170 5891 93, Copyright © Little Cabin Company | “The total cost the average consumer will pay when the project is complete is three times more than the initial kit price. The highest quality double glazed windows and doors, with 5 point locking. When you purchase a log cabin kit all you receive is a stack of raw materials. All your cabin’s materials will be protected and kept in pristine condition during its assembly. Our log cabins come in multiple shapes, sizes and styles, so there is sure to be the perfect option for your garden or outdoor area. Although our extensive and flexible range of cabins will suit most needs, we understand there are times when a bespoke or custom design is required to fullfill a buildings potential as a useful construction. Subject to status. Alternatively, if you'd rather not build your own from a garden log cabin kit, then our team can assemble it for you on delivery. Review Date - 29 January 2019, Use our cabin search facility to find the right cabin for you, View our in stock cabins available for a quick delivery, Barrattine Wood Preserver suited for applying to your cabin, Quality roofing felt shingles aestecially pleasing with a long guarantee, Rubber roofing to protect your cabin from all the weather can throw at it. This Christoffer Log Cabin takes inspiration from the popular pentagonal range. There will be some construction required when you receive your log cabin so do check our guides. The answer to this question is weighty considering the implications that it has on your money, time, and overall investment.And the truth is that more likely than not, Log Cabin Kits’ popularity has caught your attention, due to their “lower” costs and “easy” set up.Before you jump on what may seem like unique pros offered by the Log Cabin Kit route, take a moment to fully understand what all is NOT inside your Cabin Kit. Perfect for the spring and summer months. Corner log cabins are the perfect option for those looking to tuck a little cabin away in the corner of a garden. Items like plumbing, wiring, insulation, etc. The obvious advantage of visiting a garden centre or dedicated display area is the ability to get touchy feely with the product - all is not lost though should you choose the internet retailer option. Offers the best protection against draught and water ingress. The Yew 5m x 3m Left Sided Corner Log Cabin, The Hemlock 5m x 3m Left Sided Corner Log Cabin, The Hemlock 5m x 3m Right Sided Corner Log Cabin, The Yew 5m x 3m Right Sided Corner Log Cabin, 5.5m x 4m Pool House Log Cabin Double Glazed, The Silver 5m x 4m Log Cabin with Veranda. Our Deluxe Cabin Range. Current Delivery Lead Time (Updated 11 November 2020): With regard the current lead time on production and the affects Covid 19 is having upon it. Modular log cabins’ process comes with virtually no stress! Interest Free Credit AvailableOn purchases over £500. Even better yet, all the exterior details, interior details, legal paperwork, and renting out large equipment is included in our modular log cabin package. A range of garden annexes and kit cabin homes. Basically, all you have to do is design your dream cabin ( and you are empowered every step of the way)  and then we deliver it to you. Here at Scandinavian Log Cabins, we offer wooden homes in a self-build kit form for you to create & build your stunning new home on your plot of land, We can give help & advice for planning permission, building regulations and technical building hints & tips. Alternatively, if you'd rather not build your own from a garden log cabin kit, then our team can assemble it for you on delivery. Log Cabin Kit’s… honestly, the thought is not entirely bad, and really for some years they weren’t that bad of an option. And if desired, loan companies are quicker to offer a loan for a modular cabin since they have a lower risk rate than other construction structures. Visit Showsite Do you have any experience with the following handy man skills? If not, your dream log cabin kit is not the most ideal way to get your feet wet with the above skills, regardless of the educational benefit. We are importers of high quality sheds, cabins and log homes. Log cabins are popular with the self employed and small business owners as they can be used as a home office. Within 2 weeks after delivery, you should be enjoying your new log cabin home. Cabin kit logs are not always cut to the exact measurements which can offset your whole project. To get your cabin into full functionality, you may have to hire a plumber, electrician, or any other “handyman”. If you pay little, you're going to get little. The factory are not able to run to full capacity and the demand has increased beyond all expectations. A storm kit is necessary if you're in exposed areas. The directions of log cabin kits can be difficult to follow and understand. All Rights Reserved. We do all the hard work of construction and navigating the legal paperwork. When you purchase a log cabin kit all you receive is a stack of raw materials. Our collection of high quality Mobile Homes manufactured from solid Scandinavian Pine Logs are ideal for permanent living. East Grinstead Note - most buildings that have a ridge