Both Electra and Classic 350 has the same engine. No. Are you out of your mind, There is no comparison bro RE is always RE.. No not high maintaince,it took less maintainance,35km/l. The 500cc is a more powerful bike with less mileage and very good for long rides. (Original Retro look & Road presence ) Electra 350 comes with Electric start , disk brakes , Chrome finish , Color choice is there. But no strong thump in original exhaust. It is natural to have this voice, sometimes it happens, you should show it in the service center, This is because the bolts of the piston are loose,This happened to my friend too !! If any one has bullet now which is old model he/she can also modify his bullet by adding self start and disc break from after market or from RE services. According to RE data 232 of these bikes were produced making them a very rare and desirable machine today. Realize bearing maybe problem.Always close the clutch before self start. (Best features) Classic 350 is mixture of modern & Retro with Electric start , disk brakes , Color choice is there. If More clutch ply , Kicker slipping , Harsh noise in shifting gears , More engine acceleration etc. Modern Enfield bullet will give you 35-40 KMPH in city Both bikes have same engine power only the standard model comes with narrow tyres which might not be stable for long distance drives. Yes it is possible but highly expensive and not successful also. Bullet 350 has better millage where as bullet 500 good power delivery with lesser fuel economy than compared to bullet 350. Standard Bullet is one which dose not gets an electric start If you are ok to manage with kick then go for standard 350 but you want an electric start the electra I will suggest you to go for bullet as saves your money and gets almost all features of electra leaving self start. 8 Things that Make Royal Enfield’s New Baby A Sensation. Around 10.8 kg for STD 350 UCE engine. No not the Bullet 350 but other bikes of RE will now be available with alloy wheels. It is just because of heating the sound will change a bit. No disc brakes on Standard 350 comes with drum brakes, and no Self Starter, its only a Kick startHowever Electra and B500 has disc and self. Its distinctive thump adds to its imposing presence. Brother you should buy Electra 350.Its best in its segment. 1.21 Lakh The new fuel-injected Royal Enfield Bullet 350, which meets the new BS6 emission regulations, will … Not possible because only the looks and exhaust can be converted not the engine. Yes for your height it will be more comfortable to handle. Its not necessary to go for a lower cc bike you can go with higher cc engine. With this launch, Royal Enfield now has six BS-VI models on.... C-103, Okhla Industrial Estate Phase III, New Delhi - 110 020, India, © 2020 Comnet Publishers Pvt. The one which you feel you are comfortable and the bike suites you than you can make your decision. Thunderbird and Electra, the standard model comes in third place, which is a great option, for the driver, it also meets Electra and Thunderworld. Yes self start fitting is possible in Bullet Standard 350. but I will not recommend you to do so. Pl full the tank personally and check again. Himalayan 250 CC is expected in mid 2020 , RE 350 is good for riding not excellent for long tours. Brake drum should be checked & cleaned. If this doesn't work then please visit the service centre there might be some tuning problem in the engine. If you are a Civilian than purchase your vehicle from the market showroom. Royal Enfield Bullet 350 is available only with front disc and single channel ABS. It's just the body and styling that differentiates all these models. But again they discontinued for cost reason. It may void warranty. In case minor height adjustment required you alter seat . For anyone who has ridden Standard bullet, Bullet 350 will be the choice. Yes it's true ...i think the on road price will be around 1.50. Crank sound means serious problem, it may break connecting rod and crank bearings. Yes two seats can be installed but it will affects the original look of the standard bullet. It's only some cosmetic changes and couple of safety features that differ each other.. condition. There's no such model news in coming future. Yes you can change both tyres and swing arm change depends on what tyre size you are going for. Swing arm will have to changed and the quality of original swing arm from RE will not be available in market. Only difference is Bullet 350 ABS comes with ABS only and no self start available. I know I cannot ride it at 100kmph for long but it touches 100kmph on highways. Periodical service . I am getting mileage of approximately 37-40kmpl. Get your bike checked by the mechanic properly. Bullet STD 350 is more smooth compared to old one because fuel injection system is and also it may have self start. You can. your decide up on your suitable budget. If you want a bike which is comfortable for long rides than Royal Enfield is very good choice under 1.5 lakhs you will get Bullet Standard 350 and between 1.5 - 2 Lakhs you will get Classic 350 and thunderbird, Above 2 lakhs you get RE Himalayan, bullet 500, classic 500, thunderbird 500 and if your budget is 3 lakhs than go for Interceptor 650. I also occasionally ride my BSA 350 cc swing arm(1955). Yes, the old model standard (Before 2010) is much better than new, Both have same engine & Chassis expect some feature In Electra 350 - Electric start , Disc Brake , color options , Front Design , Chrome Details, Logo etc ,In Standard - Kick Start , Only black color , ( No Disc brake , No Electric start). Go ahead. Don’t worry about what others think. Global NCAP crash tests: Kia Seltos secures 3 stars, Hyundai Grand i10 Nios gets 2 stars & Maruti Suzuki S-Presso scores a zero, Audi to hike prices from 1st January 2021, Single Downtube,Using Engine As Stressed Member, Twin shock absorbers with 5 step adjustable preload, 80 mm travel. It depends to which bike/ manufacturet you are more inclined based on the features and budget. Its depend on which