The National Film Board of Canada is internationally renowned for its animation and documentary production. Um diesen Auftrag zu erfüllen, hat das NFB eine Liste von primären und sekundären Zielen definiert. As Executive Director of NahHO! The NFB is usually involved as a minority co-producer. This National Film Board of Canada production won a Canadian Film Award as top film of the … National Francophone Immigration Week. Development budget, financing (confirmed and anticipated) and chain of title documentation. The first of three live-action films made in Canada by, The most famous of a trio of live-action animal films from. [12] 1996 war das NFB von einer massiven Budgetkürzung betroffen und musste aus diesem Grund unter anderem das Studio D schließen. Access. The Curve is the pulse of our nation, beating in its own time during this unprecedented time, as NFB creators offer very personal views of how our lives have been touched and changed by COVID-19. [3][4] New York City und Paris sind Standorte internationaler Distributionszentren. October 13, 2020 – Montreal – National Film Board of Canada (NFB). Allan Code is a filmmaker who has been based in Northern Canada since 1971. In den 1940er und frühen 1950er Jahren beschäftigte das NFB „reisende Filmvorführer“, die sich in entlegene ländliche Gebiete begaben, Filme vorführten und Diskussionsrunden leiteten.[10]. Our Collection. Classic drama from the original Stratford Festival stage version based on a translation by. And please explore the Projects section to familiarize yourself with our current slate and the kinds of projects that fit our frame. Discover the NFB’s rich online collection of Indigenous-made films. This National Film Board of Canada production won a Canadian Film Award as top film of the year. We are a federal cultural agency within the portfolio of the Canadian Heritage Department. An Ojibwe filmmaker based in Toronto, originally from Nipissing First Nation, Cole Forrest was mentored on this project by Nadine Pequeneza, who has earned acclaim as a writer/director/producer of incisive social-justice documentaries. Filmed in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario, April 1924-September 1927. The COVID pandemic strikes a tragically familiar chord for the Inuvialuit people of the Mackenzie River Delta, whose ancestors were infected with deadly smallpox in the early 19th century by John Franklin and his crew, to be followed by other devastating epidemics later on. [8] Der Erfolg dieser Filmreihe führte zur Produktion von The World in Action, die der US-amerikanischen Filmwochenschau The March of Time nachempfunden war und sich mehr an ein internationales Publikum richtete. [9] 1941 begann Norman McLaren mit dem Aufbau der Animationsabteilung, im darauf folgenden Jahr erhielt Churchill’s Island von Stuart Legg als erste NFB-Produktion einen Oscar. Four NFB productions and co-productions at FICFA 2020. FICFA takes place online and in the Greater Moncton region from November 12 to 20, 2020. Afraid he would not see his community again, Cole leaves Toronto for North Bay, where he confronts his fears and reconnects with ancestors. Arguably the most famous film ever shot in Canada. You will not receive a reply. The film’s world premiere screening will take place online and at a physical venue on Thursday, November 12, at 8 p.m. Connect. The first Canadian sound feature film; made with U.S. financing. , which had its world premiere at Annecy, won an award in Ottawa and has been selected to screen at 10 festivals around the world. Produced by Coty Savard. 1938 lud die kanadische Regierung den britischen Dokumentarfilmer John Grierson ein, die Lage der staatlichen Filmproduktion zu untersuchen. Proposals should be submitted by e-mail or regular mail to the contact in the studio nearest you. Why does the director/creator want to tell this story? The National Film Board of Canada’s film collection now comprises over 13,000 titles, available in English and in French. A Scent of Mint. Chinese-Canadian director Weiye Su studied cinema at the University of Regina, winning acclaim for his student film Gone, Gone, Gone with The Winn’s. [11] Hinzu kamen zahlreiche weitere Auszeichnungen. Renée Blanchar’s doc Le silence having its world premiere as FICFA opening film. wegen der staatlichen kanadischen Zweisprachigkeit gleichberechtigt auch Office national du film du Canada (französisch, ONF), ist die staatliche Filmbehörde Kanadas mit Sitz in Montreal. [15] Das NFB hat mehr als 90 Genie Awards erhalten, darunter 1989 aus Anlass des 50-jährigen Jubiläums einen Ehren-Genie für besondere Leistungen. For enquiries, contact us. Das National Film Board of Canada, (englisch, NFB) bzw. You will not receive a reply. Unfortunately we can’t produce or co-produce every good project that gets presented to us, but we continually strive to nourish a creative climate that allows such work to flourish. For enquiries, contact us. At present, films predating 1970 are directly listed here; from 1970 on, links are provided to standalone lists by year. Opening the festival is Le silence (The Silence, Ça Tourne Productions/NFB), the latest feature documentary by Acadian filmmaker Renée Blanchar, making its world premiere simultaneously online and in a theatre. Explore the NFB’s vast documentary film collection by director or via curated features and watch new, timely and award-winning Canadian documentaries online. [2] Öffentlich zugängliche interaktive Filmzentren befinden sich in den Stadtzentren von Toronto (NFB Mediatheque) und Montreal (NFB CineRobotheque). Das NFB tritt als Filmproduzent und -verleiher auf und betreibt Filmstudios, Animationsfilmstudios und Archive. Ollie, is a biracial and genderqueer creator, mentored on this project by, distinguished filmmaker, screenwriter and activist, After working abroad for five years, Ajahnis returns home to Oshawa in the age of quarantine to reconnect and share some deep personal truths. 