This place is perfect por walking, footing, hiking and above all golfing. Thank you very much for this great topic. I’m going to try and explain who the property belonged to, where it was, what it looked like inside and try and explain what it was that made such a strong impression on me. I’m fascinated how authors can–in just a few words–put me in the middle of their story and make me want to stay there. I hired a tour guide and I had no idea what to expect but clambered into the truck, and off we went, bouncing down rutted tracks, deeper and deeper into the village. The cottage was the old rich family’s house, very famous in the area. I’d like a house better than a flat because a house is more comfortable for to go up things, for example, although it has lift. My dream house would have a big garden with an enormous swimming pool. I was a bit apprehensive about doing this. It would be a quiet, safe neighborhood and friendly. There are a few large houses I dream of. [You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. They are incredibly shy and rare so that is a remarkable thing. My dream house would be a cottage surrounded for clear lakes, green meadows and it would be near an Abbey where I could talk with people or walk in splendid gardens. and explain why you think this was a beautiful house. The garage and the cleaning room would be in an underground floor. It has two floors: upstairs there are four bedrooms (one of them with dressing room) and two bathrooms, and downstairs there is a dining-room with a chimney, a bedroom, a bathroom, a toilet and the kitchen. I would enjoy reading and listening to music if I sat in a comfortable swing under the shadow of the trees where also I would sit during the summer nights. but I prefer it. How to Describe my Dream House Sometimes in English language classes, the teacher asked you to prepare the 'house of your dream presentation. Dear Otto: Any Ideas for Tech Ed Benchmark Assessments? Sorry, neither pets nor smoking is allowed. When the weather is nice , we usually have a coffee or a drink after dinner with our closest friends. In the second one, there should be at less four bedrooms where my children with their families, or some friends, could come when they wanted. We hope that all of you get the house that you dream of. In another building we have my husband’s study, a small gym and below them a beautiful cellar. How does making themselves look like Frankensteins make transgenders feel better about themselves? My house is very beautiful and big which has a living room, a sitting room, a kitchen, one master bedroom with attached bathroom, another bedroom without bathroom and dining hall. IELTS CUE CARD IELTS SPEAKING TOPICS 2020 (January to April 2020). It would be a domotic home and one of the most important thing is the house would be ecological and it wouldn’t damage the environment because it would be powered with green energies. What do YOU see this house looking like? Go through some Arechitectural Digest magazines and put together the perfect house for this scene. My dream house would be a beautiful house in the mountains, surrounded by nature but not far away from the coast. It is a spacious 250-square-metre cottage with two floors. windows facing out over the sea with some breathtaking views.There is My dream house would have a garden with swimming pool, where I would put a large table with chairs and a barbecue to celebrate parties in summer. When the weather was nice at night I would sit on the ground and see the stars and I would just have time to myself and resolve my issues. It has seven windows; from them you can have breathtaking views of the square which is in front of my house. This is the perfect house to me and my family and I´d like to live here someday. It’s a spacious semidetached house with three-bedroom, and a bathroom upstairs and a large living room, a nice kitchen, a bathroom and long garage downstairs. If you don’t consider it a blessing, you can ask any homeless person who daily sleep on the street. Pets are not allowed as this cottage is very new, it was just built two years It was built six years ago. It’s a quite, safe neighbourhood and the neighbours are very friendly. In some cases go on the internet and find some 'luxury listings' for homes for sale. I think I would be able to live in whatever kind of flat or house. im writing this superhero story and i need help describing the evil guys offices. Very easy to get there by car and with a lot of parking space, and if you The neighbourhood is a luxurious residential area with padel court, swimming pool, gardens and a social club. The house have TV, Internet and a swimming pool where you can do some exercise everyday. Imagine a little wooden house, raised up on stilts, with a veranda completely encircling the structure, a rather crude slatted wooden roof and wooden interior walls. I love mixing antique furniture with design furniture. I'm starting my first fictional book and I need help describing the house outside and the inside of it...I want the house to be very large and look expensive and be decorated with some of the finest luxury things like Marble flooring and a large staircase. What are the things you think of when someone says they saw a luxurious house/setting? The beams look like they are about to make the commuters levitate at any minute and float skyward. You can find her book at her publisher’s website, Structured Learning. That includes: I keep a  collection of descriptions that have pulled me into the books. It has air conditioned for the summer and a big chimney of stone for the winter. The magnificent “row house” (a row of attached dwellings share side walls) was conveniently located at one of the beautiful suburbs of my home town which was only about 15-minute drive away from my rather “modest” looking home. