See also: Full list of zombies from Earth-2149. "I couldn’t be more thrilled to be writing MARVEL ZOMBIES: RESURRECTION, or to be working with the amazing Leonard Kirk again," says Johnson. After a Zombie Contagion infects the Earth of this reality, the planet is decimated by the zombified meta-humans. Five years later, Black Panther, the Acolytes, and the Wasp, restored with a cybernetic body, return to Earth to find the planet depopulated. In the "Mutations and Monsters" set, there was an Iron Man, Giant-Man, Spider-Man, and a Galactus-Powered Wolverine. Marvel Zombies is a five-issue limited series published from December 2005 to April 2006 by Marvel Comics. The Hulk consumes Reynolds and then reverts back to Banner, who requests to be killed by the survivors to prevent the Hulk from ever returning. Anyone uninfected by the zombie contagion, or anyone that gets between them and a feed. Marvel Database is a FANDOM Comics Community. [6], During the core Secret Wars miniseries, Black Panther uses the zombies as an army to attack the now-all-powerful Doctor Doom in the final stand, using his new 'King of the Dead' status and the Siege Perilous to take the zombies directly to Doom's castle,[7] although even this number is merely a distraction to keep Doom occupied while Reed Richards targets Doom's power source.[8]. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. The Panther's grandson accidentally discovers the severed head of Hawkeye, who has gone mad and amnesiac from decades of being alone and unable to move. [2], The Marvel Zombies universe was featured in the 2015 Secret Wars storyline where it also had its own tie-in miniseries,[3]Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies. Marvel Zombies 4 is a four-issue limited series published over the summer of 2009, and features characters from Marvel's horror comics (Man-Thing, Morbius the Living Vampire, Werewolf by Night, and Mephisto among others). Unfortunately, they still taste bad, leaving them in the same position as before. They start by targeting the Deadland resistance, led by surviving heroes the Vision, Wonder Man, and Jim Hammond, who gather those exiled beyond the Wall into a secure city they have established. The infection spreads by contact with the blood of the victim, usually through a bite by an infected individual. In 2006, the October issue of Wizard magazine featured a one-page Marvel Zombies comic by artist Sean Phillips called "Eat the Neighbors". Knowing that the zombies will not depart without the device, the heroes prepare for the next battle. The Hulk reverts to Bruce Banner and is captured. The next time they are seen, they are descending from an alien sky, wearing customized versions of Galactus’ costume, after teleporting to another world to consume the inhabitants and, if they have taken the Galactus’ place, the world itself.[1]. If you have read the Marvel Zombies stories then you know that the zombies of Earth-2149 are every bit as much a force of nature as Galactus is, and when they came face-to-face with the “World-Eater” they made quick work of him. Kennedy described the series as a tense horror comic, where no hero is safe. When they find him, they see that zombified versions of their enemies are making a determined, but futile, effort to bring down the Devourer themselves. Related: The Fantastic Four Are Ready to Kill Marvel's Own Wizard of Oz. The seven Zombies decide that if other zombies taste bad when they are fresh, perhaps they taste better cooked. It was the first series in the Marvel Zombies series of related stories. If a player won the tournament where they came from, he or she would get a copy of Spider-Man as a Zombie. Wizkids' HeroClix has had appearances of zombie versions of Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Wolverine as Chase figures in the "Supernova" set. Just as the cosmic zombies gain the upper hand and prepare to feast on the remaining humans, Giant Man is surprised to realize that he has lost his hunger. Cortez decides to have the Panther executed after he has Wasp and Hawkeye exterminated, but the execution is delayed by the arrival of the returning Cosmic Zombies. Marvel Zombies 5 is a five-issue direct sequel to Marvel Zombies 4, published in June and ending in October 2010. New Wakanda is rebuilt, and Cortez then uses the teleporter to transport away the last of the zombies, intending to seize power for himself. The zombies in the game had a unique theme of destroying themselves to activate an effect. Marvel Zombies Return is a five-issue miniseries begun in September 2009, and is a direct sequel to Marvel Zombies 2 that wraps up the original zombie plotline. Zombie Wasp gets into an argument with her husband when she discovers was hoarding the Black Panther he promptly decapitated by biting off her head, which remains sentient. However, all the other Zombies tried to oppose him (except for Wolverine, who was killed by his counterpart). Upon successfully constructing the weapon, the Zombies set off to find Galactus again. R4: this time Marvel combatants are from after devouring and infecting the universe. [2], In Earth-Z, the new reality they were teletrasported to, they all appeared in separate locations and the hunger returned. In the Vs. System trading card game, the Marvel Zombies have three cards in the tournament Promo set Age of Apocalypse. Spinning out of the pages Marvel Zombies: Resurrection one-shot from 2019, Marvel's heroes are set to try and figure out just how to stop zombies from overtaking the Earth.,, Diamond Select turns Marvel Zombies into action figures, DST Brings Captain America Back from the Grave, "Ben Wheatley Would Totally Make a 'Marvel Zombies' movie",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Next: Marvel Reveals The Next Galactus Will Be [SPOILER], Liam McGuire is a comics editor for Screen Rant. During the next battle, Iron Man breaches the compound and battles Forge, T'Chana and several Acolytes. Several other sequels and spin-offs have been produced. MARVEL ZOMBIES: RESURRECTION is an all-in horror series, with tension that doesn’t let up and a cast of characters who have become like family to each other, none of whom are safe. Giant Man wishes to start a "breeding program" to create more human food, but a battle then ensues in which Spider-Man and Luke Cage switch sides, knowing what they have done is wrong now that their hunger has subsided enough to allow them to think rationally. The plan consists of building a super-gun which combines all of their individual Power Cosmics into one extra powerful beam. ), been hit with a horrifying zombie invasion before, Galactus' body was hollowed out and converted into a type of spacecraft, The Fantastic Four Are Ready to Kill Marvel's Own Wizard of Oz, Marvel announced a miniseries continuing from the previously released one-shot, titled, Marvel Reveals The Next Galactus Will Be [SPOILER], Spider-Man Just Repeated His Worst Mistake in Marvel History, The Boys' Version Of Spider-Man Explained, Thanos Lost The First Woman He Ever Loved (Before Lady Death), Warhammer 40K's Biggest Space Marine Secret Revealed, Nightcrawler’s Origin Story is Not As Tragic As Most X-Men Fans Think, X-Men Will Reveal Cyclops' Secret 'Third Summers Brother', The New 'Marvel Trinity' is Finally Official, The Original Jurassic Park Meets Zorro in New Comic, Black Panther And Luke Cage's First Team-Up Was All About Respect. And although there’s a lot there for fans of the original, it’s a very different take. With the body of Galactus and a slew of infected heroes (and creatures), following close behind, the battle will ultimately be deadly. In this instance, Spider-Man, Captain America and Iron Man serve two children as "Hostees Meat Pies" after the children mistake them for legitimate superheroes. The Army of Darkness (Marvel) and Army of Darkness (Dynamite). In-Hyuk Lee's cover for the series shows a turned Galactus chasing after Spider-Man. "The original MARVEL ZOMBIES made such an impact on fans when it came out, and now Marvel has been kind enough to let me do my own take on it. Forty years after leaving Earth, the cosmic powered-zombies have systematically devoured all other life in the universe, as well as infecting the Titan Thanos (who is killed shortly thereafter by the Hulk after squabbling over food), the mutant Phoenix, Shi'ar warrior Gladiator and former Herald of Galactus Firelord with the zombie plague.


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