Examples Of Goals, There's a concept in literary criticism called Death of the Author, which argues that no creative work is simply the product of a single artistic mind, that it's all shaped by the culture and history it belongs to, by all the subconscious influences on the author and by the random acts of fate that can imbue a work with meaning beyond what the author intended. I have literally listened to dlp 1.1 hundreds of times. I think there is certainly an idea of aging that comes into play with this work in particular. Curtin University Singapore Courses, I got so fucking excited because I thought you were referring to this Ott. With that said though, I don't get it. Towards the end, it simply fades away. I can’t say I have, but I’ve listened to dlp 1.1 all the way through. 26. Upon re-discovering his own archives, William Basinski found some old analog tape-recordings of some ‘pastoral pieces’ of his own work, recorded in the early 80’s. Disintegration Loops is a modern ambient classic and most anyone who tries to tear it down over one album or another is, imo, looking at music all wrong. A packaged album with photos, liner notes, etc? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The album covers are four different stills from a video he recorded of the New York skyline after the attack, and each album was dedicated to the victims of the attacks. Most of the pieces, however, are much too long for my liking, with little variation. To me, a recording is a historical document. It’s the perfect pacing. Cookies help us deliver our Services. It’s just a lazy piece of work, and would have been infinitely better if there was some real composition to it beyond the tape degrading. For me, the Disintegration Loops are just what the doctor ordered for pandemic-induced neuralgia. The Cold War was over, and with it, so was the threat of instant death from nuclear weapons. The music on these albums (if you can even call it music) is VERY minimal. The album title is rather apt. Can’t login to multiplayer. But I worry that by lionizing it, we overlook the fact that Basinski was essentially exploiting the tragedy of 9/11 for his own artistic fame. Alf Ramsey 1966, It just puts me into sort of a trance and evokes an emotion that I can’t seem to put my finger on. Then you get caught up in the day to day struggle with work relationships etc., Until you look back around you and your body is different, you have different people in your life, the trees on your street are different, your parent's are older and you have this disturbing yet beautiful clarity that you are somewhere and someone different. 2.1-2.2 - Horror music actually in a quite traditional sense, at least for me, but it's palatable. Jason Spezza Wife Dany Heatley, Elma Meaning In English, Employee Recognition Holidays 2020, [xrr rating=4.5/5]The story of The Disintegration Loops is truly astonishing and key to understanding its significance as a work of art. I’d love to see more music subreddits in general having users post their casual reviews. It’s honestly got to be the most overrated piece of music I’ve ever encountered on an online community, except maybe stuff by the Caretaker. According to Wikipedia: "Basinski recorded from found sound sources, shortwave radio, and delay systems, influenced by musicians such as Steve Reich and Brian Eno. Each album was released on a different date from 2002 to 2003. St Cloud Landfill, Criterion Theatre Board Of Directors, At one point it actually increases in volume and intensity. 1.1 starts with brass notes and perhaps has an unprecedented approach to making ambient music. Decades later, while transferring the recordings from magnetic tape to a more reliable digital format, Basinski found that the tape had deteriorated sufficiently that as it passed the tape head, the ferrite detached from the plastic backing and fell off. But you get what time gives you. I read that Basinski would let tapes run for days to further along the aging process. Each album was released on a different date from 2002 to 2003. Reaffirmed Synonym, The filmed version of of 1.1, with smoke rising as the sun set on Sept. 11th, remains my second-most vivid memory of that time, after the memory of hearing the second plane hit the tower live on the radio (I was driving my little sisters to school when it happened). Lion King Tour Lottery, As much as the music can be kind of a slog I personally enjoy the project quite a bit. Why Must I Always Explain Chords, Not that if you dislike it that you’re not “refined” enough or whatever, but I feel like that’s how a lot of ambient music is. Suddenly, I felt a familiar feeling of being in conversation, this time both with a specific moment of tragedy in the past and an ongoing one in the present. Other music, even other ambient music, has these direct emotions and sometimes I just don't want that. The cover image of The Disintegration Loops I (2002-2003), taken from William Basinki's video recording of the last hour of daylight on September 11, 2001, from a rooftop near the Twin Towers. An quality mash-up of themes. He filmed video footage of the attack's fallout during the last hour of daylight from a roof, and the following morning he played "Disintegration Loop 1.1" as a soundtrack to the aftermath. Also silent hill 2 is a fucking masterpiece and this track plays at the climax of it. It certainly ingrained itself into the fabric of the event for many people, myself included. Basinski recorded these albums in Brooklyn in 2001, and finished them early on a Tuesday morning. As it happened, the 9/11 attacks occurred on the morning he finished the project, and the devastation he videotaped from his rooftop seemed to sync with the new recordings. Whenever he decides to post, he is r/LetsTalkMusic personified. “Yes, there’s that tie to 9/11. What seems easy on the surface is actually quite finely tuned and intentional. You can support us by telling your friends about us, leaving a review of the books or podcast on Amazon or iTunes, pledging to our Patreon campaign to support the podcast, or contributing directly via the Donate button in the sidebar above. Shame that there aren't infinite dlps to get lost in. A mix of dread, hope, and nostalgia. The meaning is created by the audience. Day Spa St Thomas Virgin Islands, Ajay Devaloka Imdb, “I felt, with my experience being in New York at that time, and what I went through and what I saw my friends go through, I wanted to create an elegy,” he told NPR. I find myself skipping through 1 often. As a lover of ambient music I think it’s a really powerful piece of music on par with some of Aphex Twin’s best ambient compositions. I find the theme to be "feelings right after a traumatic event". [img](mp4cqcbxrtr21 "The 9/11, photo material by Basinski on rooftop.") I have listened to dlp1.1 hundreds of times — no joke. The lower fidelity production is beautiful too... but I’m personally just sort of into that noisy tape hiss type of thing. Intrigued, Basinski let the loops continue to cycle: the sounds grew more and more indistinct with each pass as the tape literally fell apart. The Disintegration Loops is a series of four albums by composer William Basinski (ignore the typo in the title, I can't change reddit post titles). For many of us that remember a pre-9/11 world, it was a much more innocent time. Ambients tough because, using repetition the way it does, if you dont like 1-2 of the major elements it pretty much ruins the whole piece. A comment from yt said its what guilt sounds like lol and i think thats why i like it, it makes me feel better when thinking of certain things. Its just a loop of a silent hill ingame song but i consider the chord progression just perfect and it makes sense bc i love shoegaze and dreampop and all types of warble and that track is like the epitome of that, like on a fundamental level.


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