MTGA: Wie ihr das Zendikar Packs, Full Art Lands GRATIS bekommt! Your second landfall trigger in a turn produces four free mana. Being able to strip much-needed lands from the top of our deck will keep the landfall triggers flowing. (Quelle: Wizards of the Coast), Arid Mesa: Nicht verwechseln mit Black Mesa. I don’t expect to use this often, but it does open up new deckbuilding space, similar to how Teferi, Hero of Dominaria allowed UWx control to eschew other win conditions. First, it gives Omnath “haste” for the purposes of fighting back against pesky walkers like Teferi or Jace, who might otherwise just bounce your threats and leave you far behind on tempo. Enjoy what you just read? MTGA: Kaladesh Remastered kommt schon bald. But there’s no need to get fancy with uncastable payoffs. It’s entirely possible that I have drastically underrated this card, as it presents a true puzzle (says so right on the box). The sum of these parts is an exciting tool that takes red land disruption into new spaces. Let's admire them for a second! Hey guys, Kaleb here from the Command Valley. This creature will very quickly make it so that none of our opponents can block our creatures and/or land creatures we create with Obuun. The similarity is less mechanical than aesthetic: both cards pack a serious punch in competitive play, but conceal their 1v1 power beneath a rainbow mana cost and a wall of flashy text seemingly meant to razzle-dazzle the Commander crowd. Some of these are duds like Sunken Hollow, but some of the most useful, expensive, and controversial land cards in the game. A 3/3 Scourge only requires both players to have shock-fetched once. This is a tempo swing on par with Fires of Invention or Wilderness Reclamation, except those cards didn’t replace themselves while also adding a 4/4 to the battlefield. These turn Cleansing Wildfire into both mana ramp and card advantage, two rarely seen effects for red (or red-white). Spelltwine offers so much value for only six mana. A 3/3 Shadow is only possible after losing 10 life, which in turn is only possible with a very specific set of support cards. They also include all … In a normal deck full of hard-working, low-CMC Modern cards, Omnath will do just fine. Good thing we're Planeswalkers. It also gets bigger than Shadow, although it’s worth remembering that any power/toughness greater than 10/10 is functionally “overkill”: yes, you could grow your Scourge to 14/14, but only if they are already at 6 life, and in that case a 6/6 would have been just as good. It doesn’t pair well with Blood Moon (don’t want to give them basics), and doesn’t even necessarily have a home in Ponza (where 3 CMC hard disruption is better), so if Cleansing Wildfire finds a foothold in Modern it will likely be in its own unique strategy. Then there’s the teensy tiny question of how exactly are we assembling the party without playing embarrassing, non-synergistic creatures far below Modern’s power level (looking at you, Tajuru Paragon). But as usual, the blue one is the most important: ETB draw a card. When you consider that Scourge might not even be castable on turn 2, or that you might have to expose it as a 1/1 or 2/2 if you want to land it early, it’s fair to wonder whether the juice is going to be worth the squeeze. Zendikar Rising Fetch lands Zendikar Rising brought a collection of 30 special Expedition lands as box-toppers coming with every new booster box. Finally, the third landfall trigger deals damage to opponents and planeswalkers. And while I won’t deny that in certain situations (notably, on turn 1) attacking with this will lead to disastrous outcomes, a hyper-efficient card that screams “I’m bad” is that much more interesting to brew around. Valakut Exploration– This new card is super cool and we want to get it out early in the game because it makes it so that each time we get a land we also get an impulsive draw off the top of our deck. The converted mana costs ended up being a huge deciding factor. Since our Rogues are usually impossible to block, we don’t really care that an opponent gets a couple of plant tokens. Even if we can’t play those cards we aren’t super worried because they will deal damage to our opponents on our end step. Path of Discovery– This card is another card that helps us get lands from the top of our deck when we’ve run out in our hand. Again, I don’t want to focus too much on the cards we are taking out. Liked it? These are all powerful applications, and I expect them to make a meaningful impact on the Modern metagame. The upgrades we’ve got lined up for this deck will also only cost you an additional fifteen to twenty bucks at most! With the assistance of other flip spell-lands, these decks can now simply make their land drops and play interactive spells in the early turns, instead of scraping the barrel for what passes for rituals in the Modern card pool. Let that sink in for a second. To get really greedy, if you begin the turn with Omnath already in play, you can now ramp up to 9 mana on turn 5 just by playing a fetch, and from there cast basically any card you want. I’d like to preface this by saying that I don’t think that any of these cards are particularly bad cards; in fact, I had a really