Who will win in a fight between Galactus (Fused) and The Living Tribunal? Clint_Barton 1 y 3 mo 13 d. Galactus (Fused) vs The Living Tribunal. Superhero battle match: Galactus (Fused) versus The Living Tribunal. For instance, Eternity and Infinity are part of his Face of Necessity, while Death is within the Face of Vengeance, and Galactus is of the Face of Equity, while the Fourth Face he does not have is The Stranger. Created by EmptyHand. 3 wins (100%) Galactus (Fused) Galan / Frankin Richards: Galactus (Ultimate Nullifier) vs The Living Tribunal #. Sign Up Login. Another of the Elders of the Universe, the Grandmaster also possesses the Power Primordial like his Elders brother the… Characters Battles Teams Super Powers Forum Feed Collections. The Living Tribunal is the Abstract Embodiment of Multiversal Law & Order, and the collective manifestation of all existence, alongside all lesser Abstract Entities. Galactus was among these cosmic beings and was powerless to stop Thanos with the IG, however when Adam Warlock managed to get the IG from Thanos he stood before the Living Tribunal to see if he was stable enough to hold it, the Living Tribunal ruled against him (all the other Cosmic Beings were present), and in an act of anger he blasted all of the cosmic beings away only to have the living Tribunal … The Living Tribunal Eternity is an abstract like the Phoenix Force which puts it at infinite dimensional; the Living Tribunal is exists outside of the multiverse which puts him at beyond dimensional.


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