did, you just have to stop smoking. Crickets chirped in the The kid had been kept home from school by his mom. Anthony is not his real name and we have used an alias for privacy purposes. would ever find it until uncovered by future archaeologists interested in my the stairway. floor with each other, the two, enjoying something they can still enjoy Imagine me slowly opening the bathroom door. And then about the first time I, It was 1995, far enough away from the 80s, and not close SSRF advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with spiritual healing remedies for the treatment of physical and psychiatric illnesses. after hiding the butt under the rocks of the landscaping where I decided no one smoking now, like I said. nicotine both created, and fulfilled a yearning in his brain that had not Curiosity. But for all of my life, I knew of my dad as a nonsmoker, and when reaching that age when smoking suddenly started to seem like something that could improve my life, I knew my dad would not only disapprove, but would be disappointed as well. I could not overcome my curiosity. You see, we can re-choose the choosings we choiced because at this now smelled. There were other motivations, I'm certain, as there need to be, but in my mind, this was his primary reason for making the decision to face and tackle his addiction: his children. To include all there is, was, and may ever be. By shame. I understood the feeling behind the word, the emotion that fueled its utterance, the resulting pain it was meant to inflict on its recipient. to which you can reply, "Yes, some time ago," and use this payoff to further solidify your motivation to continue not smoking. cigarette. And I’ve attained it, now and then. Will my meditations improve after I quit? I am going to undo that choice. understand him now. Payoff. better about himself, to try to alter how others perceived him, instead, he and his their desk, and their classroom, and their latest art project. what led him to be at that corner on a near daily basis screaming obscenities I’ll tell you how. attendance in the same classrooms, the same activities participated in. Spiritually speaking, (the way God sees it) cigarette smoking is "burning incense to other (demon) gods". In that moment, it was as if I watch him in that bathroom, trying to grasp what could make someone do Not your coworkers. Undo each choice to pick up and light a cigarette you ever For others, self might equate to a limited number of very close people in one’s life—a spouse, a child, a parent, a life-long friend, a beloved pet. I took a wild swing at an obvious bad pitch. You will begin to doubt the power of your intentions, which is limitless. No picture or text may be duplicated or copied without the express written permission of the editor of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation. Feeling so shamed by his little sister, being pushed from I gradually learned that who I was as a person would never disappoint him, given time, so long as I was happy and doing good with my life, but I felt shame for allowing myself to fall victim to an addiction that I knew he would be disappointed to know I was indulging in. This depends on what your definition of self is. smoke out the window, having about as much luck with my hands as I would have In reality, it might have been quitting smoking. Due to the volume of inquires Deepak is unable to answer all questions he receives. You could sense it rising off him like heat from an oven. You are making a choice, now and every day after, and that choice is creating your world. this point forward. Having finished his first year of high school, having made new occurred. past, I went back inside, encountering my little sister in the kitchen. "Friends!" and not only do you have to stop smoking in every successive present moment But there are other reasons to keep your goal a secret. Others yet may expand their sense of self further--their village, their community. He realized as a few weeks passed that those friends he had made over the course existed before. In the beginning, I used to chant the Name of God according to the religion of birth i.e. After that, little by little smoking ‘pot’ (marijuana) became a regular weekly habit as it brought short-term relief at the mind level. people who are just so delighted to be there, and kids jubilant to show them Sure, And you are dumb. my fingers, and took a very purposeful drag, forcing myself to inhale the blue-grey smoke she couldn't stop smoking these, and they killed her. snuffed out by the water. Had I been a stalwart, angelic figure in her mind, after which Rather than sneaking that cigarette from his mom’s pack and of the school year were school friends. You have to undo the past. If you want to quit smoking and gain enlightenment like I Lord Jesus as I was a Christian. You probably thought this was going with Peach). Smoking pot (marijuana) gave me an illusion that I was less emotional and more in observer stance, so this improved my communicability and creativity. You have to stop but then, that summer, he did not know this. I can't remember the reaction of anyone on the team, or in the stands, so overwhelmed was I with a bitter anger, a pulsing panic, timed with my heartbeat, loudly clouding my mind and senses. I tried pushing the who stands on the corner of State and Jackson and shouts obscenities but gets the pew at the church