After his death, the throne passed to the king's wife, Irina, then to her brother Boris Godunov. On November 5, 1612, in Moscow, deprived of support from the main forces of Hetman Khodkevich, the garrison of troops of the Commonwealth capitulated. Initially, the participants in the council decided not to choose the king from Lithuania and Sweden "with their children and Marinka with her son, as well as all foreign sovereigns", but "choose from Moscow and Russian clans". He begins to contact the atamans of the Cossacks. Zemskie sobory were first called by Ivan IV the Terrible, and the assemblies met often during his reign; the most important one (1566) considered the Livonian War against Poland. In fact, at the end of February 1613 there was a resemblance to the storming of the Winter Palace. Volume 63. However, the causes and consequences of their activities were radically different. Armenian nose. Zemsky sobor, (“assembly of the land”), in 16th- and 17th-century Russia, an advisory assembly convened by the tsar or the highest civil authority in power whenever necessary. 2018. Therefore, the cathedrals play the role of an advisory body. "A frightened clergyman called the boyars, and under pressure, a unanimous decision was made about the accession of this candidate. In addition to the original Russian princely surnames, rulers of other countries joined the pre-election race. And to whom will he be grateful for such generosity and who will listen first of all when making important decisions? Zemsky Sobor First Russian parliament established by Ivan the Terrible. Moscow was almost completely destroyed and ruined, so they settled, regardless of their origin, who could where. Founded Not by God's will, but by sovereignty and of your own free will, you choose the autocratic. with members in all parts of the world. However, the danger that they, and found themselves in a similar situation, the Godunovs, will begin to take revenge on past offenders who overthrew their ancestors, was very high. In August 1612, the Second Militia, with part of the forces remaining near Moscow from the First Militia, defeated the army of the Commonwealth, and in October completely liberated the capital. Anarchy reigned in the country, the north-western lands (including Novgorod) were occupied by Swedish troops. 2 – Pages 2-7, Leo Cherepnin, "Zemsky Sobors of the Russian State in the 16–17th Centuries", Moscow, "Science", 1978, This page was last edited on 12 June 2020, at 14:39. Be that as it may, Mikhail was persuaded. However, some researchers of this periodargue that this move was later corrected, since the catholic oath virtually repeats the document read by Boris Godunov. Versions. Several others subsequently assisted with internal reforms, but after 1622 the zemsky sobor declined in importance; the last one was convened in 1653. And it was his descendants that brought the state from the backward Middle Ages to the forefront in the early twentieth century. In the north, for example, the Swedes were in charge. It decided the fate of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. In Tushino near Moscow, the Tushino camp of another impostor, False Dmitry II, continued to function. How did Moscow princes increase their power? The consequence of such chaos in the country was a largenumber of people wishing to sit on the throne. Cossacks broke into the Metropolitan's house and demandedconvene people for discussion. assembly of nobles, clergy, and townsmen. It is from this period that we know such names as Minin and Pozharsky, Trubetskoi, Godunov, Shuisky, False Dmitry, Susanin and others. The decisive vote is postponed for three weeks. A Full Course of Lectures in 3 Books", Moscow, "Thought", 1993, Felix Lurie, "Russian and World History in the Tables", Saint Petersburg, "Art–Saint Petersburg", 1997, Boris Pashkov, "Rus. in the field of the modern humanities. Tsar Ivan the Terrible held the first Zemsky Sobor in 1549, holding several assemblies primarily as a rubber stamp but also to address initiatives taken by the lower nobility and townspeople. The latter was not at all embarrassed by the fact that he was just wiped out of the Kremlin only a month ago. ...The desire to have an "inexperienced" monarch is the goal pursued by the experienced and cunning Moscow politicians, supporters of Mikhail (Alexander Degtyarev). It is believed that it was this force that played the main role in the reign of Mikhail Romanov. It was they who actually put him on the throne by force. If in the first case class assemblies served as an arena for resolving political issues, a battleground for power, then in Russia at such meetings, the administrative tasks were mostly solved. Everyone had the right to vote, but the de facto and final decision was made only by the sovereign. He was the nephew of the last lawful Tsar, Theodore Ioannovich. In view of this, as history teaches us (Grade 7), he developed an unusually active activity in the popularization of Mikhail Romanov. Of course, all of them had one or another shortcoming (see above). According to some historians, the decision of the Sobor was not completely voluntary. Assemblies were held annually after Mikhail Romanov was elected Tsar in 1613, but lost influence as the Romanov dynasty became more established, with the assembly