cc you want and your budget. Which Bullet bike is suited for short heights? NO BS 4 stocks. Bullet standard model is its price is lower...and comes with ABS as standard in same price as before!! It depends upon your wallet capacity and riding ability. Get Best Price, Instant Payment & Free RC Transfer, Thank you! Q. Enough power and torque to carry me and my friend who is even heavier than me about 100 kg. Not recommended for novice riders and young brats who know nothing about bike riding but still do. If you are looking for fancy sound that sounds like dominating the road then get ready to loose some engine pulling capacity, eventually this lead to tuning your engine, here\'s the hardest part in default factory engine tuning setting with modified exhaust its a disaster in your mileage, due to drop in pulling power of engine on installing modified exhaust note you have to choose for acceleration tuning setting with modified exhaust is like burning your money that would aprox 25 kmpl. There are a few aspects that you may keep in mind in order to improve the braking on your motorcycle, such as - - Brake fluids are always topped up to the correct level.- To make sure the wear and tear of brake pads. It's not just a motorcycle, it's a legendary motorcycle. Bike is very comfortable and fun to ride 80-90 km/h is perfect speed for cruising. The ABS is according to latest technology. Use synthetic engine will reduce the vibration of the engine. They look different just becoz of cosmetics like monograms and decal stickers. Yes to enhance the sound you need to change the silencer but with doing this change the warranty of your bike will be void. I would recommend you to not do it. Royal Enfield Bullet 350 is an iconic motorcycle since 1901. CSD canteen is for the facilities of Indian Forces don't missuse it for little amount of money. In the month.....Read More, The bike is really good, It is perfect for long drives. Whatever it is, just strap up and go. You will be spending quiet a high amount for your petrol prices. Yes You can buy bullet 350 don't think of Unicorn 150 there is no comparison between these two If you want a Royal bike than definitely go with RE bullet 350 and for better information visit the nearby showroom and take a test ride and decide. Rest same. But I hope he is tall enough to ride a tall machine like Enfield. Just follow your heart bro both bikes are good to go around the world any where. if have tooth average just change the chain only 500/-Rs when I understood about the heavy bikebullet not more expensive but the vibration is a problem even though you know a si sincere and good who a mechanic can maintain the bike .if falling rainwater continuously the rust will come in the suspension when you take the bike from showroom check the breaking. RE tyres are 19 inches and avenger tyre is 16inches it will not look good and balancing performance mileage everything will be badly affected. You may change the silencer outside the dealer.but not sure about bend pipe,bcz the catalytic converter and o2 sensor is there (BS6).lets wait. From what I gather the heavy crank is about 10.5 kgs or so versus the 9.5 kg crank of the other enfields. No such offers are ever offered by Royal Enfield. In 1955 RE started production in india.Latest RE UCE engine was introduced in 2011. You'll notice kick slipping with friction and a power loss also you may notice that the clutch oil will start smelling bad.. gears would be not that smooth, and acceleration loss, power loss. It has that old thump and the charm. Green colour available only in standard model which is not electric start. RE 350 has good road presence & Riding experience every ride. Very good don't compare to another bike take a ride of urself, don't listen any riders take own decisions I travelled 5000 KMS Vijayawada, Chennai, madhurai, Kanyakumari, Trivendrum, Sabarimala, erumeli, kumali, theni, againa back to Vijayawada very comfortable riding my height was 6 now I'm using Yamaha FZ250 which is not comfortable than RE STD 350. I have ladakh on my standrd bullet with Drum breaks so you can imaginge, It is reliable but the breaks need to be changed every two months, U can get it delivered on same day depending on the Colour and variant you choose, black colour is mostly available on same day other colours takes up to 2 months of waiting period, It depends on the dealer and location where you live, basically in my exp it won't take longer then 3 or 4 weeks. I took the delivery on 8th March 2018. By knowing the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 dimension, you can be clear about the minimum space, which … Both bikes are in different categories so it entirely depends upon you. We also share information about your use of our site with analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them or that they’ve collected from your use of their services. Also new is new . (Road presence & Best features) Classic 350 is mixture of modern & Retro with Electric start , disk brakes , Color choice is there. The Bullet 350 is available in two variants: standard and ES (Electric Start). Royal Enfield. Mr.Sourav, Mileage of 350 Classic , 350 Standard , 350 Electra Best wishes for new purchase. Initially till 2000 km engine heat will be comparatively little bit more. In RE 500 it is available. Otherwise go for the cruisers where you spread your legs forward like Harley or Triumph. If you drive it like a bullet it will be cool but if you try to drive it like a ktm than be ready to open your wallet and make it upside down. Bullet is a royal bike.u should not ride it like other bikes.ride it gently.throttle it gradually.u will fi d the difference. So no discharge pipe required. Not a problem at all. This is because I am Lite user (use it for daily short commuting, min 10km per day). Follow the link for, For that, we would suggest you to please connect with the nearest authorized service center as they would be able to assist you with exact prices.


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