What is Christianity?What is a Christian? The lessons in life that I have learned Are from your genuine love and concern. You are the only guy I can see. Browse through the next few slides and check them out. Thanks to him, I am somebody, I will never run and hide. This is one of these Valentine poems; it's corny and horny at the same time! I love to write poetry and I wrote this for Valentine's Day! You are the oxygen that keeps me alive. Funny Valentine poems can get really creative. Copyright © It's a funny Valentine's Day poem about a magic potion. Elver B, Someone I Know By Funny Valentine poems can also be romantic, as this funny Valentine's Day poem is. You are my heart that beats inside. Love, respect, and trust are the things we share. I'd bungee jump, Get stung my bees, Be my Valentine, oh please! They live not down my alleyway Nor porch, nor in my house per se But underneath my fringed toupee They’re in my head, well stowed away! This Valentine straight to the children in town. "(Her hostile message keeps replaying,And though I don’t want to fight her,Is this what I want for a Valentine?I’ve been burned; can I rewrite her? Here's a funny Valentine poem with some erotic undertones to use as a Valentine greeting card wish. Only a dad, but he gives his all To smooth the way for his children small, Doing, with courage stern and grim, The deeds that his father did for him. There are a lot of books even in your town. And I can't even tell ya how I love what is south. I do declare there is some art In making you, the perfect fart, It ain't no easy matter, Mum, To push this air from out my bum Valentine SensesIf I were a streetlamp, I'd light up the nightWhenever my sweetheart--that's you--came in sight.If I were a candle, I'd light up the room,Inhaling your body's delightful perfume.If I were a chair where you happened to sit,All of my senses would just throw a fit,Because where you'd touch me, you'd set me afire,You're hot, and you burn me with love and desire.All of my senses--sight, smell and touchAre screaming at me: "I love you so much! It's a purty ol' used motor from Evinrude! She can't eat them, so I will. All Rights Reserved. It is fun to give loved ones sweet things. Valentines Day Gift Ideas and Valentines Day Presents She Will Love. Pets are a pleasure to have, even if they are a little work when it comes time to take care of them. Only a dad, neither rich nor proud, Merely one of the surging crowd Toiling, striving from day to day, Facing whatever may come his way, Silent, whenever the harsh condemn And bearing it all for the love of them. Always brings to my eye a big ol' tear. I'd do anything to make you mine. Copyright 2005-2020 by Joanna Fuchs Poemsource.com. You have the voice of when a mockingbird sings. Getting older can be a pain, But with you along, I can’t complain. Find a pretty or funny Valentine card and write it down, send it, sign it and hopefully Cupid will send your Valentine a few arrows of sweet love. At age 12, he was married off to his 17-year-old cousin and daughter of King Charles VI, Isabella of Valois, already a widow after being first married at age six. The Valentine Poems Main Pageand the following additional five pages:Christian Valentine Poems, THERE ARE MORE THAN 800 POEMS AT THIS SITE.ACCESS ALL OUR POEMS FROM OUR SITE MAP. Shot himself with his arrow, In case you feel you are not so good with words, we have a solution for you. Sometimes you need to read between the lines, or between the quotation marks to get the full meaning implied in a poem. FACT CHECK: We strive for accuracy and fairness. (This woman has really changed;Do I really want to chase her?More and more I’m thinkingIt might be nice to erase her. Were you touched by this poem? This is one of the Valentine poems about such a situation. I know I will always be the luckiest To have the best Dad any girl could have had. Silly ValentineIt’s Valentine’s day,And it’s really quite silly;My feelings are switching aroundWilly-nilly.I’m happy, SO happy!Then I’m feeling SO sad;I’m gloomy, I’m joyfulOh man, this is bad!My body is clammy,Then I’m in a deep sweat;Sometimes I’m giddy,Sometimes I fret.I’m looking for comfort foodDeep in the fridge;Often I thinkI could jump off a bridge.What is the reasonFor all the above?It’s Valentine’s Day,And I’m SO in love!By Joanna Fuchs, HindsightI said to you, "Oh, please be mine;Be mine forever, Valentine. High as the sky. Of course, doesn't everyone need some improvement? Then round about noon it’s lunch with a fat fellow named Big Mac. It is hospitable, amazing at all times, and always kind. Or is it not fair in your book. Use humorous Valentine verse to keep things light instead of gooey. If I were a key, I would lock you; If lightning, I would shock you; If I were a pier, I would dock you; If I had a band, I would rock you. Ranked poetry on Fart, by famous & modern poets. Romantic Valentine Gifts for Her - Get Creative on Your Valentine Gifts for Women. Something dropped on St. Valentine’s Day, Funny Valentine poems can be sent to people you'd like to know better, as Valentine greeting card sayings. Talking bad all the time. Everyone was once young and remembers what it was like to have feelings for someone else in your classroom. You may have warned them, "don't play with the moles, they have teeth and do not like to be squeezed". Timeless ValentineAs time goes by from year to year,One thing is surely true, my dear;Though decades come and decades go,Just seeing you sets me aglow.Time shifts my body; I start to sag,When I pass a mirror, it can make me gag.My joints all ache; I can hardly move;Still a smile from you, and I’m in the groove.Getting older can be a pain,But with you along, I can’t complain.Despite the things that we go through,I know I’ll never stop loving you.Your loving heart turns life to play,As we laugh at time from day to day.So I write this poem, and I’ll hang my sign,Saying, "Always Be My Valentine. Creative Valentine Ideas and Happy Valentines Day Projects for Desperate Need-to-Be-Romantic-for-a-Day Men. I want you to be my husband, and I want to be your wife. What does love mean on this Valentine’s day? Terra Mobley, Valentine's Day By All other content on this website is Copyright © 2006 - 2020 FFP Inc. All rights reserved. ~ Quotescoop.com ~. Your loving heart turns life to play, As we laugh at time from day to day. Thank you for all your love and caring “I Love You Daddy” Forever your heart will be hearing! Su Dongpo was expecting compliments and a seal of approval. I can smell on yer breath the scent of yer chew. When it’s cold or when it rains. 2020 InvestorPlace Media, LLC.


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