A famous and idealistic Rockerboy singer and guitarist with a silver-chrome cyberlimb arm who opposes Arasaka for a grocery list of personal grudges from the loss of his arm to the death of many of his close friends and family. I don't think that's ideal though. Your example is awesome but what if they aren't allowed to play music of any kind? You have 40 points to divide between your career skills. Doctors on Oprah selling you shit are rockerboys. Gotta state that first since everyone else is hating. Seduction is the skill of forming and Level 8 gets you contracts and acclaim. How do you keep them interesting and make them fit? (Here >> https://youtu.be/Gmtq_864RBs). Normally, they can only cast it as part of a concert, which of course makes the Rocker into a bad meme and likely the rock-bottom worst of the Cyberpunk classes. Concerts are just an easy way to get a lot of people who are predisposed to doing what you say in one place. Now the Rocker can make any group of people into a group of zombies by talking with them, without even playing music. The Career Skill Package - based on your character's role (solo, nomad etc). Cybernetics : Chrome cyberarm with recorder. what to wear and how to look cool in it. If you want to run a railroaded plot or a combat sim weekly, rockerboys don't have much to contribute that sticks to the theme. They all write about the same role. Most Twitch streamers are rockerboys, or inspired by one. Or is there something else he can do to help? Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2013 and Cyberpunk 2020. Any group Meetup or holiday event in public is a potential rockerboy hotspot. I had multiple techs, a cop (head of security), 2 fixers, a med tech, and I think 2 rockers and a solo as performers (the bladedancer was a split class solo/rocker), Rockers are probably the worst CP role; they really should have been rolled into a single class with Medias. I'm pretty sure the entire class is based around Johnny Silverhand concert scene in "Never Fade Away.". But every scenario is different. Your medtech is the contracted medical help for the band. (Media are similar, but are more likely to be reacting to others than pushing their own agenda directly). Every players role should be as important as the others or you'll be left with a lopsided story. Guide | Weapons The media and the Rockerboy being combined does sound like a way better idea. Booster Reflexes. Rockers are a unique problem for a GM in that their strength is swaying crowds. One of them was an archery / crossbow performer. Sure enough fucking Kevin showed up with a rockerboy. Cyberpunk 2077 Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. The burly fellows working in shipping and receiving? Press J to jump to the feed. The best way I have thought about Rockers has been to treat them as Bards. SKILLS There are two types of starting skills: Career Skill Packages and Pickup Skills. material or trademarks in this Web Page should not be viewed as a authority. You bet. But, since the book is over 20 years old, I think taking everything for face value is no bueno. It involved a large team of mixed PC's and NPC's who were assembled by an underground organization with its remnants rooted in the current Anonymous movement. He retired in 1991 as acting consul general in Bermuda. The Cyberpunk RED version of the Rockerboy; the Rocker, is a lot more powerful, because his ability is now Charismatic Impact. I usually like to simply describe the Rockerboy as the bard of the Cyberpunk universe. I built a storyline sadly that I didn't get to run because most of my players (and myself included) had a whole host of life shit get in the way. Level 10 makes you a Any radio button can be clicked again (even if already selected) to re-roll (random options) or reset selections (manual options). They can be a supportive role for a bigger picture that is beyond their story. After about the third time Arasaka, Militech, or the NCPD have yet another office trashed or another police line overrun after a "impromptu" rock concert happens nearby, "impromptu rock concerts" are going to be met with the same understanding as if Vampire Lord Strahd are found at the local municipal cemetery and claiming he can be there because of "free assembly.". Even the most famous celebrities have people that loathe them. That's a rockerboy by role. Stats : (INT=7) (REF=8) (CL=8) (MA=7) (BODY= 7). https://cyberpunk2077.gamepedia.com/Johnny_Silverhand?oldid=4936. Actually, I created the Rockerboy a year before Never Fade Away--I created Johnny (who was originally a Solo) to show off the concept, not the other way around. I like all your points. Rebel Rockers who use music and revolt to fight Booster Reflexes. | Tour Guide, Cyberpunk Central | The I think all players should feel as important as the rest. Your techie is the sound guy. The rockerboy is a stronger in stats than special ability, but the SA is still good. Used without permission. Seduction. He is Alt's ex-boyfriend. (Roll special ability). They can build a reputation for a team outsized from their actual skills. For other skill descriptions please see Skills. These undead can only be given simple instructions pertaining to their undead urges. They force a game to look at motivations of it's main characters and what the consequences of a stance are. A recent game I played, I told the players - this is going to be a complex corporate extraction campaign, so plan your characters accordingly. Play Instrument is the skill Guide | Cyberpunk Cafe | Classes in Cyberpunk 2077 provide a framework for how your Character will evolve and play through the game as you apply Skills and Abilities.. So same purpose as the Rockerboy, but with a much different sort of style. I love the idea of alternative choices. Important Skills : (Charismatic Leader +10),(Pistol +6), (Rifle +4),(Guitar +9),(Sing +7),(Compose +10),(Athletics +6),(Notice +6),(Seduction +8). That's just the way I like to do things. Except I don't think the Rockerboy "has to" be the main protagonist or antagonist. Get captured by a Nomad community while transporting some goods? He was in the band Samurai with fellow famous rocker Kerry Eurodyne, and is most famous for the songs Chippin' In and Never Fade Away. 2 cyberoptics with IR, Low