The utility is defined as functionality offered by service or product from the customer perspective. Q34. Recovery options are commonly classified as: 21) Explain the 4 P's needed for the Service Management in ITIL. The evaluation process is important because it assists you in assessing significant changes, like the introduction of a new service to an existing service. Plan and manage the resource and capacity and requirements to accomplish a release. Service Portfolio basically deals with the services provided by different vendors and providers across different regions and markets. Give quality knowledge of Change, Release, and Deployment. CMIS (Capacity Management Information System), AMIS (Availability Management Information System), SKMS (Service Knowledge Management System). ITIL Service Management always tries to implement rich performance and business standards as per the current market scenario. The primary difference between process and project is that a project has a finite lifespan while a process is continuous and having no deadline. Problem Management helps to execute the following functions: Recognize and mitigate recurring incidents, Identify the root cause of these occurrences, Prevention of the incident from reoccurring. It is a set of comprehensive practices and guidelines that helps software developers provide the best IT services according to the current market trends and requirements. Explain the ITIL Service Life Cycle Model Management? Jumpstart Your Career With ITIL Foundation Certification. – Align incident management activities efficiently. The main objective of Capacity Management is to ensure that the IT services are sized correctly in order to meet the service level targets in a cost effective manner. It defines the test plans based on the business scope and validation parameters. Service Pipeline refers to services that are under development process. Let us move to the next ITIL Interview Questions. Following are some important ITIL® interview questions and answers which will help you prepare for your interview. The difference between service and product is: 40) Mention processes involve in Service Design. Processes involved in service design are: 41) What is the responsibility of the process owner? CAB (Change Advisory Board) is a group of people who are involved in the change management process. Q24. Integrate business and service strategies. • Responsible – Responsibility assigned to a particular person the complete the task. It helps businesses to establish a competitive advantage. Vendor Service Level Agreement which exists between you and the vendor. Change Management’s main objective is to manage change requests in an effective manner and with agility in order to minimize the risk and interruptions through establishing standardized procedures. Service Level Agreements are of three types: Customer Service Level Agreement which exists between you and the external customer. Q44. Q6. Service Strategy is a set of policies and objectives that are established to achieve a service goal. RACI-VS refers to: Verifies Sign off – The person who ensures that the acceptance criteria have been met gives the sign off to the project. These are drafted by ITIL experts and they will help you to clear the ITIL interview and procure a dream career as an ITIL analyst. Seven steps involved in continual service improvement are: The important areas where ITIL plays an effective are: 33) List some popular web-based service desk tools. 29) Mention layers of service management measurements. Operational Level Agreement or OLA is a contract. Give examples of proactive problem management. What is the difference between customers and end-users? Post Implementation Review (PIR) refers to the evaluation and analysis of the entire working process and solution. In this 2020 ITIL Interview Questions article, we shall present 10 most important and frequently used ITIL interview questions. It consists of the following: Q12. Q32. The process owner is responsible for the design, performance, integration, improvement, and management of a particular process. What is the objective of Change Management in ITIL®? It mainly handles the following requirements: Q48. ITIL is a means to deliver consistent quality. Incident is an unplanned interruption to an IT service or reduction in the quality of an IT service. In v2 of ITIL, security management is part of the evaluation. Answer: It focuses on the product, process, and people. A change request is a proposal to make changes in a particular system or product. The main objectives of Incident Management are: – Ensure that approved and regulated methods are used for all the processes involved like efficient response, documentation, analysis and ongoing management. Make sure that a particular service can be managed, operated as well as supported. The main difference between proactive and reactive problem management is, proactive problem management prevents incidents from occurring by identifying potential problems and errors in the IT infrastructure whereas, reactive problem management recognizes and eliminates the root cause of incidents that are witnessed. The user can participate in the production of services. The ITIL models adopted by an organization are: It is an organized approach regarding how customers should effectively plan, develop and operate services efficiently. 49) What is alert in event management process management? Popular web-based service desk tools are: ROI is an investment of resources taking advantage to the investor. 20) List the workaround recovery options. The user cannot participate in product production. Service Transition is the 3rd stage of the ITIL service lifecycle. In this 2020 ITIL Interview Questions article, we shall present 10 most important and frequently used ITIL interview questions. It supports system renewal and integration projects. What are the ITIL models adopted by an organization? Layers of service management measurements are: 31) Mention 7 steps involved in continual service improvement. Configuration baseline in ITIL® refers to a baseline that is used for a configuration only and has been formally agreed on and managed by the change management process. What are the various types of Service Providers in ITIL processes? Provide services that are useful and reliable. A process, Measurement Designing, and Technical architecture analysis. You may also look at the following articles to learn more –, All in One Software Development Bundle (600+ Courses, 50+ projects). The freeze period in ITIL is a particular time period in the development, after which severity and strictness and are observed. Alerts are created and managed by system management tools. Q4. Portfolio Management basically deals with the overall organization service management and their different artifacts based on the current market and industry standards. To maintain and implement these changes, ITIL provides 5 distinct layers of life cycle stages. Q17. It is usually performed after the change request is put into effect to determine if the change and its implementation were successful. Better management of services and integration. Its main purpose is to receive, collect, store, manage and verify data on IT assets and configurations. Q28. Emergency Changes are the highest priority changes which require fast implementation whereas Urgent Changes are changes that serve an important business or legal requirement but do not help to restore a service. The objectives of the incident management process are: A Service Level Agreement is a commitment between a service provider and the end-user. Explain the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle? What is the main goal of Problem Management in ITIL®? ITIL refers to a set of ITSM practices which helps in the alignment of IT services with business needs according to the current market trends. Who protects and maintains the Known Error database? What is ITIL®? Q26. ITIL is a short form of Information Technology Infrastructure Library.


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