This topic is locked from further discussion. But they aren't destroying time and space by their strength, if they would, they would destroy the city, country, everything. NDCU Superman is in WB Hulk's level. KentKobash. As much as this a battle, not a Strong Man contest. @omegablast452:Darkseid can fly, he can teleport without a mother box also, mother box can't survive a planet busting attack. I don't see anything else to discuss in this matter. Any graphic proof would suffice. Without BFR, Darkseid would still break Hulk in half. Darkseid's a powerhouse hand-to-hand. My boy Darkseid should win like he supposed to.Some writers disrespect him when he shouldnt. I asked for evidence of Hulk being able to survive a super nova and the only thing I get is him surviving an attack from human torch. @czarny_samael666: In pure slugfest Hulk kills him, but in theory Darkseid should win with no effort with his godly powers, examples are matter manipulation, time manipulation, BFR, energy projection, he can shut down his mind with telepathy etc. I am supporting my views with evidence. The angrier Hulk is, the stronger he is. People are giving Darkseid some proper respect. Hulk's been shown as immune to transmutation on multiple occasions. I didn't write these showings. @czarny_samael666: I've gone over this with you. The best World Breaker Hulk feat that I know of is him destroying a planet. Any character that has existed for long enough will have very high and low showings, due to whatever the writers were thinking at the time. He could lose because of them but i fail to see an instant win by using them if Superman has tanked them before, and both Superman and Hulk has similar durability feats, let alone WBH. Occasionally like this you get a fan thinking outside the box, very refreshing! None of us read every single comic with Hulk or Darkseid, but if we see one and it is not misinterpretted (You didn't say anything about that and You gived different argument), then we should accept that and go on. and the gladiator scan showed that Gravage hulks skin can be priced by the heat of the sun, and he still survived, world breaker is both way more durable and stronger that green scar, durability and strength are closely connected, i had fun , your trolling amused me , and this is the last time i acknowledge you :D. Eh I wouldn't worry, he'd get banned for ban dodging at the least, his rudeness is probably only going to make that ban longer. besides if batman can kill darkseid so can the hulk. Superman and Orion are a lot more durable than WB Hulk. Being amped does not make someone true-form. Darkseid erases him from existence, he has magical no protection against the OB. Yes, they are destroying it with their strength. @Killemall: boost is slight over prolonged battle with a being he cannot match, to reach his level would take a long pounding tho, @zandor: Darkseid doesn't need to prep to use OB. He's knowledgeable but he's just loves to troll. Dude the person you are debating , his orginal nick name is Dex_Starr, i dont think anyone has ever been banned more often then him. Assuming this isn't Jobberseid, Hulk gets stomped. World Breaker Hulk vs. Darkseid (Post Crisis) ... and i hardly doubt the OB would be an instant win for Darkseid when Superman has tanked them several times. I have read the story. Darkseid. The BFR has been removed, and OB capabilities to erase people out of existence is very questionable. Yet, his durability still isn't in their level. @theacidskull@ghostravage@dum529001@wolverine08@allstarsuperman@reaverlation@deathandgrim - Who would win? They also are exchanging places. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. To put it into better context, let's say Superman and Captain Marvel collided in midair. Is there an official expiration of feats? I agree! Living his life...". I asked for evidence of Hulk being able to survive a super nova and the only thing I get is him surviving an attack from human torch, But I'm not going to explain it to you since you'll eventually change the subject, twist words and put words in my mouth. DAN JURGENS: I always said that when it came down to a knock-down, drag-out, kick-ass fight, that Superman was always limited by his upbringing. Because I don't think you understand the story. When last time OB took down planet buster like WB Hulk? @quanchi: What? Given the starting distance Hulk would probably get off his planet busting punch. Chapter 16: Clash between titans…. They were living each other's life. Hulk already has the power to destroy a planet in regular form. DS is overrated that's why I'm underrating him. He's already one shotted characters that have greater durability then WBHulk, @omegablast452:Darkseid can fly, he can teleport without a mother box also. They live each other's lives due to their struggle. Physically brawling HULK loses / Hulk standing there getting angry he loses . Explain to me what you think is happening in that story? Darkseid....Hulk fan boys/girls would have a fit the The Green Freak Loses! I'm not sure WB hulk has any durability feats at all. Yes was pretty boss considering he was weakened (as you noted). The True form of Darkseid beats him, as he is multiversal in power. Hasn't this been done already with Darkseid winning. Darkseid is stronger than Hulk, who can smack around Superman (a being that punches through space and time): Why? @carter_esque: think back to how devastating Prime was to the DCU, no Kryptonite in the Marvel U. The argument is that WB Hulk and Hulk in general can match durability with characters like Superman and Orion, which simply isn't true. @superguy1591: The guy who just recently had his arm broken....the one who was killed by an amped Batman....the one who needed help to defeat Mongul. besides if batman can kill darkseid so can the hulk. Unless he KOd Superman there, it is not a real strength feat, becuase he only needed to be strong enough to toss object as heavy as Superman. I think that from all these people You actually have reasons. They are each other alternate version from their universes. What durability feats does WB Hulk have that put him near Superman tanking a point blank Super nova with his suit not being damaged or 2 planets colliding on him. Hulk would rape the nuJla. So i think this idea certainly is questionable. So are you willing to use your logic to admit Thor, Classic Drax and Silver Surfer are all leagues and bounds more durable than Superman? Yeah thats what you do when you dont have anything to argue, after all the last thing i would take seriously is the word of a troll, in fact the biggest troll in comicvine. @green_skaar: The funny thing is Hulk generated a similar, probably greater force while weakened in Pak's run. WBH isn't even in N52 Superman's league. I could of sworn I told you to get bent on the other thread. He's both invulnerable and has a HF. !LOL, Without BFR, Darkseid would still break Hulk in half. That scan doesnt really prove anything. Doomsday would kill Hulk easily. 3.Hulk isn't the strongest. World Breaker Hulk vs. Darkseid (Post Crisis) ... and i hardly doubt the OB would be an instant win for Darkseid when Superman has tanked them several times. 2.Destroying a planet is more important than holding one. @kingares109: Thanks for the kind words mate. Looks like 80's is gonna defend Hulk to the death ////////////////////////, the hulk is much more durable that you say, his skin is not pierced by bullets, and if it is , it's PIS, further more , hulk has shrugged of multiple nukes, a nova blast, and the kinetic force of force of trillion tons , so maybe you should stop downgrading hulk and actually give him credit for what he does, Let me know when Hulk can tank a super nova, @TheAcidSkull: Human Torches Nova blast is the name of his attack, it isn't literally as hot as a super nova you idiot. I honestly see Hulk blowing the planet up and essentially losing because he's stuck floating in space and Darkseid can pretty much just leave him there... @Floopay: -___________________________________________-.


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