The chance to set the blood pumping and the lungs pounding is not the only reason for surfing. The ocean is massive and there are thousands of surfers out there catching the waves, so meeting new people is a given. One of the many benefits of surfing is that it requires quality time with nature. Since the Jimmy Miller foundation is an organization that is focused on assisting individuals to cope with their physical and mental illnesses, its findings carry considerable weight in support of the surfing hobby. Share this article RELATED ARTICLES. We typically launch at Camps Bay beach, but fortunately we are mobile so are able to adapt to the conditions and may change locations. Secondly, extended physical exercise leads to the release of endorphins which provide a natural euphoria and good mood. Surfing is an excellent total body workout. Cold Therapy helps activate your body’s natural healing powers to help it relive symptoms of various medical conditions. However, one paper presented to the American Psychological Association took it further. In reality, surfing promotes mental and emotional well being as much as it does cardiovascular health and bodily strength. From breathing in the crisp air to working your muscles to become stronger with each paddle, surfing has loads of benefits. At first, surfers chase the sense of achievement of nailing the first wave. Surfing is the ultimate full-body workout since you’re essentially engaging your entire body and encouraging it to stay balanced on the board while riding against intense waves. The following are a few of the incredible health benefits of surfing, some of which may surprise you. Get in touch to start your stoked experience today. Doing all this helps your body release cortisol and feel-good endorphins (dopamine or L-theanine) which are linked to improving your mood and even easing pain. Although you can train some of the muscles used when paddling, you can’t 100% increase your paddling strength at a gym. Cognitive Function . There’s abundant evidence that the exercise, environment, and community around surfing are beneficial to mental health. At Stoked School of Surf, we have lessons available for any occasion, from group to private and Stand Up Paddling (SUP) to surf camps. It is intensely therapeutic in more ways than one, and it would be great to explore surfing before the weather gets too cold. The U.S. Marine Corps, for example, incorporates Surf Therapy into its treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. Mental Health 14. Surfing can make you feel euphoric especially if you catch that mega wave like a pro surfer. Your muscles will be trained to get stronger and more fit over time. From breathing in the crisp air to working your muscles to become stronger with each paddle, surfing has loads of benefits. Searching Among Dog Breeds To Find A Soul Mate, Has One of Your Parents Been Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s? So, it is an excellent workout to help you get in shape and lose those last pesky pounds while having a lot of fun at the beach. Life is hectic, scary, money feels limited, and our personal relationships are often more fraught than we care to admit. With so many factors contributing to stress in today’s busy world, whether it’s about money or relationships, stress can have some nasty effects on the mind and body. Beyond simply delivering a "feel-good buzz" to experienced board riders, surfing could play a valuable part in managing conditions other treatments can’t reach. Be careful when going into cold water as it can shock your body by the sudden immersion in cold water. Mental health experts think so. Surfing focuses the mind, requiring you to concentrate intensely on a few simple processes. The essential ingredient that hooks surfers, turning novices into lifelong paddlers, is the switch to a meditative state that kicks in on the water. to calculate how many calories you can burn according to your weight and the time you surf. It takes only a single bout of surfing to feel the mental health benefits, according to one medical study. Taking the time to teach yourself a new skill, like surfing, can help boost your confidence by proving to yourself that you can achieve the goals you set. In Australia, Waves of Wellness has achieved outstanding success with a program that helps young people address functional recovery, youth trauma, or PTSD through surfing. Again, in the same way that biking can help to improve your balance and sense of flexibility, standing up on a surfboard force you to train your body to react in a different way. You are basically learning how to analyze the ocean, the weather, the waves, and getting to know how to manage tough currents and high tides. