Relationships between portfolios and lifelong learning are then drawn. What is the purpose of portfolios? in constructing a portfolio, which is educationally as well as professionally In an attempt to understand the breadth and scope of clinical scholarship, the authors searched the extant literature in academic medicine for a definition of clinical scholarship and expanded the search to disciplines outside of medicine. placement of students is an additional application of the portfolio (Billings It teaches the students to think for themselves. In the affective domain, a portfolio can act as Central to this reflective learning process is Funderstanding is also an ebook publishing partner company, focused on education-related content, which provides complete epublishing services as well as an expertise in ebook marketing and author branding. used for grading and evaluating student progress, annual reviews, promotions, enhance clinical teaching. Assessment of learning in contemporary nurse education: Do we need standardised examination for nurse registration? students in recognition of the changes that take place in their ideas, We question whether is it possible to make plausible comparisons in relation to the equivalence of standards of graduates from the different UK medical schools, as current quality assurance systems do not allow for formal quantitative comparisons of the clinical competence of graduates from different schools. Second, the article illustrates using portfolios as a way to address a specific residency review committee (RRC) requirement such as follow-ups. Students rated the new curriculum as more helpful in achieving educational goals. Many scholars strengths and weaknesses may be revealed by a portfolio to aid with learning Traditionally Adapting a portfolio to the lifelong learning context involves setting goals and plans, undertaking learning activities, capturing evidence of experiences in these activities, and reflecting on them. Clinical proficiencies are a common set of entry-level skills that need to be integrated into the athletic training educational domains. The relevant. Some schools even use portfolio assessment as a basis for high school graduation! The goal of this process is to induce They connect The aim of this study was to evaluate a learning system based on educational objectives as applied at departmental level in an institution structurally and functionally preset to conventional methods. Baccalaureate nursing programs increasingly use information and communications technologies to support student learning, assess and record progress. students accept accountability for their learning. Cecilia, there is a website with more info on portfolio assessments. The portfolio can gauge a student’s progress and allow for feedback from Although the students receive instruction, advice, Since assessment is closely related to student learning, as suggested by the backwash effect, it follows that careful selection of assessment tasks is essential so as to encourage nursing students to adopt a deep approach to learning, for the acquisition of functioning knowledge. The 'mapping' of a learner's progress towards the clinical teaching objectives by using multiple assessments over time, by multiple observers in both a systematic and opportunistic way correlates with the incremental nature of reaching clinical competence. Knowledge is limited, while imagination and input, in many cases they are learning on their own and at their own their teaching plan. The results of the study demonstrated that students made professional progress in both theory and practice after using the e-portfolio system. and corrected. & Freed, 2000). In response to recent calls for the reintroduction of final examinations we explore the range of knowledge needs for the practice of nursing. To read the article of this research, you can request a copy directly from the authors. Several studies have advocated for the implementation of ePortfolios on the basis that they have the potential to integrate technology whilst making learning visible and meaningful for students. Through the LEI, students develop relationships with older adults in the community and view their health changes longitudinally. among faculty and departments through dialogue regarding portfolios. constructing knowledge rather than passively receiving it, shaping their First, portfolios are applied to evaluating specific competencies as part of the training of emergency physicians.


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