s cleaning debut, P&G and Leo Burnett Toronto have created a global spot (which is also available in Spanish) that brings back the original Mr. Clean jingle. With his sparkling white T-shirt and gleaming gold earring, the animated Mr. Clean character was developed by Chicago agency Latham-Laird and artist Richard Black in the late 1950s as a mascot for a new detergent-based product from Procter & Gamble. Sing along if you can, to whatever version suits you, below. Other Cadden highlights were commercials written for Curad adhesive bandages, Pringles potato snacks, Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo, and Alka Seltzer, and scores of other commercials and jingles. Ian Mirlin’s poetic, historical exploration of creativity is a gift for the soul. Mosaic is auctioning off portraits of social justice warriors on Instagram for Rainbow Railroad. LOL!! Most folk singers did not want it known that they worked for same the corporate establishment that they often condemmed in their songs, so it would be hard to find out who wrote what. The Mr. Clean jingle was the longest-running jingle on American television, and was sung by Don Cherry and Betty Bryan. One glance at him and you know he represents cleaning power. "His inherent appeal is less about demographics, and more about the insight that people are still spending time they need to do a thorough clean in their homes," P&G's Wenzel says. Just re-watched it again and I regret it. You can watch the new Mr. Clean commercial on the video player below, or by clicking here. He hasn’t aged a day — Mr. Clean still looks as new as the day he first appeared on household screens way back in 1959 (in fact, it’s possible that he may even look a little more “cleaned” up in colour today than he did back then in black and white, but we digress). Mr. Clean will clean your whole house and every room that’s in it. Also excised: a line about shining a diamond ring, because of course, the American Dream died back in the Eisenhower days. Cadden was a part of a Chicago trio of jingle writers featuring Bill Walker and Dick Marx (father of singer/songwriter Richard … "His strength and well-groomed appearance fit what the product promises. He was modeled after an actual U.S. Navy sailor. Oh, and here are the lyrics for the jingle, just in case you feel compelled to sing along in the shower (it is catchy, after all): “Mr. Grimy tubs and tiles he’ll do, so your bathroom looks clean as new. Editor: Jon Devries (School Editing) Lyrical tweaks reflect the changing times. We understand your decision to use an ad blocker, however Stimulant journalism takes time and funding... Subscriptions and advertising are both necessary to fund the journalism we bring to you. Hmmm? Mr. Clean will clean up dirt & grime & grease in just 1 minute! While the ripped dude is most assuredly iconic, "we also discovered that there is something magical in the jingle," P&G associate brand director Kevin Wenzel tells Adweek. Floors, door, walls, halls, he’s so tough he cleans them all. 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Quote Reply Topic: Mr. Clean 'Jingle' (video) Posted: 02 Jul 2016 at 4:45pm Maybe they did this for 'today's youth' (a dirty, slimy bunch of spermmistakes and ignorant slobs) because the makers of 'Mr. It must be a kiss!


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