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Buy and sell used Wheel Loader Attachments from any and all manufacturers, including ACS, Cat, Komatsu, Wicker and more. The Advantages of Buying a Used Wheel Loader in UAE. Fax: +971 4 8806509.

{ ENGINE DETAILS... Tyres: 23.5 R 25 | Equipped with: Original Air Condition. function updatecode()

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Machine, Fast and efficient way to source products, Provide clear description/model you are looking for, Subscribe and receive latest product updates from our sellers regularly. if (dropDownText == "UAE") At Al Bahar, we not only offer used wheel loaders in UAE, but we also offer similar services in other GCC countries including Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman. When you are buying a used wheel loader in UAE from us, we encourage you to check the machine and determine the quality of the machine yourself. Phone:+971 4 8806630 document.getElementById("512-phone-number").value = ''; document.getElementById("655-phone-number").value = '';

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We strive to be the leader in our industry by focusing on communication, reliability, scheduling and overall performance. Seller will not allow item to be loaded on a step-deck or flatbed trailer without the appropriate ramps. document.getElementById("822-phone-number").value = '';

else if (dropDownText == "Kuwait") From :Misc. document.getElementById("655-phone-number").value = ''; {document.getElementById("655-country-code").value = ''; Please note that as the buyer, you are responsible for reviewing the entire inspection report when evaluating an item. else

2011 Volvo L180G Wheeled Loader c/w Bucket, A/C - VCEL180GV00016095. {document.getElementById("919-country-code").value = '+';

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