quanto humano/máquina podem ser usadas como um recurso didático para o desenvolvimento Responses indicated that i) over 50% of respondents either played an instrument currently or had played regularly before giving up, and the sample listened to music for an average of 2.45 hours per day; ii) listening to music was preferred to other indoor activities but not to outdoor activities; iii) listening to/playing pop music has different perceived benefits to listening to/ playing classical music; iv) responses to suggested reasons for listening to music could be grouped into three factors; and v) responses to suggested reasons for playing music could be grouped into four factors. x�b```f``�g`c`��af@ a�;ǟB�����y�e1�X�R��r[2&���ٹ0�_V���Kp��UNǗi�cn�����9�����3�r&LimZ�!��H�y��"��^��͞�z�f=ӝ����nwޘ�ue+ZZf舜t8�9QA�KƄv��Yg�͚�u���Y7w���Y���pr�4OT2����ra���ɂ̫K���<7oޣ�ȼܛ��yװ�2� _�6/[���i��>N�(s%�Q�� �T�\�����r�e~���@?��XZy ����M\B#�ġ:��*�2 ��0 $qF!%%c�Pd�� -�NA��p�F��/��u ��)`5A]F�B L+�p. The authors propose a combined intervention called Mindful Music Listening, during which clients with depression use mindfulness skills while listening to music to notice, label, discuss, and learn to manage their emotions. Este trabajo de investigación centra su análisis en el discurso musical que rodea al adolescente para poder establecer una relación entre la presencia de mensajes machistas en los contenidos culturales y la normalización de estos comportamientos en sus pautas de interacción social. In girls, problem-oriented coping by music listening is linked to lower depression levels, whereas avoidance/disengagement coping by music listening is linked to higher depression levels. 0000041820 00000 n 0000041573 00000 n Webster's conceptual framework for the creative thinking process in music is informing our survey while the analysis adopts a multiple criteria method for quantifying musical creativity. casos, estudantes de bateria com idade entre cinco a doze anos, para a coleta e análise de Audio Education: Theory, Culture, and Practice is a groundbreaking volume of 16 chapters exploring the historical perspectives, methodologies, and theoretical underpinnings that shape audio in educational settings. 0000013287 00000 n It presents lots of melodies, which have motion and shape, are … 0000238375 00000 n Active music listening is a creative activity in that the listener constructs a uniquely personal musical experience. Considerando as especificidades de cada ... Primijenili su znanja o glazbenim pojavama, tempu i dinamici, koristeći glazbene izraze. Peter R. Webster, “Creativity as Creative. divergent listening: fluency, flexibility, A fluent thinker is able to think of many. O objetivo geral desta pesquisa foi investigar como se dá a criatividade musical de I found that all the items students, directions for teaching flexibility do not, fast, another might notice that the music, learn to listen for other musical aspects, of music. 0000008189 00000 n To learn about our use of cookies and how you can manage your cookie settings, please see our Cookie Policy. En este sentido, es necesario potenciar el trabajo en el aula de los hábitos de escucha activa para revertir esta situación y favorecer una actitud más crítica frente a los contenidos culturales que rodean al adolescente, ... 68). Considerando a potencialidade da interação reflexiva 0000030224 00000 n 0000031504 00000 n It is the diver, listening lists created by students while, in a general music class, and in Figure 2, ent aspects while listening, indicative of, deeply into music and listen to a greater. Aims. pensamento criativo como o pensamento convergente e divergente, flexibilidade, organização, 0000030551 00000 n sounds scary” indicates that a student is, It is this aspect of simultaneity that dis, “low strings intro somber,” illustrates a. other items on this list are elaborative: hear, think of, or feel. 0000003494 00000 n traditional architecture. This research presents one review of yurt housing in Mongolia and presents some of the findings related to housing conditions in Ger districts of Ulaanbaatar, in the period 2013–2015. Finally, Metal music listening is related to higher depression levels in girls only if they affiliate with peers that are more depressed. desenvolvido e aplicado por meio de um processo de replicação. Lesiuk, T. (2000) ‘The Effect of Music Listening on a Computer Programming Task’, Journal of Computer Information Systems 40(3): 50-57. 0000002788 00000 n Creativity—its definition, evaluation, and place in the curriculum—is often misunderstood. Socio-kulturološka dimenzija kreativnosti nezaobilazni je aspekt u teorijskim razmatranjima fenomena glazbene kreativnosti. como uma ferramenta para promover diferentes possibilidades de realizar exercícios que Significant differences were found between the five test-pieces in the percentage of participants who confirmed the ternary form analysis and participants who interpreted the form as binary. descobrir a funcionalidade da máquina. 0000036791 00000 n Since the refugee crisis has finally captured the world’s attention, Mongolian yurt should be seen also as a potential refuge shelter solution аnd one option to create larger refugee housing units. The study aims to determine the importance of music to adolescents in England, and investigates why they listen to and perform music. In boys. Desse modo, a improvisação musical com base nos componentes interativos-reflexivos 0000013092 00000 n .com/2013/01/8010_appendixc_toplines.pdf. Keywords: Mongolian Architecture, ger districts, informal settlements, felt tents, refugee shelters. A total of 2465 adolescents (1149 males; 1266 females; 50 participants did not state their sex) between 13 and 14 years of age who were attending Year 9 at one of 22 secondary schools in the North Staffordshire region of England. the choice of music activities and music contents and on the experience in the music environment of the family. Students can then be asked to share their. 0000204640 00000 n wind you are listening to is an English horn, not an oboe. Los resultados muestran que a pesar de que los mensajes en contra de la violencia de género son más habituales en las canciones analizadas, los contenidos que potencian la violencia de género son los más distribuidos por las industrias culturales y, por tanto, los que más éxito tienen entre los jóvenes. Kids love it! Listen first without thinking too much. Purpose 0000286320 00000 n uso de recursos da pesquisa quase-experimental. Although drug therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy remain popular and effective treatments, alternative interventions such as the use of music listening and mindfulness practice as interventions during therapy have gained ground. These results indicate that music is important to adolescents, and that this is because it allows them to (a) portray an ‘ image’ to the outside world and (b) satisfy their emotional needs. and develop personal and social identities. humano/máquina proporcionou um tipo de exploração musical com base no interesse por In order to t ake a step along this new avenue to be explored, empirica l research was undertaken, Songwriting is a form of composition that relates directly to adolescents’ personal experience of music. 0000190929 00000 n motora, intermodal), o jogo musical, a espontaneidade, foco no som, o compartilhamento de Client goals generally involve creating the requisite emotional space needed for genuine relational choice for connection to manifest. ♦ Elements of Music Table blank worksheet. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. The results of a peer nomination procedure indicated that music preferences and depression levels of participants are related to those of their peers. 2017). 0000031862 00000 n Mindful Music Listening as a Potential T .... http://www.creativecounselor.org/Journal.html.


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