height of more than 2.5m and fall outside the planning requirement (when a building is positioned less than 2.0m from your boundary) can be manufactured with a ridge height of 2.5m - please call for details. Enjoy reading the personal testimony of Fred Eibling for an informative and interesting firsthand experience of his journey to the perfect dream log cabin home. They also have a five point locking mechanism. If you are a “master” of all trades, have a love for building, or tend to be extremely patient. £200 off this. Simple construction means most people with building skills can erect our cabins. The most fascinating piece of a modular log cabin is its innovative construction method. They are ’tilt and turn’ so they open inwards from the side, or tilt back on themselves to open from the top. The tongue and groove timber interlock, giving the walls, floors and roof an extremely strong rigidity. SALE . Like everything in life, do a task once and it may take you an hour. Some exclusions apply. All of our homes are available in kit form. All prices are for a log cabin kit unless otherwise stated, excluding VAT and will be as per the specification schedule which will be provided with the order form. Our Mobile Homes also comply to UK Building Regulations. The fact that your prefab log cabin is built in a controlled environment allows for our skilled craftsmen to work rain or shine and through all the 4 seasons. All log cabins from 44mm and up come with our Premium tilt and turn double glazed windows and doors, and have the addition of double mastic and high quality galvanised black rain guards that will never rot or rust. Contact Us, Call Us: 0800 029 1000 Show Site Closed. Our Deluxe range of log cabins come in 70mm hand picked wood. Subject to status.Terms apply. My Account Durable and sturdy construction that offers excellent value. Renting or purchasing specialized and expensive tools. The situation this year has been very fluid and therefore difficult to predict. The labour element of production allows their products to be sold in the UK with good savings to be made without affecting the quality or longevity elements. Become better equipped when you get the full scoop by checking out our blog, Considering a Pre-Built Cabin? Special Offers SALE - 44mm Log Cabins SALE - 68mm Log Cabins. We give production estimates in good faith and certainly not without due care and attention. When you buy a Zook Cabin you customize the cabin the way you want it, we build it in our manufacturing facility, we then deliver it to your property. Perfect for year round use. We offer two possibilities for non standard cabins : In either case, use the links above to go to the relevant page where you can send us information about your proposed cabin project. With curved roof. Give us a call to find out what your options are. Slow grown pine timber ensures that the build of the cabins is extremely dense and durable, helping to create value for money through long-lasting quality workmanship. The sections will be delivered directly from the factory on the back of a flat-bed lorry where you will unload at your desired location. Modular cabin homes are built in a factory, which produces a controlled and stable environment. Your desired timeline for completion might become extremely drawn out. till the cabin is ready for a weekend getaway. You will receive your cabin much sooner than if you built one with a cabin kit. West Sussex We also offer a full turnkey option where we can handle the whole project from design drawing to arranging cushions. These cabins are a great idea because they establish a secondary space to stay and potentially can add value to your home. Don’t just take our … © Walton Web Ltd 2019. There is every chance you will get a better deal from an internet retailer … Reproduction in whole or in part without the written permission of the publisher is prohibited. Rob said - "Absolutely fantastic cabin easy to erect we didn't quite know what to expect and have been thrilled by the end product best kit on the market thank you Martin my wife loves the space its provided at a great price too best wishes Robert and Charlotte mid wales" An exact price will be given once a quotation is received from the mill. All log studios and sheds from Waltons are made from the highest quality FSC certified sustainable timber. East Grinstead All our garden buildings in this size come with double glazing as standard, you can view all our wood cabins for sale showing you all the options available on this page. To even keep log cabin kits within close range of their original price, you will need to be a “master” of all trades. Repeat the same task and it takes you 50 minutes and you do a better job. Time is money. While the log cabin kit is the “cheaper route”, it is only a fraction of the total cost required to build a cabin. Terms apply. And since we are on the subject, you should check out the best alternative to a cabin kit, the modular log cabin home. As every log is different, every cabin we build is equally unique and individual. Yes, just as or more affordable than the real price tag of a cabin kit.


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