[3][43] By December 1926, the $50,000 allotment had been spent on bores. [3][205][217] Of this, $16 million came from the city and $9 million directly from the PWA. [200] PWA administrator Ickes's attendance was only finalized four days beforehand. Note that the bridge’s South Walkway will continue to remain open for public access. [29] Traffic from the Manhattan span was temporarily diverted during this project. [235] The TBA became the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority (TBTA) in 1946 after it took over the construction of the Queens–Midtown Tunnel and Brooklyn–Battery Tunnel, though TBTA operations continued to be managed from the Triborough Bridge. [215][216] In either case, the Triborough Bridge was one of the largest public works projects of the Great Depression, more expensive than the Hoover Dam. Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority Superior Officers Benevolent Association 451 Sunrise Highway Suite 3 Lynbrook, N.Y. 11563. The project also added a direct ramp from the Manhattan span to the southbound lanes of Second Avenue in East Harlem. ; Bronx Kills Dam Favored; Plans For Harlem River Bridge At East 125th St. Altered And Approval Later Is Expected", "Washington Approves Harlem Bridge Plan; War Department Sanction Clears the Way for City's Triborough Bridge System", "Approves Plan for $3,000,000 Hospital Here", "Act on Triborough Bridge; Aldermen Approve $5,000,000 Bond Issue for the Project", "Two Boroughs File Express Road Plan; Queens and Brooklyn Submit Crosstown Boulevard Data to Estimate Board", "New Bridge Approach Proposed For Bronx; Civic Groups to Confer With Bruckner on Tri-Borough Boulevard Link", "Urges Extension Of 2 Queens Drives; Moses Proposes to Continue Grand Central Parkway as Triborough Bridge Link", "Plans Studied for Brooklyn Link to Queens Span", "Speeds Triborough Bridge; Goldman Lets $618,855 Work on Ward's Island Anchorage", "Rapid Progress Made On Triborough Bridge; One-Third of Ward's Island Anchorage Finished, Says the Report to Goldman", "Work Rushed by Triborough Span Builders", "Bid List Opens on Piers for Tri-boro Span", "Engineers View Work On Triborough Bridge; 15% of Construction Completed, Says City Designer", "Designs Submitted For Bridge Towers; Design Of Triborough Bridge Towers", "Piers for Tri-Borough Bridge Near Completion", "Big Pier Ready Today On Tri-borough Bridge; First Granite Structure, in Astoria, for Support of Towers, to Be Completed", "Finances Of The City Were Never Better, Berry Points Out", "Berry Warns City's Nearing Limit of Debt", "Berry Would Halt $213,000,000 Work; Warns Of A Deficit", "Byrne Fears A Halt On Triborough Span; City Engineer Warns Work Will Be Stopped in Three Months Unless Contracts Are Let", "Harvey Protests Delay in Work on Tri-Boro Bridge", "Walker And M'kee Clash Over Economy; Aldermanic Head Loses Fight to Omit Triborough Bridge From $213,000,000 Recisions", "City To Push Work On Triborough Span; Approval Expected of $115,000 Rise in 1932 Budget for the New Bridg", "Walker To Ask R.F.C. [263], The toll revenues from the Triborough Bridge pay for a portion of the public transit subsidy for the New York City Transit Authority and the commuter railroads. The new toll plaza structure was completed in 2019. [150] The first of those roads, the Grand Central Parkway extension from Kew Gardens to the Triborough Bridge, was planned to start construction in spring 1934. All E-ZPass users with transponders not issued by the New York E-ZPass CSC will be required to pay Toll-by-mail rates. [18] After the groundbreaking ceremony, further construction was delayed because the company originally contracted to build the piers, the Albert A. Volk Company, refused to carry out the contract. [239] The entire Bruckner Expressway except for the Bruckner Interchange opened in 1962,[240] while the entire Brooklyn-Queens Expressway was completed in 1964. Superior Officers Benevolent Association [55] In August 1928, Mayor Jimmy Walker received a similar proposal from the Long Island Board of Commerce to build the Tri-Borough Bridge using $32 million of private capital. [34] Queens borough president Maurice K. Connolly also opposed the bridge, arguing that there was no need to construct a span between Queens and the Bronx due to low demand. [161] Ickes threatened to withhold salaries for TBA workers as well. Additional off-peak and overnight lane closures will be required. [12][24][25] Randalls and Wards Islands are accessed via exits and entrances to and from westbound I-278; to and from the westbound lift bridge viaduct; to eastbound I-278; and from the eastbound lift bridge viaduct. All exits are unnumbered. [13] By August 1931, it was reported that the Wards Island anchorage was 33% completed, and that the corresponding anchorage on the Queens side was 15% completed. [57] Yet another plan called for financing the bridge using proceeds from a bond issue, which would also pay for the proposed Queens–Midtown Tunnel. [64], In early March, the Board of Estimate voted to start construction on the bridge and on the Narrows tunnel once funding was obtained. [210], The ferry between Yorkville, Manhattan, and Astoria, Queens, was made redundant by the new Triborough Bridge. [189], The 300-by-84-foot superstructure of the Harlem River lift span was assembled in Weehawken, New Jersey. [97] The steel company constructing the towers challenged the TBA's decision in an appellate court, but the court ruled in favor of the TBA. [147], Moses continued to advocate for new roads and parkways to feed into the bridge. [202] The ceremony for the Triborough Bridge was held at the interchange plaza, and was attended by President Roosevelt, Mayor La Guardia, Governor Lehman, PWA administrator Ickes, and Postmaster General James A. Farley, who all gave speeches. [124] However, the loan would only be given under a condition that 18,000 workers be hired first,[125] so the city's Board of Estimate voted to hire 18,000 workers to work on the Triborough project.


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