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in our emails. The high that riders experience is no secret in the surfing community. This research then formed the basis of Surf Therapy, which applies "flow theory"—or the positive effects of being in the zone—to a variety of treatments. Runners or cyclists might experience their own high, but it’s often with one eye on the stopwatch. Few activities are as enjoyable as surfing. All that paddling gets your muscles pumping, allowing your heart’s strength to increase with all the cardio you’re doing. A trace of fear that sets the adrenaline flowing is good. This is a great benefit if you’re not always keen on going surfing on your own. Want to reap the benefits of surfing and become part of the surfing community? The exhaustion will help you get into a deeper sleep to ensure your muscles get repaired from all that activity. Even if you’re a skilled surfer by now or a total newbie, surfing makes you use your noggin, even if you don’t realise it. Increase your paddling strength by paddling for about 20 minutes on flat water. This 1.5 hour guided stand up paddleboard experience takes you on a journey to hidden beaches of the Atlantic Seaboard whilst taking in the expansive views along the way. 6 Cocktails For Your Next Zoom Happy Hour. , people suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) saw improvement with a bit of surf therapy incorporated into their daily activities. As the surfing gurus over at are sure to mention, surfing can burn at least three hundred calories every hour, depending upon your body weight. In fact, regular exposure to surfing can deliver the same results as common antidepressants, with none of the side effects. It might cultivate a laid-back, effortless image, but surfing is physically demanding beneath the surface. Given all the benefits to your health and physical wellbeing, it would be difficult to not find a compelling reason to learn as soon as you can. It combines the simple pleasures of being out in the sun, enjoying the water and sand, having fun with friends, with a vigorous exercise which helps to release all kinds of endorphins, which help to improve your mood and ease the pain. Here at Knockaround, we love paying tribute to our favorite brands, projects, places, and sports teams. It also improves your immune and lymphatic systems as well as your circulation. FEELING LOCKED UP AFTER LOCKDOWN? As you almost do yoga-like positions to get on top of your board, surfing requires some flexibility on your part. Let’s take a deep dive into both the physical and mental health benefits of surfing. The cardio element to surfing helps release mood-improving endorphins, reducing the body’s level of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol at the same time. Think about it… Every day you spend surfing you’re learning to read the ocean and its waves, learning to handle rips, tides, and currents, maybe seeing a new fish or two, and so on. Why get stuck in a gym – most of which are closed these days due to the pandemic – when you can go to the beach and burn just as many calories, if not more. From boosting your cardiovascular health to muscle strength, let’s have a look at all the physical health benefits of surfing: Since you’re paddling out on a board and using your arms, legs, back, and everything else to work your surfing mojo, you’re getting a workout in. Learning a new, complicated physical skill like surfing helps to train your brain in a different way, akin to learning a different language. Clearly, there’s something far more cerebral going on that a treadmill or spin class can’t match. Surfing is an amazing antidote that can have a wonderful impact on your mental health since it helps to alleviate anxiety. With progress, surfers can switch from focusing on the rudiments to releasing their consciousness into the entire environment, tuned in completely. Why not start with some surfing lessons in the new year? Standing up on your board and staying there requires loads of balance, another benefit of surfing is it improves your balance immensely. Each release is 100 percent unique - perfect for anyone who thinks of their sunglasses not as a necessity, but as a conversation-starter. Whether you do it for the buzz or find it more of a relaxing activity, the benefits of surfing are bountiful. Hopefully, this encourages you to master it as soon as possible. Getting out on the water, even in a wetsuit, unleashes the additional benefits of thalassotherapy. Everything is so stressful these days. Autism affects one in 68 children in the U.S., and those afflicted often become anxious or distressed when the senses are overloaded. Expect different key muscles such as the rotator cuff, biceps, triceps, calves, pectorals, and so on, to be strengthened and toned completely. After all, there is an inherent risk in surfing, especially when cutting down the face of a powerful wave. Even beginners will soon notice an increase in muscle mass and tone, greater flexibility, and better breathing. Those benefits change over time, too. Another benefit of taking up surfing is increased flexibility. Since you make use of bodyweight in surfing, you’re toning your muscles more than going for a workout in the gym. The Healing Power of Nature. Physical benefits. Instead of visiting a gym and working out for an hour or so, jump on your surfboard and burn calories as you surf. Mineral-rich sea water boosts the immune system, soothes allergies, and nourishes the skin. As for insomnia, any surfer will recognize the deep, blissful slumber that follows a day out on the waves. When you’re outside, the melatonin in your increases and this hormone is responsible for healthy sleep. Research shows that two or more hours of physical activity a week lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other health issues.


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