uD�G���@��|�:>�P[i]�1"���s�6/��W����ڊ�`ݔڸ�XF'�9�Ȉ"��Q޹%��&_��>ť�@�e[`�R�-�#:�Er@���fH K�z���#A�Yu3�1��9v�iC��M�(*�oHG�f ʦo��?�3�G��hAH��ꟳ�Y�1�O�7���y��BD�=f'u�r��-hΐ�5f*�u�2Gd��Y�?h'92��˝^������jQ��T4���_�kD '\2�F�. 1746 Alkylation of Benzene by Propylene to Cumene Beside isopropyl benzene (IPB) a substantial amount of polyalkylates is formed by consecutive reactions, mostly as C6H5 - (C3H7) 2(DIPB) with some C6H5 - (C3H7) 3(TPB). ���T#���C�O�cM�%���9I���rˈ���AuB��[�h���P��;���>S�3>�!�X¢k@��$���fƁ�O�0A.4���L,�nũ��b�̷R�c����ͅ?C�T�!>�DU1 ���N���z�Ul��D0���7����B���+T5ﻺ�5�-eu� �DQC/C��4�����G�� However, low reactor temperatures … %����

[s@j7�m%�`��+�Ӻ��c��b,R��$�� stream The main reaction has a large exothermal effect, of − 113 kJ/mol in standard conditions. %PDF-1.2 << Cumene is an organic compound obtained by Friedel-Crafts alkylation of benzene with propylene.

8 0 obj The heat capacity for the mixture can be assumed to be constant at a value of 20 kcal/mol/K. �k3�Φ�&]Cd"��R!����y���G w�AE��j����W8M���i2�%��>�o2�:����w����k�w��:�n��D:��>�\�9 �jZ��hb�!�@�3�@n�7�l��H�0�A �$�����®���¯+� Cumene Production Reactions The reactions for cumene production from benzene and propylene are as follows: C H C H C H propylene benzene cumene 3 6+ 6 6 → 9 12 C H C H C H propylene cumene p diisopropy lbenzene 3 6+ 9 12 → 12 18 − Process Description The PFD for the cumene production process, Unit 800, is given in Fi gure 1.

, and independently by Heinrich Hock in 1944 h��8�Y�~��3p�|�q�tO(�;GD�*6 ��7�p���1M/��?�����!���"h�hCZNڸ�0g\b�!. ] Since the second has a higher activation energy than the first, low reactor temperatures improve selectivity of cumene. Consider the production of cumene from benzene and propylene in a 100 L batch reactor. Polizu 1, 011061 Bucharest, Romania. ���Ѹ�@7E�aP� "1��@ ��#aP�#a��cF��I&*��i��e9L&� University “Politehnica” Bucharest, Department of Chemical Engineering, Str. The reactions for cumene production from benzene and propylene are as follows: C 3H 6 + C 6H 6 → C 6H 5-C 3H 7 propylene benzene cumene C 3H 6 + C 6H 5-C 3H 7 → C 3H 7-C 6H 4-C 3H 7 propylene cumene diisopropyl benzene (DIPB) The best technology for cumene production is a catalytic process that is optimized at 350 °C and 25 atm. Alkylation of Benzene by Propylene to Cumene. va7̧1�i3�����l2�E0�TBS-c�H��d8�%�`��0� Search for more papers by this author. Cumene (C6H5C3H7) is produced by reacting benzene with propylene. Benzene and propylene are subjected to a liquid phase alkylation reaction at 180-240 °C with solid phosphoric acid as the catalyst in a fixed bed reactor. The chemistry of the cumene process features the desired reaction of benzene with propylene to form cumene and the undesirable reaction of cumene with propylene to form p-diisopropylbenzene. The reaction is exothermic ∆H rxn = -35 kcal/mol. A liquid feed containing 75 mol% propylene and 25% n-butane and a second liquid stream containing essentially pure benzene are fed to the reactor. Consider the production of cumene from benzene and propylene in a 100 L batch reactor. by an equilibrium based approach gave the operating temperature as 360 C and 6:1 Benzene: Propylene ratio in feed. Consider the production of cumene from benzene and propylene in a 100 L batch reactor. The reaction is exothermic AHıxn = -35 kcal/mol. The reaction is bimolecular with rate given as: where: The cumene reaction can also be performed in a jacketed continuous stirred tank (flow) reactor (CSTR). /Filter /LZWDecode

Reaction. %���ffN˄�l=�����X�pē����jF�߫���Rs!�3�b�^�Дg�k��xВ�#"�Y Prof. Costin Sorin Bildea. Both reactions are irreversible.

The main process for producing cumene is a synthetic route where benzene is alkylated with propylene to isopropylbenzene. The diagram show cumene production from benzene and propylene[/caption] The process The present analysis discusses an industrial process for cumene production. Both reactions are irreversible. p�#���P@�ss���=՚adu�50�Ǹ�`ԉ�� 4I O%�M��I1,k,�����-Y

%PDF-1.2 Cumene is mainly obtained in industry by the alkylation reaction of benzene and propylene, and catalysts are the key technology , including solid phosphoric acid, aluminum chloride, and zeolites [, , , , ].


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