Yes one needs some inspiration, in times of great stress around us, on all sides. . this poem has really touched my heart and inspired me thank you, to whom u wrote this poem to or for should have been really touched. am goin through dat right now,i love my boyfriend n i don't think i want 2 lose him. Me and my boyfriend were having some problems with him not trusting me, so I'm going to send it to him. All Visitor Comments on this poem have been posted by people who wanted to let the Poems about Trust and Love. Diana Carol Abrahamson (author) from Somerset West on April 04, 2020: Thanks John. Loyalty, if they arent here, then you'll wait. God bless you! Kathleen, I really loved your poem, very touching and relevant to my life. This poem is great!It reminds me of my new boyfriend Micheal,his ex-girlfriend hurt him bad and he's having problems trusting me. ! And dont complain because you believe in them and they will never lie. It does realy state what i feel right now. You know that they are who you wanna be with. The poem is really great.This poem makes me think about my boyfriend becuse he does not trust me with his heart. Keep love in your heart. I think it might help. People who fall in love are caught in all it's glory and beauty. this is a very very good poem, i feel i should send my girlfriend this poem. You dont know when it starts or how it starts. Kathleen, your poem is catchy. Where are the songs that ring into the night Where children play and do not flee in frightWhere families and friends stay faithful to one anotherWhere your friend becomes closer than a brother, Make a plan to choose what is rightliving under God's never ending sightWhere man is the same in favor and graceEach one as important and occupies a space, In the Lord's heart there is plenty of loveHe will keep us hand in gloveTill we meet Him in glory aboundingwhere the trumpets are all a sounding. simple but has a deep meaning. This is just what we need right now in these perilous times of uncertainty. continue. Diana Carol Abrahamson (author) from Somerset West on April 08, 2020: We really need something positive in amongst the doom and gloom around us, in the news on all sides. I have had experience. My collage curation. Where Are The Songs? Good Job. So make time for the Father of FathersFor it is He who calls us And He who gathers! If you would like to leave a comment of your And if Trust goes away Love will saddly still be there, If you're not ready to bond and be with someone, If you ever need help or support, we trust for people dealing with depression. However, once the trust that is built is destroyed, it is based more on a logical and intuitional act. ! Text HOME to 741741, for people dealing with depression. very nice poem, full of emotions. You are a wonderful and inspirational writer. author know the poem touched their hearts. I really feel your poem. it really touched my heart. And I can relate with it. All other material on this web site, unless otherwise noted, is own, please visit the main Passions in Poetry site at The thrill of a kiss can send one's soul flying into the clouds. Loyalty,Love,Trust.Those are the main keys for a relationship.Any type of relatioship.You dont know when it starts or how it starts.But the feeling you get out of it lets you know if there's something.You know that they are who you wanna be with.You do everything possible to accomplish this relationship.Loyalty, if they arent here, then you'll wait.Because thats what loves do this is exactly how i feel . Trust your heart, and trust your story.-Neil GaimanSomeday you’ll find someone special again. People Know Poet: Catherine Pulsifer When trust is broken Words often go unspoken. And makes you do stuff that you arent able to control. This poem originally was published in Love Poems, All poetry is copyright by the individual authors. and keep righting more u got the talent. Night and day were informed by headlines Which seem to give evil added time. I LIKE TO READ AGAIN AND AGAIN IN THIS POEM BECAUSE IT SUCH DECIDED THAT YOU MUST TRUST YOUR LOVEONE. I LIKE IT VERY MUCH. May the verses remind you of how important trusting others and being trusted by others is in our lives. This poem is awwesome! THANK YOU! I THINK THIS POEM IS VERY GOOD. Author: Diana Carol Abrahamson. I have had experience. P eople who fall in love are caught in all it's glory and beauty. People who’ve been in love once usually do.


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