2: Don’t give away exact location/directions. A professional language hoarder, she can usually be found burying herself in travel books and Wikipedia articles. Jason Teale wrote a good introduction to rooftopping in Ulsan, shortly before it became a pretty big trend all around Korea. We don’t need to do their work for free, so that means no smashing stuff no matter how badly it already is smashed, no graffiti, and no littering. – I don’t really care about getting a good exposure for some reason When joining a dinner, let your host seat you. On the bright side, though, short shorts and miniskirts are perfectly fine! No kidding — I’ve heard several stories of travellers being scolded by older Korean ladies (read: conservative aunties) in public. I am Australian. I’m not exaggerating — that ‘extra’ is really there for a reason. Please avoid touching, patting, and back-slapping Koreans. Bartering would not work in almost all situations…. More recently, I ran into a guy at a huge pile of old vinyl LPs who was restoring some of the records for his own private collection. El Nido or The Phi Phi Islands? This might even happen not during the rain, but shortly after to relieve overflowing reservoirs. I saw a recent Seoul tourism photo contest in which one of the top winners was a shot from a rooftop that had been visited by half the citys rooftop photographers, and there was nothing unique about it. Knowledge of tradition, do’s and don’ts when traveling to Korea are the main provisions that must be prepared in memory. The more gear you have to carry, the slower you’ll be. Don’t even try going during the rainy season. You see, it’s a no-no in South Korea to start eating before your companions do — especially if you’re not the eldest one there. @BruceGodfrey If youre shooting something that everyone has pictures of, you need to do something that stands out or youre just taking another taint shot. If she’s not in a quiet coffee shop somewhere, she enjoys spending afternoons in a museum or art gallery — whether it’s around Metro Manila or a foreign city she’s visiting. The Best Living Room Wall Art Décor Ideas for 2019, Unika Stenhus: The Pioneer in Sustainable Stone House Solutions, World Cup 2018 Betting Tips- Predictions for Sweden and why you should look out for a betting bonus, Auckland builder gambles away $1.5 million in NZ casino, Norway to bar foreign gambling operators from advertising to locals. Featured image credit: Pixabay For number 9, I think you mean ‘haggle’. : Should you get an unexpected date with a local. asiapundits.com is an independently owned and operated media collective. Yes, its even longer than this one. And when in doubt, it’s better to ask a local! That’s just creepy. Indoor voices only, please! Feel free to yell at your meal mates, at yourself, and even at your server. On the subways, most people usually don’t sit in the elderly and handicapped seating sections. This goes for debris fields as pictured below, as well as building demolition. People who go to abandoned neighbourhoods with me watch me go from hard-drinking lout to humourless mumbler. This includes but is definitely not limited to: the Dokdo Islands, forced labour, and referring to the East Seas as the ‘Sea of Japan.’ When in doubt, just don’t say anything even remotely about it. Trust us, the locals will be more than appreciative of your fine manners. These Two Destinations Look Almost Exactly Alike! Behavior in Korea. they are on the same bus with my family members and friends: they will This helps with the costs of running my blog so I can keep my content free for you. Its always tempting to be that one jerk who gives out site information indiscriminately, to capitalise on secrets and gain fans by acting as an information broker. It’s a no-no in South Korea to show too much emotion in public — whether it’s anger, joy, or anything in between. See anything wrong in the picture below? Scavengers generally cant do enough damage to make a building into a collapse hazard. Find out the do’s and don’ts of Korean etiquette when meeting someone for the the first time! Many urban explorers have a respirator for some of the more extreme locations. Whether you’re just going for a quick vacation or staying long-term, here are the top no-nos in South Korea that every traveller must know about. The “Korean Wave” (hallyu) is a cultural force which includes K-Pop music, Korean dishes, and Korean cosmetics & skincare, among others. In all honesty you might as well get a taint shot anyway, just as long as you don’t pass it off as more than it is. Yet in Korea we have this idea that it’s important to “save face” (maintain a good reputation), and that includes neither yelling nor being yelled at in public. If you take that shot Ill punch you in the taint, he threatened. CLICK TO SEE MORE ARTICLES BY Marcy Miniano. . This is actually a common practice in most Asian households. See: Don’t Miss, What to Do before Travelling to South Korea. One other place to go is Flickr, where I run a Korean UE group. s.src = u + '?v=' + (+new Date()); Urban explorers generally follow the campsite rule: Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints. For your next trip, keep in mind these common etiquettes! Ever see something really cool, but you’re in a hurry so you promise yourself you’ll get back to it later, only to put it off until you eventually give it another try, only to find a big pile of rubble? And if you find out that you’re the same age as someone, show your enthusiasm, since they most likely would. I’m asked all the time if I ever get caught. Explore Hong Kong Through the 360° Virtual Reality Tour. 0. In Korea, one welcomes other people with a bow. And of course, this highly visited country is no exception! Going in daylight is safer and allows for better pictures. You can use bright colors like yellow and red or green stripes for your wrapping paper. Men tend to wear jeans or slacks at all times rather than shorts or sweatpants. I’ve found all sorts of cool things down there, from old retro eateries to noraebangs, but I’ve also had to back off due to water damage and flooding. Even fences with razor or barbwire will have exploits that you can use to get in without having to risk getting cut up climbing over. Make an effort to compliment what you like about Korea. And this goes extra for foreigners in Korea. Locals will appreciate your effort as a traveler to learn and value Korean culture, from customs and basic Korean etiquette to unspoken rules and Korean insults to avoid. There are some things you have to pay attention to when you are in South Korea. For this reason I like to know the people I explore with, so Ill have a better idea how they’ll react in unpredictable situations. Koreans will let them know if you can call them by their given names. Avoid confrontation. Who claimed that? As I mentioned above, Koreans have it in their head that foreigners are loud, in … However, I have seen You can’t be picky. Everyone’s been, nobody minds if you go. I also have a plan to go there in coming up days to enjoy my holidays. Instead of names, its fun coming up with nicknames for places (some of mine have included Gangsters Paradise, Double Dragon Alley, and Golden Doghouse), or an overly pretentious phrase that expresses something about the site (which have for me included What Lies in the Shadow of the Statue, Memoirs of a Gisaeng, and Let the Buddhist Temples in this Country Crumble Down). Its better to bring spare flashlights instead of spare batteries, because it sucks changing batteries in darkness or standing in flowing water. Once in Ahyeon I ran into the last remaining resident, an elderly man who insisted I take pictures of him and his dogs. Also read: Korea Imposes Temporary Suspension on Short Term-Visas & Visa-Free Entry. Implosive demolition is rare. Nowadays, abandoned places are getting increasingly heavy foot traffic and photographers are bumping into each other on rooftops. If you found this helpful, please share it or follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok or Instagram for more!


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