I’d say: Put on a Punch and Judy show; it’d be a bloody sight more entertaining and adult. People like Bransby Williams, who later became a very good friend of mine. . A walrus moustache covered his mouth and a good part of his chin. “The material I see nowadays I could write without thinking. The Palladium Theatre, London, Copyright © 2020 Royal Variety Charity. I got an offer to go in a tatty little revue in Birmingham and when I was on the top of a tram one day I saw a bunch of fellows working on the line, a bunch of navvies. Following the latest Government advice regarding new national Coronavirus measures, Russell Brand: Brand-emic at The London Palladium will no longer be going ahead on Sunday 15 November 2020. Andrew Faulds, who was in the chair, turned to me and said: ‘Now we’ll ask a veteran. He did all right on the radio, but he never seemed to go down very well in the theatre. A question if you don’t mind. He was booked into the London Palladium on the same bill as Danny Kaye, when Kaye was at the height of his fame. I earned fifty bob. "This is the best show of all" was Her Majesty's verdict on the programme, which included a number of artistes making their Royal debut, among them the Beverley Sisters, singer Ian Wallace, and zany comedian Norman Wisdom. You see, it’s there for them to see. . When it’s a bit cold, we can’t manage that so I go over her a few times with the Hoover. Another famous young TV comic has used all the records I’ve made, every side . He was married to Violet Rosalie Hing and Mary Docherty. . Conjurers, using the same principles of magic, of which there are only about seven. ! | I heard one the other day about a men’s hairdresser in the West End. Every time you put a shovel of coal on the fire you’re cooking someone else’s dinner. Kenneth More Millicent Martin Dave Allen Palermo and Phillips 10.23 [--] Val Parnell's Sunday Night At The London Palladium: 350th Show (missing) 14-Mar-1965 ATV starring They would have been closed down. That was it. A lot of the comedians today seem to aim at the mentality of a five-year-old. The copper says: ‘This water wants to come out. Arise, and let the rest of the audience see you. But – unsaleable. Just nip down the ’orspital and get a stomach pump.’ Well, I was a bit hard of hearing and I comes back with a stirrup pump. People feel sorry for them. And the next year: Newcastle, the same thing. – he’s gorn. These people taught me projection and clarity of diction, which was important, because, of course, there were no microphones in those days. When I’m not acting I keep busy with my painting and my gardening. The King was clearly tickled by the evening, "We haven't laughed so much for years" he said later. Episode guide, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand, on catch up and download. Her worries were soon allayed by the rousing reception she and Gigli received and, boosted by this, the audience heard her sing in faultless Italian. The Crazy Gang. He was booked into the London Palladium on the same bill as Danny Kaye, when Kaye was at the height of his fame. "Songs That Made The Halls": Arthur Askey, Max Bygraves, Zoe Gail, Reg Dixon, Deep River Boys, Pat Kirkwood, Jimmy Edwards, Jack Jackson, Vera Lynn, Jewel & Warriss, Josef Locke, Joy Nichols, Ted Ray, Fred Russell, Maurice Chevalier, Gracie Fields, The Crazy Gang, Ian Wallce, The Band Of Her Majesty's Coldstream Guards, 3rd November, 1952 I’d finish in pantomime in Manchester and then stay near the city – this was before I got to the top, of course – working the small halls. They had to play the theatre that night in any case, and were being paid, and it was reneging on the original agreement. Born in 1893, he was a native of the Black Country, and throughout his long career was always received like the prodigal son in Birmingham and Wolverhampton. Obscenity, no. “Or I’m working down the garden and the wife shouts: ‘Here’s your dinner.’ I says: ‘What is it?’ She says: ‘Steak and onions.’ I says: ‘Blimey, you’re kidding me!’ and the wife says: ‘I’m not kidding you, I’m kidding the neighbours’.”. It was no good doing impersonations when people couldn’t compare them with the originals. He starts pumping, and out comes fag ends, matchsticks, orange peel and gallons and gallons of water. “In TV Times the other week there was a gag I coined about Manchester: ‘You awake in the morning to the sound of the birds coughing.’ I threw it away years ago but there it was in TV Times. It belongs in the tap room or the barrack room, not in a place of public entertainment. ‘It is customary on these occasions to offer a little vocalisation,’ he would say, ‘but I fear the symphonic layabouts of the pit orchestra are conspicuous by their absence. All illustrations, except where specified, from Stephen Dixon Collection, acquired from various sources over a 40-year period and in many cases provided by the artists themselves in the 1970s. “As far as my gramophone records are concerned, I made an arrangement at the Grand, Clapham. I do know he was married to a lady named Barbara Robinson and they had a son Conrad Paul Rayner but I have been unable to find any thing out about these two members of his family. For more details, please click here for Socially Distanced Shows FAQs. They didn’t understand it and that was enough. “I learned a marvellous lesson when I was young, working in fairgrounds. This was obviously something that still rankled with Billy. Sitting at his dressing table he made up slowly, saying little to his companions but helping himself to a glass of brandy every few minutes. In his book By Royal Command, Bill Pertwee records the darker side of Tony Hancock's tremendous success that night, which was a sad comment on his own assessment of his brilliant career. I knew a few young comedians back in 1971, and I’ve known plenty since, and a constant complaint is the cardinal crime of joke-stealing. Have you been very good this year? He shuffled along the hall towards his study in carpet slippers, and I noticed that the backs of his hands, and his bald head, were mottled and freckled like a toad’s stomach. "Dance Time" With The Victoria Palace Tiller Girls, The Three Barbour Brothers, Medlock And Marlowe. A shorter version of this story appeared in The Guardian newspaper in the 1970s. 10.22 [--] VAL PARNELL'S SUNDAY NIGHT AT THE LONDON PALLADIUM (missing) 07-Mar-1965 ATV starring Roy Orbison with the Three Quarters, a female vocal trio, as back-up singers. The Crazy Gang: Gracie Fields With The Ilford Girls Choir And The George Carden Ensemble. Chaplin, frustrated. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Noo!! He died on November 25, 1971 in London, England. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. NO! But my favourite comedian – a real comedian’s comedian, was Gillie Potter, the most academic of our comics. A season at Blackpool. I tugged and tugged but I couldn’t get him out. Hancock, frustrated. I was a bit stuck. You’d be drowned out. It’s got a searchlight on the top.’ Anyway, we finds him floating in the water, held up by the air in his raincoat. Recalling the event on White Wine Question Time, Acaster told Kate Thornton trying out new material on Tonight At The London Palladium in 2017 probably wasn’t his best idea. All Rights Reserved. “So, okay, I dropped it. ‘My dear sir,’ said Gillie, ‘would you kindly do me a favour? Bruce Bairnsfather, the cartoonist, created him. Does anyone know the the title of the Leslie Sarony song that has the line “Oi ! So they bored a hole in the coffin lid, but his nose stuck through and it looked unsightly. Here’s the song Billy began his act with when he was recorded live at the Tivoli Theatre, Sydney, during a tour of Australia and New Zealand in the 1950s.


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