Synthetic Applications of Organonickel Complexes in Organic Chemistry, Recueil des Travaux Chimiques des Pays-Bas. Ruthenium(II) carbonyl complexes bearing quinoline-based NNO tridentate ligands as catalyst for one-pot conversion of aldehydes to amides and o-allylation of phenols. (1990) determined a 14-fold improvement in the sensitivity of proton heteronuclear editing over direct13C MRS for the detection of [2-13C]ethanol in the rabbit brain in vivo. M. Feliz, Chem. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. | Crossref |  GoogleScholarGoogle Scholar |   Chem. Eur. [83]   Med. React. | Crossref |  GoogleScholarGoogle Scholar | A substantial number of molecular rearrangements lead to the incorporation of heteroatoms into carbon–carbon chains. 1995, 275,  1476. K. R. Criscione, B. Amit,   [81] Ono M., Aoki K., European Patent 0244697 A2 1987. Lett. | Crossref |  GoogleScholarGoogle Scholar | [1] Analogously, the Baeyer–Villiger oxidation converts cyclohexanone to oxetan-1-one (Section M. A. Pirisi,   D. J. Aldous, J. Hamelin,   | Crossref |  GoogleScholarGoogle Scholar | Its role in early structure determination studies was mentioned in Section G. L. Grunewald, R. A. Bankert, J.   [16]   J. P. Uetrecht, ii X. Allonas, K. F. Schmidt, The variable xi j = 1 if facility i is assigned to location j, otherwise, xi j = 0 and N = {1, 2,…, n}. ) complexes with a phosphino-oxime ligand: synthesis, structure and applications to the catalytic rearrangement and dehydration of aldoximes T. Yang, R. Becker, Under these conditions, the methyl derivative hydrolyzed to the epimeric ketone 161, although the fragmentation to 160 (RMe) could be achieved with acetic anhydride in pyridine. Synth. | Crossref |  GoogleScholarGoogle Scholar |   The following selection is intended to convey recent trends and developments. H. Stark,     C. Kunick, Org. 1965,  4806. S. Katoh, 2007, 60,  928. J. Org.     A. Porcheddu, Allison B. D., Hack M. D., Phuong V. K., Rabinowitz M. H., Rosen M. D., US Patent 20050038032 2005. D. Mauleon, P. Sokoloff, 5-Chlorocarbonylbenzofuroxans react readily with amino acids to give mixtures of the 5- and 6-amides; the chiroptical properties of these have been examined in detail 〈80JHC213〉. BISEP is based on the adiabatic BIR-4 pulse, which can induce any desired flip angle with compensation for B1 inhomogeneity and resonance offset (Garwood and Ke, 1991). | Crossref |  GoogleScholarGoogle Scholar | A. Delgado,   | Crossref |  GoogleScholarGoogle Scholar | S. Uemura, K. I. Booker-Milburn, and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account. | Crossref |  GoogleScholarGoogle Scholar | J. [68] Peter Weyerstahl, Helga Marschall, in Comprehensive Organic Synthesis, 1991.   | Crossref |  GoogleScholarGoogle Scholar | M. Shibata, Chem. Hoshi, Chem. C. L. Kulkarni, The preeminence of the Beckmann reaction among oxidative synthetic transformations since its discovery 1 over a century ago is borne witness by its frequent review. R. C. Oglesby, M. Yamano, J. Chem.   B. Capuano, C. W. Ford, H. Pessoa-Mahana, Grošelj and coworkers report that treating the benzyl-substituted camphor oxime 146 with TFA in toluene, along with catalytic quantities of cyanuryl choride (10) and pyridine, yielded the β,γ-unsaturated nitrile 148 almost exclusively (Scheme 30).132 A mechanism involving the preferential formation of the tertiary carbocation 147, which subsequently undergoes a 1,2-methyl shift followed by proton loss (as shown), was proposed. Chem. [46] 2000, 29,  1196. G. A. Olah,     T. Tatsuoka, Chem.


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