All rights reserved. Weevils have been known to find their way into the home from outside (in the form of adult beetles or moths depositing their eggs in a food source). Finding weevil larvae in pantry products, however, can be more of a challenge. True or False: After inspecting your grains, it is safe to put them back into their original packaging. Learn more about the types of cookies we use. They are also larger in size, from 3 to 10mm in length. Then, transfer the grains to thick, airtight containers so new weevils can't get to them. A few bay leaves can be placed inside each grain, flour, and cereal container. Pest Control Specialist. ", then failed. Once removed from the freezer, keep the items in airtight containers. Rinsing is the first step you should take, but to be sure that there are no eggs left, bake the rice in a 140F (60c) oven for fifteen minutes before transferring it back into an airtight container. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. Considerably bigger than flour mites. • Purchase non-toxic, pesticide-free pantry moth traps if you continue to have pantry moth infestations. • Ideally, if you have room in your freezer, place items such as flour, grains, cereals and pulses in freezer bags and place the items in the freezer for a minimum of four days. The coarser the sugar you use, the more evenly your icing sugar will blend. When weevils infest a pantry, it's common to find them in flour, oats, corn, sugar, and other food products. Finding weevils in food products can be an unpleasant surprise. Indian meal moth larvae can be found in grain products as well as dried fruits, nuts, seed, biscuits, chocolate and dry dog food. It takes seed and grain weevils, the type most likely to invade the inside of your home, anywhere from 25 to 35 days to develop from egg to adult, depending on the type of weevil and temperature of the surrounding environment. Luckily, there are things you can do to prevent these little pests from invading your pantry, and also steps you can take in case an infestation occurs. If you are not sure whether or not a grain is infested, you can kill weevils by heating the grains to 140 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes or placing them in the freezer for at least six days. Thank you. Try again! In the case of meal moth infestation, it will usually be in the form of silken threads throughout the produce and possibly signs of larvae. The first signs of rice or grain weevil infestation is the presence of tiny, squirming larvae, which is most likely going to be found in produce such as grains, cereals, pastas, nuts, tea bags and pulses. This article was co-authored by Scott McCombe. Only one of the answers is the correct answer. When it comes to pests, if you prefer to keep surprise visits to a minimum, call Terminix® and let a pest management professional show any unwanted visitors to the door. Try again! This article received 13 testimonials and 100% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. Yes in this case, ignorance is definitely bliss. They range in color from reddish-brown to black. Pull out your stove and fridge and vacuum thoroughly underneath before replacing them. Though freezing can be an option for killing eggs, there is a more thorough method for salvaging infested rice. Vacuum the floor in your pantry as well, or the counter under the cupboards. You want the icing to spread smoothly but don't worry about a few light streaks. Clean underneath the stove and refrigerator as well. Correct. Weevils are bigger than flour mites and with darker bodies. Read on for another quiz question. Weevils aren't attracted to packaging, but they are attracted to grains and flours and can chew their way through most packaging. You will not get weevils at all. Although these pantry pests affect the quality of produce, resulting in wasteful disposal of food, grain/rice weevils don’t carry disease or viruses, so there is not threat to your health. Finding the original source is the key to eliminating further problems and food spoilage. Pick another answer! It didn't give just a little but the whole thing. Bulk foods aren't necessarily cleaner than packaged foods, but being able to inspect it yourself means you'll be less likely to take home foods containing weevils and other pests. The larva will feed on the inside of the kernel until it becomes fully matured and then chew its way out. Traces could find their way into your food.


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