Hi Deborah! I had ordered the traditional Japanese breakfast of salted grilled salmon with tsukemono (Japanese pickles), miso soup, a side of white rice, a raw egg, and natto. That email doesn't look right. If you bought natto frozen, leave it in the fridge overnight and it will be ready to eat the next day. My brother suggested trying natto with BBQ sauce a few weeks back, and I was skeptical at first, not least because I don’t know any BBQ sauce whose ingredients I really trust. I do it like the comment below except I don’t buy spores, just add a package of store bought Natto to the beans instead. Natto is relatively inexpensive to buy, and can be purchased for as little as $0.89 USD (0.77 Euro) or as much as $3.00 USD (2.58 Euro). Plus, there’s another big fan of it in the house – Ben. Natto is Japanese fermented soybeans. I ordered my spores from Amazon, I think they’re the same ones that cultures for health sells. Just try to keep the egg as soft as possible. ★☆ Or you can go straight for the vinegar. Set the two aside for now. . These are simple ideas, but easy, and — to my palate at least — tasty. There are a couple different methods to cook this omelet – add one pack of mixed natto to a hot, oiled frying pan after pouring in 1-3 beaten eggs, or beat the eggs and the natto together before putting it on the stove. One is tare, or sweetened soy sauce, and the other is karashi, or spicy Japanese mustard. I have been making my own Natto for years. How To Eat Natto Rice. But I tried it anyway, with some stuff my parents used to feed me, and I found it actually works quite well. In Japan, a raw egg would also be mixed in, making a dish known as tamagokake gohan, the most popular way to eat natto. This was a revelation for me. But to give you an idea, natto lovers (including myself) would compare the taste to aged cheese, foie gras, or Marmite. You've officially learned how to eat natto. Add natto, soy sauce and top with plenty of bonito flakes (and a raw egg too, but that’s optional). It’s also nice to not have all the packaging that normally comes with natto. Next, take a pair of chopsticks and stir the natto in one direction a lot (but try not to spill). Ben and I eat it this way often with a drizzle of soy sauce and a sprinkle of Ajinomoto. I’ve never tried natto with oatmeal but will give it a shot! If you do think of it, trying taking your natto out of the fridge the night before you eat it, and leave it uncovered at room temp. Your natto is now fully prepared! It’s usually sold in individual portions, packaged in styrofoam that also include a tare sauce and yellow mustard. Especially nowadays since you can find anything from natto ice cream, candy, pasta, even pizza! But even alone, the crunchy, thick, and mild-tasting toast offers the perfect contrast to the chewy and strong-flavored natto. While it’s fun to try a new brand or flavor once in a while, I do have a couple of favorites I keep going back to: Kits can be bought on sites such as Cultures For Health and come with natto spores and a special measuring spoon. (And here is a nice visual illustration of the point, if you’re interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_dOwq8wJmk&feature=related). Just the other day I stirred a bit of peanut butter into my natto, to thicken it up, then added a few raw peanuts in as well; the saltiness and crunchiness were interesting complements, and all that fat in the PB made for a satisfying snack. Natto usually comes in a set of three styrofoam boxes priced between $1-3. I looked at the package for suggestions on how to serve it so I added some tamari & homemade mustard sauce. Natto Over Rice with Raw Egg. Of course natto doesn’t need to be the center of the meal. If you mix the honey and natto the night before, the results are even more impressive. I find it light and refreshing, and more interesting than your typical seaweed salad. Hope you’ve been enjoying your experiments…. Please, post away…. Pickled Plum Limited Edition Ingredients Box, https://pickledplum.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Natto.mp3, Place the rice in a bowl and top with the remaining ingredients. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Along similar lines, I sometimes stir a bit of honey into the natto to increase the viscosity, then eat it as-is, or on top of yogurt for extra creaminess. I love the runny yolks of a sunnyside-up egg, and one day I realized that some stringy natto on the toast, with the egg on top just makes the gooey-ness that much better. What you see here is daikon, carrot, beet, and shredded konbu (aka kelp). When it comes to natto, you either love it or hate it. Not that making any fermented foods is all that hard but natto is probably the easiest one I’ve tried. ( Log Out /  Sound intimidating? Your email address will not be published. I was sitting in a booth with my then boyfriend and poured the stinky stringy soybeans over the virgin white rice. I like to let the fish marinate in a bit of miso first (maybe with some vinegar too), then eat it alongside the natto, or all mixed in together. You can find natto in the refrigerated section of most Japanese and some Asian grocers. It was amazing! Natto’s taste is extremely pungent and unique. I basted the meat lightly with the sauce, and also mixed the sauce in with the natto. Being pre-diabetic I have to be careful of the spikes that white rice can give. To enjoy natto, mix it with soy sauce and some Japanese mustard and pour it over white rice. If you’re looking for something a little more involved, an old Iron Chef episode has interesting things to try: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-xVUBlL_U8. If you do think of it, trying taking your natto out of the fridge the night before you eat it, and leave it uncovered at room temp. When I’m having natto as a main part of my lunch or dinner, I like to eat it with fish. But feel free to add almost anything, like dried bonito flakes, furikake seasoning, sriracha, chopped veggies, kimchi, etc.


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