2 – National Co-productions. Ihre Aufgabe ist es, die kulturelle und gesellschaftliche Darstellung des Landes zu fördern. Starting October 13, seven new short films from National Film Board of Canada creators will be online at The Curve—the NFB’s destination for social distancing stories that bring us closer together. He has made numerous short films to date, with his most recent being Iikaakiimaat (2019). These films sensitively probe a wide range of subjects, from the vital responsibility of raising children, to religion and its institutions as seen from different angles, and from the sexual abuse perpetrated by priests to spiritual challenges and existential crises. Diese Aufgabe wurde an die Canadian Film Development Corporation (heute Telefilm Canada) ausgelagert. Eine Revision des nationalen Filmgesetzes im Jahr 1950 entfernte jeglichen direkten Einfluss der Regierung in den Betrieb und die Verwaltung des NFB. Each partner recoups its investment according to the recoupment schedule, pari passu and pro rata to their financial participation in the co-production, according priority to private investors. This animated short had its world premiere at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and has since screened at other festivals worldwide, including Ottawa. Produced by Lea Marin. A young Chinese-Canadian couple is visiting family in Wuhan, epicentre of the virus, at the very moment the pandemic is declared. 2002 | 47 min Oumar 9-1-1. Ollie, is a biracial and genderqueer creator, mentored on this project by distinguished filmmaker, screenwriter and activist Min Sook Lee. There will be an in-person screening of the film at 7 p.m. on November 15 at the Dieppe Cineplex, attended by filmmaker Monique LeBlanc and Christine Aubé, recently confirmed as permanently taking on the role of producer at the Canadian Francophonie Studio in Moncton. Press kit:, Moi, Barnabé (I, Barnabé) by Jean-François Lévesque (15 min) Produced by the NFB with the participation of ARTE France. Die primären Ziele sind: Der Sitz befindet sich in Montreal, genauer im Stadtteil Saint-Laurent. The film was shot in both French and English, and is credited as being the first Canadian feature in colour. Productions) and Shirley Vercruysse. Alternate names. The NFB is usually involved as a minority co-producer. Pierre Sidaoui . Productions, he produces works that reflect traditional knowledge, science, natural history and northern storytelling with independence, authenticity and integrity. Search for related information by keyword. Insbesondere sollte damals Propagandamaterial zur Unterstützung der kanadischen Teilnahme am Zweiten Weltkrieg produziert werden. Overview (1–3 pages) of the story, creative treatment and the director/creator’s point of view. ABOUT NFB PRODUCTION Lina Li is a Toronto storyteller who’s currently a member of the programming committee at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival. the NFB’s Canadian Francophonie Studio in Moncton. November 3, 2020 – Moncton – National Film Board of Canada. Director’s experience level (emerging, mid-career, experienced); Ensuring equitable representation of directors/creators from underrepresented groups; Overview (1–3 pages) of the story, creative treatment and your point of view. Watch Now. How does prolonged confinement shape our experience of time? Jones, Movies and Memoranda (1982); C. Rodney James, Film as a National Art: NFB of Canada and the Film Board Idea (1977). Most frequently the idea is brought to us by a director/creator. Produced by Lea Marin. In general, the NFB’s financial participation will not exceed 49% of the production budget. Monique LeBlanc’s feature Plus haut que les flammes getting its big screen debut in New Brunswick. In this candid short, she and her mother engage in an intimate conversation about immigration to Canada, misunderstandings, barriers to communicating, love and the taste of home. NFB distribution rights are subject to negotiation based on strategy/goals for the production. "1964 Revisited: The Sense of a Beginning". After working abroad for five years, Ajahnis returns home to Oshawa in the age of quarantine to reconnect and share some deep personal truths. Produced by Allan Code (NahHO! [6] Das NFB bietet unabhängigen Filmemachern Unterstützung an, durch die Förderprogramme Filmmaker Assistance Program (englisch) und Aide du cinéma indépendant (französisch). Produced by Justine Pimlott. In Brampton, Ollie documents the lives of younger siblings Nicolas (15) and Natalie (11) as they wait for the provincial government to announce its “back to school” policies for the upcoming year, in this fresh glimpse into the day-to-day experience of one family in the suburbs of greater Toronto. Documenting the scandalous sexual abuse of young boys by Catholic priests in New Brunswick, Acadian filmmaker Renée Blanchar reveals the deep roots of the collective silence that paralyzed the affected communities for so many years. Drei Filme dieses Studios gewannen einen Oscar: I’ll Find a Way von Beverly Shaffer, If You Love This Planet von Terre Nash und Flamenco at 5:15 von Cynthia Scott. Films produced by the National Film Board of Canada (streaming online).


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