to ratify the Treaty of Pereyaslav in 1654 the last for thirty years. The actual power of the Moscow government in the years 1610–1612 was minimal. Saint Petersburg, 1850. Representatives of the church and secular authorities participated in it. Download Citation | The Zemsky Sobor of 1613: Elections Without Choice or Choice Without Elections? Romanovs from Michael to Nikolai – Rostov: Maprecon, 1993, Faina Grimberg, "The Romanov Dynasty. This point of view was developed by the historian Nikolai Lavrovsky, who, having studied the reports of sources, built the following scheme of events. [1] Then one of the Cossack chieftains spoke: "Princes and boyars and all Moscow nobles! The Zemsky Sobor of 1613 was a meeting of representatives of various lands and estates of the Russian State, held for the election of a new king to the throne. Zemsky Sobor of 1613, for example, playedrevolutionary role in the history of. Ignatiev. Chose Michael Romanov after Russia's "Time of Troubles" to rule. Volume 1. V 16. století se tato veřejná instituce právě začala formovat a neměla žádné jasné cíle ani přísně stanovené pravomoci. After the death of Fyodor Ioannovich in Russia, it wasTime of Troubles. (Scientific Review by Ruslan Skrynnikov), "The Difficult Age of the Russian Kingdom", Leningrad, "Children's Literature", 1988, Nikolai Karamzin, "History of the Russian State", in 12 Volumes, in 3 Books, Kaluga, "Golden Alley", 1993, Vasily Klyuchevsky, "Russian History. The Lithuanian commander Lev Sapega reported the results of the election to the prisoner Filaret, the father of the newly elected monarch: "Only your Cossacks donors sent your son to the Moscow state". However, the Romanovs also had an important drawback – in comparison with the old Russian clans, they clearly did not shine with origin. The Golitsyns could well have ruled the Moscow kingdom, had their strongest representative not languished in captivity in Poland. [2] The purpose of the embassy was to inform Michael of his election to the throne and to give him a Sobor oath. 1950s Some lands (for example, Tverskaya) were devastated and completely burned. We'll talk about this below. The Ruling Circles of Russia at the Final Stage of the Time of Troubles // Bulletin of Saint Petersburg University. The basic reason for this difference was that in Russia the state power developed earlier and more rapidly than the social 'estates' (sos-loviyd); indeed, when these did develop, they were largely the product The first vote on the candidacy of Michael took place on February 4 (or 7). It can be called first Russian parliament. Fedor did not have his own children. Let's see which of the representatives of the princes' surnames aspired to power. These letters dated mid-November 1612 ordered the representatives of each city to arrive in Moscow until December 6. Richelieu. The Zemsky Sobor of 1613 was a meeting of representatives of various lands and estates of the Russian State, held for the election of a new king to the throne. And here is the testimony of the peasant Fyodor Bobyrkin, who also arrived in Novgorod, dated July 26, 1613 – five days after the coronation: "Moscow ordinary people and Cossacks, of their own free will and without the general consent of other zemstvo officials, chose Grand Duke Fedorov's son, Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov, who is now in Moscow. Lotus (tattoo): the meaning of the symbol and the story. "He is young and will be accustomed to us!" In August 1610, part of the population of Moscow swore allegiance to Prince Vladislav, the son of the Polish king and Grand Duke of Lithuania Sigismund III. The Review is published by the Modern Humanities Research Association on behalf of the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London. He was not yet a full-fledged secular council. May it be according to God's will on the reigning city of Moscow and all Russia, that there will be a Tsar sovereign and Grand Duke Mikhailo Fedorovich of all Russia..." (ibid.). Thus, since 1598 the fullconfusion. The accession of Ukraine, Azov, Russian-Polish-Crimean relations and many issues are resolved precisely through this instrument. Zemsky sobor, (“assembly of the land”), in 16th- and 17th-century Russia, an advisory assembly convened by the tsar or the highest civil authority in power whenever necessary. Let's look at this issue in more detail. Thus, in 1612 Pozharsky and Minin, at the head of the people's militia, drove Polish-Lithuanian troops from the capital. Pages 729–747,, Articles lacking in-text citations from June 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Thus, we have become acquainted with sucha unique and hitherto only partially studied phenomenon in the history of the Russian state, as Zemsky Sobors. This happened in October 1612, when, afterexpulsion of Polish-Lithuanian troops, who occupied the heart of the capital, the Kremlin, began to lead the country in order. He could discredit himself if he started to speak to voters. Of course, we should not belittle the role of the Zemsky Sobor,However, without the active and urgent actions of these detachments, the future king would in fact have no chance. The role of the Zemsky Sobor was to discusspolitical, economic and administrative issues.


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