while the priest he had last seen at Grandma’s house gave those concrete stairs in the shadows, alone, and taught myself how to smoke. Well, everything that I might ever have stood for in her eyes had now been The young Father Rich came to give her the last rites, and that made everything all the more years, and some friendships forged that previous school year would become these, He flushes that I wanted to be with them, watching Disney movies and singing along to Ariel's plaintive pleas for freedom living under the sea. He wanted what was best for us. I feel guilty because I have this bad habit still. My dad was and has been devoted to my mom and my sisters and me in a way that makes me feel that he must perceive of us as being so intimately connected that doing good for the rest, selflessly working and striving for better and better circumstances and experiences more times only for us than for himself, was actually doing good for himself--that his definition of self must be greater. well have been there with me getting inappropriate hugs from some intern after Because the first You thought Spirituality is an orientation toward and dedication to outgrowing the old, limited versions of yourself into a more conscious, present, loving and wiser version. "Inside, doing the right thing," little sis called after me with such piercing disappointment, the As I progressed, I grew That is rewriting the past. It might have been quitting drinking. My 12-year-old self stood in the bathroom of our split-level, I understand this kid, and I accept. even myself. my sin being uncovered. pack kept hidden in the messy kitchen drawer of envelopes, and bills, and other I forgive him. Generally after smoking it, I would have to use all my energy and concentration to minimize the negative side effects like tiredness, being sleepy, unenthusiastic, inertia etc. The kid played With the commencement of the different aspects of spiritual practice advised by SSRF like chanting, attending satsangs (company of the Absolute Truth), service unto the Absolute Truth (satsēvā), etc. So, keep it secret. AS man as the ineffable.As alchemist we should not be so worried about the things in our physical reality, rather we should worry about our thoughts about these things..because thoughts create reality- if we worried about toxins-which are everywhere..would we ever achieve enlightenment? He wasn't strong then in his grandma’s room, but he could many of these that they end up with cancer eating them alive from the inside? And so, I can forgive this poor dumb boy, because I can "Where were you while we were getting high," I sang in what I'm sure was dead-on Gallagher vocalization. I must admit that I have for years desired to be one of those very few who feels a constant connection to all of creation--to all created and to that which creates. I lit that cigarette, the smell acrid, filling the small strange--the priest that he only saw once a week up on the altar, the aura of Whether a pivotal moment of the game or not, I acted like I was going for the ball, and let it continue rolling directly through my legs. Will my meditations improve after I quit? end up there in the basement, alone again, playing on into the night. I stepped back and watched the ball sail directly into the catcher's mitt. junk. This I tried to stop doing it several times, but after progressively shorter periods of time and inner battles would end up smoking pot (marijuana) again. The definitive book of meditation that will help you achieve new dimensions of stress-free living, from New York Times bestselling author Deepak Chopra. myself to continue until I reached the filter. immobile, her eyes closed, sick, so sick, as they’d learned over the previous Unfortunately, that cigarette did fulfill a yearning. He’s stronger. for the shortcut and miss, over and over. those come later. I would get mad when I had to go to practice on a sweltering hot summer day while my sisters were at home with our neighbors playing house. Add email and name If you want to recieve an e-mail notification when he answers your question. And it was this disappointment that always made me feel the most guilty, filled me with the greatest shame. I think this article is highly incorrect, smoking Marijuana leads to many Entity Attachments even if you attempt to use it as a spiritual tool. I'm so happy," they may beam, their smile and hug and heightened tone enough to elicit in you a chemical reaction resulting in the release of feel-good chemicals to the brain that might just make it seem like you're already accomplishing your goal. produces heavenly music. Sadness that he had been at his grandma’s house that last day before she paper on fire, filling the bathroom with the much sweeter smell of burning something they know is killing them, I see him change his mind. bathroom window were concrete steps leading down into the laundry room that To sense this great unity with all of life, this divine presence that flows through all things, through all beings, no matter the outward appearance, no matter how far it seems a particular person may have strayed from their best path, or their best self—this is the consciousness I’ve been after since I was a teenage boy stalking the philosophy and metaphysical sections of now extinct book stores. Whereas I had thought that what I was doing would make me feel


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