Lite, Enhancement. This is already inherent in the 2020 Rocker, but in RED, I more specifically call it out. If you want to stretch beyond "musician", pick anyone that talks to a group of people to convince them of a thing. Sandevistan boost 2 cyberoptics with IR, Low Lite, Enhancement. Rebel Rockers who use music and revolt to fight authority. No skill can be higher than 10. While I understand this sentiment (and have tried working with in the past), this can be even more disastrous, as the ritual requirement is now removed. So there is plenty of ways to make the Rockerboy class work, it's just a lot more nuanced. Cyberpunk RED custom character sheet (all skills listed) Hey Choombas, former president here to present to you an updated Red character sheet for … seperate skill. While we're at it, why not just turn the Arasaka Security outside a building into zombies? In your opinion, is there a way to run a Rockerboy/Rocker without making him the "hero" of the group? The issue with the Rocker is the limitations on their ritual. I will be covering this in my video. Wardrobe & Style is the ability to know "Hey yo, get this fraggin' wanker out of here, he's touchin' the ladies in all the wrong ways. I don't like the idea of making one guy the powerful guy and everyone else the support. | Ware | Slang thanks for the response mike, and for the inside info. Cyberpunk Tropes - The Rockerboy (role) I'm continuing a sort of trend in starting threads to talk about inspiration for Cyberpunk 2077 in what pertains seminal or otherwise classic works of the cyberpunk genre as a whole, the very genre the original PnP game by R. … Thanks in advance for the responses and thank you guys for your support. Thanks for the response. The Rocker has a Necromantic ritual "Charismatic Leadership." Cyberpunk:2020 is a Registered Trademark of CP2020 is really about your ability to extrapolate new and unique ways to become successful within the confines of your role. The charismatic and persuasive talkers who are also very musical of course. Another was a blade dancer sort. Composition is the skill required to write Any use of R.Talsorian Corporation's The rockerboy is a stronger in stats than special ability, but the SA is still good. Throw a concert if the target will attend. The downside to this, if it fails, is they're now a target for "haters". You don't need a concert to use their SA, you need an audience. This allows him to focus his "star power" from a huge crowd to a single person. Using their brain-computer interface implants, they roam the Internet, looking for systems to hack and information to sell to Fixers. Yeah, kick his ass!" Politicians are rockerboys. Original Cyberpunk:2020 material Copyright Advertisers are rockerboys. They have connections to corps etc. Does the Rockerboy sit back like a lame duck? Career Skills: Awareness/Notice, Perform, Level 4 gives you the skill you need to get gigs. Level 8 They got inside with the help of a very talkative, but very boring disgruntled employee friend named Dave. The Rocker is a Necromancer. Stats : (INT=7) (REF=8) (CL=8) (MA=7) (BODY= Average). Every Cyberpunk role has a fantasy RPG equivalent, some of which are obvious (Solo = Fighter, Netrunner = Spirit World Shaman, etc.) About half the party were some form of performer (I used the Jim Rose Sideshow as a model, but mixed it with performance art, juggling and a dash of mobile burning man). Rockerboys are the best 2020 role. I don't disagree that the Rocker is definitely written to be a "protag" class, so I see where you're coming from, though I'd argue the "be a rocker or be a secondary character" view is railroading for everyone who isn't the special snowflake Rocker. At the point that you can't use your Special Ability much at all, why not just play a Solo or a Fixer with a Play Instrument of 8? Brawling, Play Instrument, Streetwise, Persuasion, Guestbook. Crowd delivers a beat down to the guy, your solo security pulls him out (with a gut check or two), medtech overdoses him, techie drives him off to throw him off the nearest bridge. They usually know fixers in other areas that due to competition other Fixers are loathe to deal with. I recently started a new series talking about each role and my last video covered the SOLO. To me, Cyberpunk games/campaigns have to be designed kind of around a party, or a party has to design themselves around the adventure. The ability to sway crowds equal to 200 x your level. Many Refs think that forcing a Rocker to only be able to practice "necromancy" at concerts is a bit restricting as well as predictable. So I have in my head that next campaign that Dave will return, but as a Rockerboy. Disguise the team as part of that concert. Sure. In my video I'm going to offer alternative Rockerboy choices that might add a little spice to the role. Although anyone can enter the Net, most people can't use the "Menu." R.Talsorian Corporation. Possessions : Heavy Armor jacket, Light Helment, H&K MPK-11, Arasaka Rapid Assault. However due to his lameness, he sways the crowds with slam poetry, and life anecdotes instead of heavy rock. The Rockerboy does a great job at being the party's face, and at working a distraction, or even offering services as a bargaining chip. Career skill package detail videos coming soon! Technically everything you're saying has sound logic because it is in line with everything the book offers. Because it is seriously the best roleplaying game of the 80's vision of the future there is. But most importantly they aren't necessarily musicians. BUT, as it happened, when the team planned their break-in of the Boston Department of Inspectional Services, the rocker got permission to stage a concert in City Hall Plaza. influence his fans to do what he wants them to do. Techie uses cameras and the like to find your target, relays that to rocker. It was supposed to be a huge experience, which drew massive crowds; elements of it were based around the rebel nature of the Rave scene in the 90's so that you are always running these big shows sort of on the run. The rest of the players were introduced as his security team, and of course since the rocker was in on the heist, after a few bribes and bluff checks, boom, authorized presences.


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