This tactic is very useful for slowly chipping away the enemy’s health and removing any shields without losing attack power! Try to avoid triggering the cheat(s) if you can. Some Balance spells help you stall for time when you're solo, like Black Mantle which causes an opponent's next spell to have a very high chance of fizzling, or Mana Burn which gets rid of an opponent's pips (casting resources) and deals damage to them. Ice wizards however, are weak when attacking. You summed it really well. © Valve Corporation. They get Blizzard at level 26 and Frost Giant at 48, which are both awesome AoEs (frost giant stuns, too) albeit with lower damage like I was saying before. If a boss punishes you for using a certain type of spell then either try to bypass that cheat if possible or follow the boss’ rules if it is safer. If you stick through Myth all the way to the level cap, you will be treated with uncanny respect. Lots of storms like the elegant outfits. Tempest is THE BEST area of effect spell in the game and you get it early on. Because no matter what attack you use, balance blades will activate when you're trying to take off a weakness, or a dreaded Efreet debuff, or possibly a tower shield. If you need to do a big tough dungeon, there's sure to be a healer anyway. You can pretty much solo the whole game. what spells to train? God. Wizard101; Ravenwood; Balance; Can you solo with Balance? Prepare your spell deck with the proper spells to defeat certain enemies and counter their spells. Overall rating: 7/10, play if you want to be an invincible wall of titanium. You can play here:, Press J to jump to the feed. (Death School and Balance School enemies will most likely use these spells). They can even use utility spells of their own either by weakening enemies or supporting allies. Have 3 separate deck layouts. One thing to watch out for with Fire, though, is that they essentially have no meaningful heals and the second-lowest health in the game, so you're going to have to find a quest buddy or play glass cannon unless you want some REALLY specialized gear. For example, a boss may stun you if you use a healing spell. SHADOW (Secondary) - You would assume Shadow pips are for Shadow spells. Documentation on how to edit this page can be found at Template:CreatureInfobox/doc. Gear is about what you'd expect-- black with the occasional white, red and gray. Not sure where you got the "lots of bosses are fire" thing, that's not really the case it's all pretty balanced. Hey everyone, my name is Stars and I blog and make guides here for the Arcanum's Archives. Balance has shields and weakness to survive until the wizard can land a decisive hit, but the fights tend to be longer - and the decks are more prone to clogging due to complexity. Bosses may prevent you from damaging them until you use a certain spell or defeat other enemies who are in the battle). I know balance is one of the worst at soloing, but sometimes it's faster and more convenient to solo. Also as a side note could you please also rate them out of 10 on the aesthetics of their spells, armour and colour combos (I know its nerdy, but that's important to me).


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