In 2019, the number of regions increased from 10 to 16: Brong Ahafo was split into Ahafo, Bono and Bono East, North East and Savannah were separated from Northern Region, Oti was separated from Volta and Western North … He has worked for several media brands both in Ghana and on the International scene. Savannah Region is created out of the Northern region and its capital is Damongo. Below is a table of the distirct, metropolitans districts and their capitals in Ashanti Region. The award was presented at... Out to the store and everyone around you is dealing with some sort of flu? Afigya-Kwabre District, KODIE . New Ghana Map: These are the names of the six new regions in Ghana and their capitals; The six new proposed regions of Ghana and the new map of Ghana; Foreign Ministry reacts to ‘U.S visa-free travel for Ghanaians’ report; According to the Constitution, 50% of all eligible voters must turn out to vote today with YES votes before the regions can be created. Current number of Regions: 16 (10 since 1983 and 6 new created in 2019) Second Level Administrative Units []. As the new regions are not functioning at the moment, you see below the 10 old regions: Please note; Many of the district links lead to our old - not up-to-date- pages. The districts of Ghana were re-organized in 1988/1989 in an attempt to decentralize the government and to assist in development. The new regions created as a result of the referendum are Bono East, North East, Ahafo region, Western North, Savannah and Oti. For the division in 260 districts, their 2010 census population and 2020 population projection (including gender and age information) are available.. 2020-07-03. New Proposed Map of Ghana after creation of new six regions. Isaac Kaledzi is currently serving as an African Correspondent for DW. Box GP1044, Accra-Ghana +233 50 144 7559 +233 50 144 7555 +233 574 11 76 33 +233 244 28 4055 Digital Address C 2006 A Public-Private Program between Min of Local Government & Rural Dev. Amansie Central District, JACOBU . In February 2008, there were more districts created and some were upgraded to municipal status. Marriage is supposed to be enjoyed by couples until death separates them. All Towns in Ghana - Full list of towns in Ghana, alphabetical order, included regions of Ghana Below is a list of all towns of Ghana. There are currently sixteen regions , further divided for administrative purposes into 216 local districts. Administrative structures of the second level in Ghana are: Ghana is now divided into 16 administrative regions, as of Feb 2019, sub-divided into a total of (now) about 230 districts. Ahafo Ano South District, MANKRANSO . This brought the … The two men have... Isaac Kaledzi is an experienced and award winning journalist from Ghana. News. Below are the six (6) newly created regions of Ghana and their capitals: Oti – (Dambai) Bono East – (Techiman) Western North – (Sefwi-Wiawso) Ahafo – (Goaso) Savannah – (Damongo) North East – (Nalerigu) Below is how the new regions appear on the new Ghana map: That means the Ghana map has to be revised to cater for the new additions. by Benjamin Kesse. and Maks Publications & Media Services These regions were created after voters voted YES in a referendum. Ghana has now created six new regions bringing the total number of regions in the country to sixteen. Voters had either a YES or NO option for the proposed regions. General survey [] First Level Administrative Units []. Ghana's first-level administrative units are called Regions. A referendum was held in areas that had to be split to form the new regions. That means for the rest of their lives husbands and wives will... Ivorian President, Alassane Ouattara, and his main rival, Henri Konan Bédié have smoked the peace pipe following weeks of post elections violence. Voting is underway in a referendum to create six new regions in Ghana If all regions happen to vote YES, the new six proposed regions would be Oti, Bono East, Western North, Ahafo, Savannah and North East. The reform of the late 1980s subdivided the regions of Ghanainto 110 districts, where local district assemblies should deal with the local administration.


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