hard time deciding which cards needed to be cut. Turntimber Symbiosis could fit in Amulet Titan, Devoted Druid, or  Elves; Emeria’s Call makes sense as a UWx control finisher or in white-based Nykthos decks; Shatterskull Smashing is a useful effect for red aggro of all stripes; and Agadeem’s Awakening can rebuy Death’s Shadows and Tarmogoyfs, among other things. I cannot overstate how insane this mode is: forget about paying 3BB with a mail-in rebate for Dark Ritual (sorry, Dark Petition); this is Vampiric Tutor plus Black Lotus (actually, Blacker Lotus) for your troubles. Your email address will not be published. Champion of Lambholt– This card synergizes super well with our commander which puts +1/+1 counters on our creatures. (Quelle: Wizards of the Coast), Wooded Foothills ist definitiv ein gefahrenvoller Ort für einen Abenteurer. And here we have it, my pick for best Modern card in the set. However, if all this card did was disrupt Tron lands, it would just be a glorified Spreading Seas. • If it would be truly disastrous to bounce a land, you can always cast Guide-Beast and choose not to attack. And make no mistake, “win the game” is the bar that a fully-powered Prize must clear. Stay up to date with news, opinion, tips, tricks and reviews. On to the really exciting stuff. So what’s the problem? But I would urge you to be more expansive in your thinking, and give this card a try (in small doses) in a variety of fast aggro decks—the results may surprise you. We are getting out a lot of creatures and tokens so that is why we have included this Craterhoof Behemoth type effect. für mit, Fetchlands und Innistrad: Alles zu Magic the Gathering im Jahr 2021, Expedition auf Zendikar - Deine Reise beginnt, MTG Arena: Die besten Decks für das M21 Standard-Format, Magic the Gathering: Mega-Bann verbietet fast alle Top-Decks in Standard, Historic und Pioneer, MTG Arena: Die besten Decks für das Historic-Format, Magic the Gathering: Zwei exklusive Preview-Karten zu Double Masters, MTG Arena: M21 Limited-Archetypen für Selaed und Draft, MTG Arena: Draft-Guide für Ikoria – Reich der Behemoths, MTG Arena: 3 Gefährten-Decks, die ihr unbedingt ausprobieren solltet. The cards we’re taking out aren’t necessarily bad and there are many different cards you can put in, but we wanted to provide some nice budget options so if you want to include your Avenger of Zendikar or other powerful/expensive lands matter cards, by all means, throw them in. With Omnath, you can now pressure these walkers without even using the combat step (also circumventing Cryptic Command taps). The options are dizzying and it’s far too early to anticipate all the places where these lands (and the other tapped MDFCs) will find homes. No, this is not a split card of Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and Exploration. Aggressive landfall decks, Wrenn and Six Jund decks, and Temur Uro decks could all potentially benefit from both the card selection and the damage output. It offers all of this at the most efficient price possible: just one red mana, for a 2/2 trample haste. The whole package is quite enticing for white decks of all stripes, and that’s before we even consider the shenanigans that can be done with the old school wording of the “leaves the battlefield” trigger: Ephemerate in response, Vial in Flickerwisp in response, Soulherder repeatedly and then clean up the Illusions with Deputy of Detention: if you can blink it, Skyclave Apparition can exile it. Without further ado, here is the list: Now, let’s check out the cards we’re putting in! Ultimately, the natural home for Guide-Beast is a low-curve landfall deck. What if half my lands could be re-used as spells if I found a way to return them to my hand? The same applies to Ghost Quarter, and to a lesser extent Path to Exile and Assassin’s Trophy. Just like Zendikar itself! September 16, 2020 September 25, 2020 cavedan 0 Comment Articles, Brewer's Guide, Featured Modern, Zendikar Rising Zendikar Rising is a refreshing change of pace from recent expansions. Dowsing Dagger– This equipment is one of my favorite equipments. Having incidental access to this much raw lifegain adds huge percentage points against red aggro, before even considering sideboard cards. The question for brewers, then, is what can Scourge offer as upside that other creatures can’t provide. I’ll be swapping out twelve less focused cards for twelve other cards that will really power up the deck. As an added bonus, I was actually able to explore a real life Skyclave and came back with some extraordinary kor … “Large dopey 2-drop with no evasion” is a tough ask in Modern, especially in the era of Fatal Push. Anything less than a full party starts to get extremely clunky, as literal Demonic Tutor would not even see widespread Modern play at 1B, much less 2B, 3B, or (heaven forbid) 4B. But more likely, you’re going to want to crack your fetch right away to unlock that second landfall bonus…. Be sure to order all of your Magic and other gaming needs at Game Grid Lehi. (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast), Windswept Heath is one of the most eye-catching cards in the set with its blinding light!


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