But, unbeknownst to the two of them, Baelfire's grandfather, Peter Pan, was seeking boys to become the Lost Boys, and so he sent the shadow to the Darling's window. Eventually, Wendy goes to Neverland again in order to try and rescue Bae, but instead she gets herself captured and held as a prisoner by Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Dabei trifft er auf eine Bewohnerin, Wendy. Wendy lets a young boy named Baelfire stay in her house. Writing has the right balance of humour, pathos, mystery and intrigue.In conclusion, great and makes one excited for the finale and Season 3. https://onceuponatimeabc.fandom.com/wiki/Wendy_Darling?oldid=107289. Never Smile at a Crocodile - Peter Pan (Full Song Actual Clips), VINTAGE 1950's ANIMATED PETER PAN PEANUT BUTTER COMMERCIAL, https://peterpan.fandom.com/wiki/Wendy_Darling_(Once_Upon_a_Time)?oldid=5387. Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character. Pan does this by placing Wendy in a bed where she feigns sickness; Henry soon finds her, and she tells him that she's dying because the magic in Neverland is running out. ONCE UPON A TIME SEASON 2 (2012) (9.4/10). Once Henry leaves, Pan emerges and tells Wendy that she played her part brilliantly, and it is learned that she only does Pan's bidding under threat of her brothers being killed. The next morning, Wendy returns but tells Baelfire that he was right all along, since the shadow wants to take away her brothers instead, permanently. She further explains that the shadow rejected her from Neverland as it wants a boy, but Bae assures her that it will not get one. (as Jared S. Gilmore). After they manage to save Henry, Wendy joins them on The Jolly Roger, which flies to Storybrooke when they trap the shadow in one of the ship's sails. Entspricht die Once upon a time season 1 episode 1 free der Qualitätsstufe, die ich als Kunde in diesem Preisbereich haben möchte? When Regina goes missing, Emma immediately suspects Tamara. Episode cast overview, first billed only: Henry Mills Was für eine Intention visieren Sie mit seiner Once upon a time season 1 episode 1 free an? He tries to go after Wendy's youngest brother but Baelfire refuses to let it, and so he goes with the shadow himself, after thanking Wendy for allowing him to be part of her family. Created by Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis. ("Think Lovely Thoughts"), When Neal, the grown-up formerly know as Baelfire, is knocked out, dragged to Pan's camp and hung up in a wooden crate, Pan orders for the Lost Boys to hang it up next to the "other one". ("Ariel"), Wendy is let out of her cage by Pan and immediately asks if she's free yet, but, much to her dismay, Pan answers negatively, but adds that that doesn't mean she can't come out and play.


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