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. There all my family and friends really enjoy playing basketball, table tennis,… My dream house has one floor because I hate stairs and steps because I don´t like climbing its. I would like to live in the deep countryside away from it all. I think there may have been a low wooden fence at the back of the property, but really this was mainly to stop things falling off her platform, rather than give privacy or security! Find Fun and Engaging Workbooks for Kids – Explore Workbooks, R-Controlled Vowel Pictures Matching Worksheet, 100+ Phrasal Verbs List with Meaning and Examples, Environment Vocabulary Words List – A to Z, Ballet English Vocabulary Terms for Beginners, Evaluative Listening Definition With Examples, Train Travel and Station Vocabulary Words, Debate and Speech Vocabulary Words in English, Travel and Tourism Vocabulary Words for Travelers, Asking and Giving Directions Vocabulary Phrases. This house was reformed last year totally. My dream house is a spacious house perfectly situated in a beautiful residential area near the beach, surrounded by gardens with trees and lot of flowers. During the day it’s very light because of every room has a window – on ground and second floor- or a balcony on the first floor. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. Model Answer 1: The house was in the middle of a large area and I have never seen anything like this, or perhaps may have read in novels. I would like that my dream house will has a big garage because I would like have two expensive cars. The person who owns the property is a relative of my cousin Marrie and a writer by profession. The house is a physical reminder of a memory that otherwise seems almost too extraordinary to be true! In the garden there would be a zone reserve with a big table and much chairs for to eat or to do barbecues for example when my family or friends come. DESCRIBING MY DREAM HOUSE: There is a big balcony above the front door where you can have dinner or lunch when the weather is fine or maybe sunbath if you like. The drawback is that this house would be away from everything, so it would be advisable for people who like big cities. Because I like being near of my family. If I had to describe my dream house I’d describe my own house ( I’d describe mine). It would be great to have a swimming pool, and why not, a helipad where we could park the helicopter of the family, and another one of some friends. If I go out the house, I can find the garage, the garden and the pool. There would be a big terrace next to the swimming pool where inhabitants could eat, drink or sunbathe. Here the sky has an intense blue colour and the sun has a special brightness. You should say: where it was located how it looked like when you went there and why and explain why you think this was a beautiful house. If the house had a garden I would sow a lot of pine trees because on the one hand they have sweet-smelling and on the other hand they are evergreen trees which keep nice throughout the year. Marble floors and grand staircase and describe it as a thr grand canyon haha jk maybe luxurius mansion. Besides, I also noticed that the entire lighting system of the house was very much in harmony with the paintings of the house interior. In the corridor there are large glass doors that lead into a typical Andalusian courtyard with a fountain and some plants. Use the below list to find different terms pertaining to houses and dwellings. In the house’s centre, there would be a patio, what would do the house to be very light. Any dictionary definition for "florid" usually uses the phrases "flowery", "excessive", "ornate" and "showy" and I would not want my beautiful house to be described as any one of these things. Following is a list of more than 45 words to help you clearly describe your beautiful house. (Just an idea to help you get where the focus ought to be.). 3. It is not necessary to have a luxurious house with modern amenities. It would have a garage because this is very comfortable. You really don’t need very much in the way of material things to have a good life. My cottage would have a living-room with a huge stone chimney, two spacious bedrooms, a bathroom, a tiny kitchen with a firewood oven, and a breathtaking porch to see the sunset everyday. You have one minute to think about what […] It has a big windows because I want that it has a lot of light. In the first one, there should be the living room, the kitchen, a bathroom and my bedroom. It was an unobtrusive dwelling, probably we would call it ‘eco-friendly’ in the language of today. It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious living room with chimney. The house has an only bathroom but it is very well equipated and you can enjoy its jacuzzy.


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