Y'all are my last resort. That’s good — and it gets better. The cantilevered version of this deck still wants 2×8 joists (2x6s would not suffice)², but it creates a stronger structure. We can't say what he will allow. To the far edge? That's a question for your building inspector. B.   IRC 2009 and 2012, Table R502.3.3(2) address balconies, but that is the closest they come to deck cantilevers. Before installing the upper piece of flashing, I make a pair of 3-inch-long diagonal cuts in the housewrap, starting at the top corners of the joist, to create a head flap. The American Wood Council publishes a deck construction guide, C.   For a discussion of other deck terms, see my article about, The term cantilever first appeared in English the 1660s, as a combination of the word. The cantilever beam is one of the most simple structures. I just built a flush beam deck, so I was using those tables. Would you walk on it? For 2x8 joists, for example, I cut 11 1/2-inch-long pieces from leftover lengths of DuPont FlexWrap flashing tape. Each joist needs two pieces of flashing tape about 5 inches wide, and long enough to wrap around two-thirds of the perimeter of the joist. Learn how your comment data is processed. View our Privacy Policy here. Use one of the many online calculators to determine this. I have reached Dante's 9th level of hell, because there are 9 layers of epoxy, maybe turpentine, maybe boat sealer, maybe whatever your worst nightmare is. For these design examples, I selected a live load (and snow load) of 40 pounds per square foot (psf) and dead load of 10 psf. Other backspan standards vary. If you don’t want posts and a beam at the house side of the deck, then you’ll need to run the deck joists into the house floor joist system so the ends rest on top of a bearing wall or mudsill inside. Beam Span Calculator For help, simply click on the beside the section you need help with, watch this Tutorial Video. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This design criterion is generally limited to beams supporting equivalent joist lengths in its span as in it’s cantilevered sections. How? Finally, I fold the flap of housewrap back down over the flashing tape, and seal the cuts with scraps of flashing tape. I know but I'm just wondering if it would be structurally solid and not Bouncy. The question arises when people decide they want to extend the length of their deck. Thus the cantilevered deck creates a stiffer platform. Now your deck can extend 17′ out:  a 14′ span from house to beam plus a 3′ cantilever.³  Nice. Q: The deck plans I recently submitted for a building permit were rejected by the building department’s plan reviewer, with a note explaining that—according to the building code—a deck ledger can’t be attached to the rim joist of a house with a cantilevered floor.


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