Please note that this unit is compatible with the DBHK8v units. Use our products at your own risk. Do Photonic Health Light Therapy Devices Cause Damage to the Brain? This course covers the basics of using your Photonic Health red light on humans, horses & dogs! In these people the ability to detect colours improved by up to a fifth. Laser therapy and light/red light therapy products are easy to use and provide outstanding benefits for your horse or pets. Light Therapy For Horses. Phone: +86 755 89587780, +86 755 89587700. We have noticed you already have an account. Nothing accessed is to be interpreted as a general or specific recommendation for a specific treatment plan, product, exercise regimen or course of action. Due to the effectiveness of this therapy in speeding up the rate of recovery from such injuries, the product range and applications grew into what they are today. Here is a link to where you can download the book: To be notified when we launch new products and run specials, please get on the list. Enter your MarketLive password to connect. For more information, click here. Are you worried you won’t know how to use your Photonic Health red light? If you would like to read a free ebook titled Light Medicine, by Jessica Charles. This wearable automated laser therapy treatment improves the cirulatory system, pre-charging the athletes muscular scelatal system with oxygen prior to events, helping their lymphatic system get rid of lactic acid waste, reducing swelling, joint and arthritis pains. Holster included, Works great to 45 Blue, Washable-Waterproof, etc, Most Advanced Technology If the device quits working, we will repair or replace it at no charge. Photizo is great for chronic issues that come with competition and race horses and long term conditions such as arthritis. Sportz Vibe ZX Blanket by Horseware Ireland helps reduce the risk of injury as it increases the blood flow to muscles, tendons and ligaments while being completely wireless! More+. These replacement wraps are compatible with the laser impulse unit offered in the LaserWrap kits. Warm red light enters the body, stimulating acupuncture points, increasing blood circulation, circulation and antioxidant enzyme release. it’s here…, Call Us Today! Welcome back! In infrared light therapy for horses, the light effectively penetrates and is absorbed by different levels of tissue in the horse’s body. 3W/ 5W/ 10W. They suggested a Photonic Health Red Light Therapy regimen and the trasnformation has been remarkable. The Arc Therapy system accelerates the body's recovery, kick starting regenerative healing in both internal and external tissue. If you don’t get results or aren’t completely satisfied, return it to us for a refund. The form is unavailable at this time, please try again later. Horses. Copyright © 2020 Photonic Health LLC. Red Light helped to heal this horse in just two months! Therefore, finding a safe and efficient method to help the animal’s body heal itself can go very far in helping to keep them in tiptop shape or alleviate the effects and chance for long term injuries. Centurion Mini Pulse is designed to fit the leg and can be opened wider for areas like the knees or hocks. Perfect for the barn, travel and is excellent for soft tissue and bone damage problems. The light therapy painlessly helps to stimulate cells to repair and heal, promoting the immune system in acute conditions, reducing swelling and inflammation, and relieving pain.


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