The Nighthawk M2 Mobile Router has a new touch screen design, managing your network and settings has never been so easy – conveniently monitor data usage, see WiFi name/password, mobile signal strength and manage device and network settings. I have been using one of these devices for several years and the latest model is an excellent if not an essential investment for business executives or people living in small apartments and don’t want to invest in a mainstream router. Capable of achieving speeds of up to 2Gbps our tests revealed that there is not a big difference between the previous and current models despite the upgrades under the bonnet. Telstra customers with category 20 devices, like the Nighthawk M2, can experience typical download speeds of 5-500 Mbps and typical upload speeds of 1-40Mbps in 4GX coverage areas. }. With WiFi/Ethernet offloading feature, whether you browse the Internet or stream your favorite shows, the Nighthawk M2 Mobile Router delivers a fast home broadband alternative without sacrificing speeds. Supports 4GX LTE Advanced Category 20 with up to 5-band Carrier Aggregation, Media Streaming from USB or external hard drive to all connected devices, Travel Router with WiFi/Ethernet offloading capabilities, Always-on connection you can count on and share with up to 20 WiFi devices on-the-go, USB-A Port for Jump Boost and Media Server/NAS capabilities, Dual TS-9 external 3G/4G antenna connectors.  =  The Netgear Nighthawk M2 mobile router was tested initially via the Ookla Speed Test Network. With the Nighthawk M2 Mobile Router, you can stream media from USB Flash Drive or external hard drive to all connected devices, or fast video streaming during travels. When we dialled into the Telstra Server, we achieved Download Speeds of 42.68Mpps and Upload Speeds of 21.40. Campbell is the External Editorial Lead at Telstra, and is responsible for Telstra Exchange's editorial strategy and publishing. The Nighthawk M2 Mobile Router is the revolution of the Mobile Broadband category, it allows you to offload your LTE connection to an alternate public or private data access point via WiFi or Ethernet. In his role, Campbell finds interesting stories from within our business and shares them in new and innovative ways. display: none !important; When arriving at destination, have the option of plugging into a power outlet for a 24/7 operation with battery removed. February 26, 2019. We’ll be making the NETGEAR Nighthawk M2 available in store and online from February 26 at a recommended retail price of $384 or on a range of our Mobile Broadband plans. The Nighthawk M2 mobile router that runs on Telstra’s 4GX LTE network is an upgrade to a popular previous model, the only problem for Telstra is that it runs faster on the Optus network according to our speed tests. Today he writes about technology and the impact on both business and consumers. On the Optus Server we achieved Upload Speeds of 46.34Mbps and Download Speeds of 43.64. display: none !important; Introducing the NETGEAR Nighthawk M2 mobile router, doubled those download speeds in network testing. David Richards has been writing about technology for more than 30 years. Enjoy 4GX connectivity – for fast emailing, sharing, browsing, and streaming so that you can stay productive no matter where you are. for Outstanding Contribution To TV Journalism with a story called The Werribee Affair. .hide-if-no-js { The upper end of the typical speed range will be more commonly experienced in and around the CBD’s of the major cities. On the NETGEAR Nighthawk M2, you can experience typical download speeds of 5-500Mbps and typical upload speeds of 1-40Mbps in 4GX coverage areas – the upper end of this typical speed range will be more commonly experienced in and around the CBDs of the major cities. By Campbell Simpson ×  In 1997, he built the largest Australian technology media Company and prior to that the third largest PR Company that became the foundation Company for Ogilvy PR. The Nighthawk M2 Mobile Router by NETGEAR is the next generation Gigabit Class LTE Mobile Router to achieve maximum download speeds up to 2 Gbps in selected areas, bringing your mobile broadband experience to unparalleled new heights. apps and devices, On the Optus Server we achieved Upload Speeds of 46.34Mbps and Download Speeds of 43.64. It’s packed with the latest 4G technology, too – with Category 20 LTE Advanced speeds, 4X4 MIMO and 5-band Carrier Aggregation it can handle high definition media streaming, and you can even charge a smartphone in a pinch using the JumpBoost battery charging feature.


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