“The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it. While we’re dabbing all over Bitconnect, Carlos Matos’ “That’s a scam!” refrain has been liberally applied to any crypto project that the community takes a dislike to – particularly when the haters are bitcoin maximalists, to whom everything bar BTC is a scam, including Ethereum and Monero. Why is. With popular image macros used in tandem with inside terms, such as “HODL” “moon” and “Lambos,” these crypto memes made many crypto enthusiasts laugh while leaving outsiders extremely confused. Here’s hoping the new decade proves every bit as prolific. Exploitable image macros, shareable acronyms, and obscure in-jokes are the stuff that crypto is made of. Then someone realized that it applies perfectly to Blockstream and their acolytes. Hopefully, you won’t need an American Chopper – Style family argument to deter them from making bad investments. Shitcoin The non-player character (NPC) meme was used to pillory the left. Would you like a hand with those crypto bags you’re clutching? Only Harold’s grimace can perfectly convey the stress of the following ups and downs of the crypto market. Ah, price fluctuations. 8. The non-player character (NPC) meme was used to pillory the left. The non-player character (NPC) meme was used to pillory the left. Fast forward a year and its grinning protagonists’ faces had been replaced by crying Wojaks and a modified headline: Everyone Is Getting Hilariously Rekt and You’re Not. To this day, dogecoin is a top 30 cryptocurrency and its influence extends to permanently renaming Bitcoin’s four-yearly halving event as The Halvening, in honor of doge’s own 2014 slashing of the mining reward. Let’s establish who the bitcoin owners are: However, thanks to a little something called ‘anonymity’, we’ll never really know exactly who owns what, although some have tried. Although not strictly a crypto meme, nothing describes the pain of hodling through a bear market like Harold’s iconic grimace. by Urban Dictionary as “Waking up and realizing your financial speculation just went south…and you should have known better,” getting. Also read: Cryptocurrency Memes: The Only Assets That Can Survive a Bear Market. So, here is Conspiracy Keanu tell us a secret about Monero. Bitcoin's Market Cap Is More Valuable Than the IMF's Special Drawing Rights Reserves. Like Wojak, Pepe is prone to evolving rapidly, with recent iterations seeing him reborn as Bobo the bear. For tortillas, nachos, and even bitcoin. Craig Wright’s legacy to Bitcoin will be gifting it the term “Faketoshi” to describe false messiahs seeking Satoshi’s crown.


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