"[33], Many different accounts of Judas' death have survived from antiquity, both within and outside the New Testament. ... Maryllus appointed Hipparch. Since the Middle Ages, Judas has sometimes been portrayed as a personification of the Jewish people and his betrayal has been used to justify Christian antisemitism. Coponius Procurator of Judaea. In the apocryphal books the word "province" is dropped, and throughout them and the New Testament the expressions are "the land of Judea," "Judea." "[23] New Testament scholar Bart D. Ehrman concludes, "This is not a tradition that was likely to have been made up by a Christian later, after Jesus's death—since one of these twelve had abandoned his cause and betrayed him. Judah was knocked out by Khan in the 5th round after Khan landed an uppercut body shot. [111], In September 2017, Boom Studios announced a four-issue comics Judas, written by Jeff Loveness and Jakub Rebelka. The name Judah transliterated into Greek is Ιουδα, Iouda, and occurs as such 7 times in the New Testament; see full concordance. (Matthew 19:1; Mark 10:1) Judea was, in strict language, the name of the third district, west of the Jordan and south of Samaria. [38] Judas then ran away and hanged himself. John Calvin states that Judas was predestined to damnation, but writes on the question of Judas' guilt: "surely in Judas' betrayal, it will be no more right, because God himself willed that his son be delivered up and delivered him up to death, to ascribe the guilt of the crime to God than to transfer the credit for redemption to Judas. Judith is the Hittite aunt of Judah, married to Judah's uncle Esau. Judas is a related term of jude. But through certain grammatical construction called Hophal the two may become quite similar. Judas has been a figure of great interest to esoteric groups, such as many Gnostic sects. Various actors and singers who have played the role include: Murray Head (original concept album), Ben Vereen (original 1971 Broadway production), Carl Anderson (1973 film adaptation), Roger Daltrey (1996 BBC Radio 2 production),[115] Zubin Varla (1996 London revival), Jérôme Pradon (2000 film adaptation based on the 1996 revival), Tony Vincent (2000 Broadway revival), Corey Glover (2006 "new" A.D. tour), Tim Minchin (2012 Arena Tour), and Brandon Victor Dixon (live 2018 televised concert). Another is that regardless of the betrayal, Jesus was ultimately destined for crucifixion. This would mean "to deliver," based on the LXX rendering of Isaiah 19:4—a theory advanced by J. Alfred Morin. 2449. Ioudaia -- Judaea. In DC Comics, one of the Phantom Stranger's possible origins is that he is Judas. [97][98] The practice is comparable to the Renaissance portrayal of Jews with red hair, which was then regarded as a negative trait and which may have been used to correlate Judas Iscariot with contemporary Jews.[99]. The book has been variously described as 'factually groundless',[77] based on 'little data' and 'wild suppositions',[78] 'disturbing' and 'tawdry'. [34] Immediately, the chicken was restored to life and began to crow. Ultimately he is "seduced" into betraying Jesus by the temple scribe Zerah, the fictional character who acts as the series lead villain. [8] Some have proposed that the word derives from an Aramaic word meaning "red color," from the root סקר. [38] In the apocryphal Gospel of Judas, Judas has a vision of the disciples stoning and persecuting him. "[94] Other scholars have questioned the initial translation and interpretation of the Gospel of Judas by the National Geographic team of experts.[67]. "[75] The Catholic Church has no view on his damnation. The Cainites later split into two groups, disagreeing over the ultimate significance of Jesus in their cosmology. [3][16] Ehrman also contends that it is highly unlikely that early Christians would have made the story of Judas's betrayal up, since it reflects poorly on Jesus's judgement in choosing him as an apostle.


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